Monsters, Inc. Scream Academy

Monsters, Inc. Scream Academy

Monsters, Inc. Scream Academy

Monsters, Inc. Scream Academy

Get ready to SCREEEEEAAAAAAM to provide energy to the world of Monstropolis ... and meet some of the most famous monsters.

Located between Studio 3 (home of Animagique) and Studio 1 the Monsters, Inc. Scream Academy is a unique combination of three elements. First of all, there are three interactive Scream Monitors (located on the side wall of Studio 1), then there are two life size figures of CDA (Child Detection Agency) monsters in their safety suits as photo set-up and then there is the large photo set with a life size figure of Mike that is also used for meet'n'greets with Sulley of the Disney Pixar hit Monsters, Inc.

Scream Monitors
The Scream Monitors are mounted to the huge side wall of Studio 1 facing toward the Toon Studios. Monsters, Inc. is inviting guests to support Monstropolis by donating energy - i.e. screaming as loud as they can! As explained in Monsters, Inc. there are several ways for the monsters to gain energy their city Monstropolis is running on. The traditional method is harvesting screams - preferably from kids that the monsters scare. However, at the Toon Studios Monsters, Inc. has decided to not scare the guests but simply kindly ask for scream donations. To donate guests are asked to scream as loud and as long as they can into the scream receivers. Screams are then converted into energy in the yellow converters. Large displays on the outside of the scream-converters during this process indicate how much energy was donated by the scream. So give your best and check out who can support Metropolis most in your group - i.e. who can scream loudest.

CDA Agents
To the right of the Scream Monitors two life size figures of monsters in hazard suits are functioning as photo set up for guests. The two monsters in their bright yellow hazard suits are CDA agents - agents of the Child Detection Agency. The CDA is called in to rectify the situation whenever a human kid by accident enters Monstropolis through one of the portals opened by Monsters, Inc. to get their monsters into our world to harvest energy. But no need to be afraid here: these CDA agents are kindly awaiting guest to take photos.

Portal Photo Set-Up
To the left of the Scream Monitors the main photo set awaits guests. It is designed to recreate a small part of the factory floor of Monsters, Inc. - the portal room. As seen in the Disney Pixar hit "Monsters, Inc." here doors are brougt in that allow monsters to step directly from their world into childrens' rooms in the human world. One of these portals has been put in place now at the Toon Studios branch of Monsters, Inc. While guests can not step through the portal they can at least pose in front of it. A life size figure of Mike next to the door makes such photo even more memorable. And the best: Mike is always ready for his close-up whenever guests come by. Seasonally at selected times a live character joins Mike at the photo set and is available to pose for photos and sign autographs. Most times the monster posing will be Mike's colleague (and fellow star of the Disney Pixar feature) Sulley (current details and times - if resp. when meet'n'greets are scheduled - are provided in the free entertainment program available in the park).

Just one last, little tip: some of us humans tend to get rather red headed if donating too much engery by way of screaming - so it might be worth considering to take the photo before moving on to the Scream Monitors.


  • Sulley (or other characters from Monsters, Inc.) are available for photos & to sign autographs seasonally at selected times (check the free entertainment guide available at the park for the exact schedule)
  • To avoid wait times it is recommended to show up before a scheduled set of a character as most guests only join the queue once the character has arrived at the location
  • Cast members are on hand to take official souvenir photos available for sale (whenever a scheduled meet'n'greet with a live character takes place) however, guests are invited to use their own cameras as well
  • Guest not interested in interacting with the live character / being in the photo with him may walk up to the photo set in the back of the official photographer and take a photo of the character over the barrier without queuing (however, please note that the character will not pose for guests in this situation but concentrate solely on guests approaching him through the regular queue)
  • Life size figures of Mike in front of the portal set as well as of the two CDA agents are great set-ups for photos at all times
  • The interative Scream Monitors are perfect to get rid of some excesss energy - and to conduct a little scream competition among friends & family


  • covered meet'n'greet location (in particular for Sulley; selected days & times only)
  • queue not covered
  • two life size CDA character figures and a Mike figure for photos (available at all times)
  • 3 interactive Scream Monitors


Monsters, Inc. Scream Academy has a unique history as the collection of elements forming this attraction was added step by step over several years. The first two elements to be installed were the interactive Scream Monitors and the two CDA agents' figures in 2006 - even before the Animation Courtyard was transformed into the Toon Studios in 2007. The main photo set with the portal was only added later - but without the figure of Mike. Originally a live character Mike seasonally posed for photos at selected times. However, replacing it with a life size figure now makes sure that guests can get their photo with him any day, any time. votings

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