Toon Plaza Meet'n'Greet

Toon Plaza Meet'n'Greet

Toon Plaza Meet'n'Greet

At the heart of the Toon Studios the quircky Toon Plaza awaits guests to relax in the shade of the trees ... or to meet their favorite Disney / Disney Pixar characters.

The Toon Plaza is as close as guests can get to Toon Town at Disneyland Paris. Only one check point by the studio security at the entrance / exit gate of the Toon Studios separates them from the town where the toons live in privacy (take a look inside the check point if you got a minute for some fun details). However, the toons know who their fans are and that they are not allowed to enter Toon Town (yet). Therefore, they regularly drop by Toon Plaza on the guests' side of the check point for meet'n'greets.

To the left and the right of the security check point two covered photo sets with interchangeable backdrops have been placed where various Disney stars, regularly including Mickey Mouse himself, greet guests at selected times throughout the day. Guests can join a prepared line to the far right of the Toon Plaza to meet the stars of Disney and Disney Pixar who are happy to pose for photos and sign autographs.

Several benches in the shades of the trees on Toon Plaza also invite guests to relax a bit while watching the characters interact with the guests at the meet'n'greet location, enjoy a drink or ice cream from the Toon Studio Catering truck located next to the photo backdrops or wait for the rest of the party who may be going for a ride with Crush in the meantime.


  • The free entertainment program lists the characters scheduled as well as the times they will be available during each day
  • Usually this is the spot to meet Mickey in the Walt Disney Studios
  • To avoid wait times it is recommended to show up before a scheduled set of a character as most guests only join the queue once the character has arrived at the location
  • Cast members are on hand to take official souvenir photos available for sale, however, guests are invited to use their own cameras as well
  • Those not interested in interacting with the characters / being in the photo with them may walk up to the photo sets in the back of the official photographer and take a photo of the characters over the barrier without queuing (however, please note that the character will not pose for guests in this situation but concentrate solely on guests approaching him through the regular queue)


  • two covered meet'n'greet locations
  • queues not covered


While the toon security at the Walt Disney Studios Paris prevents guests from entering Toon Town, the place where Mickey and his friends live, they are invited to explore this whacky town at the original Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, as well as at Tokyo Disneyland. However, since 1992 rumors are floating around online that the Imagineers had envisioned to expand the Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris with a 6th land as well - Toon Town. According to these rumors the land would be placed between Fantasyland and Discoveryland, next to it's a small world where now the connection walkway between the two lands is located. votings

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