A black light theatre performance featuring some of the most memorable and enchanting moments from the animated Disney classics

Soundstage 3 is the home of Animagique a stunning live, dark light stage show. Guests can choose their spot among the 1,100 available seats in the auditorium all offering a great view thanks to a steep incline. As the lights are turned down to pitch dark they suddenly find themselves in the Disney animation studios where Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are hard at work at the next animated master piece - or at least Mickey is. Donald does struggle quite a bit to find the right inspiration. So when Mickey leaves Donald behind at the end of the day, he grabs Mickey's key for the film vault to look for some inspiration from the many Disney classics...

Once inside the vault the film rolls take on an life of their own ... suddenly Donald is surrounded the pink elephants from Dumbo's dream sequence which invite him to a spontaneous jam & dance session. On goes the journey right into the jungle of Baloo and King Louie for more song & dance fun - even the palm trees join in. Then, the journey suddenly gets really wet and Donald finds himself swimming deep in the ocean where Sebastian conducts his orchestra - which just screams for a place to dry off ... and what better place than the Pride Lands of The Lion King? Certainly Donald runs into Rafiki, Zazu, young Simba and Nala here just as Simba proclaims "I can't wait to be king". Who could ask for more inspiration ... so it is time to head back out of the vault and into the studios. But will Donald make it in time before Mickey returns and sees that he took the key? Those vaults are huge and have many paths that try to lead vistors astray ... and what about Donald's new friends? Will they tag along??

The answers are given several times daily in soundstage 3 - together with a healthy dose of classic Disney songs in French and English that let guests clap along in fond memory while watching the life-size puppet action on stage. "Animagique ... c’est magnifique" - to cite the lyrics of the show's catchy theme song by Peter Lurye. Especially the younger guests and fans of the animated classics by Disney will love this live theater show.

The musical adventure is also impressive from a technical point of view as it features live actors, puppeteers and combines various technics to bring the characters alive on stage. It includes full body costumes for some characters but the puppeteers also utilize technics that are part of the traditional Japanese Bunraku puppet theater. Furthermore, the creativ team married all this to the traditional concept of a dark light theater as developed in Prague, i.e. utilizing paints and fabrics that react to UV light. This allows the pupeteers wearing all black clothing to act on stage but still remain invisible as only the puppets and set-pieces shine in the UV-light.


  • Due to the large capacity of Soundstage 3 it is usually sufficient to arrive about 15 to 10 minutes before show time, in fact most of the times seats in the back are still available for guests showing up only a minute before showtime (unless during rain showers or on especially hot days, when many guests try to take shelter in the theater). However, the doors close at show time and late arrivals can not be accomodated due to the nature of the show, no matter what.
  • Soundstage 3 is air conditioned, therefore the show is also popular to cool down on hot summer days.
  • Soundstage 3 has no theater lobby. Instead it features two covered outdoor waiting areas, one for each half (left / right) of the theater. The holding areas do not feature any queue / line set-up, therefore it is recommended to move as close to the doors leading into the theater as possible.
  • Please note that - due to the nature of the show - the theater is pitch dark during the show and there are special effects including bright lights aimed at the audience. Multi-lingual warnings are played before the show, but it can not be excluded that some very young children could be frightened by this environment.


  • Dark light show
  • running time: approx. 20 minutes
  • language: mix of English and French; very limited dialogue, mostly song & dance; story does not require understanding any of the two languages
  • venue: soundstage / studio 3
  • capacity: 1,100 seats; dedicated seating for disabled guests (including wheel chair users) and their escorts available
  • cast: Donald Duck & Mickey Mouse; pink elephants (from Dumbo); Baloo & King Louie (from The Jungle Book); Sebastian & Flounder (from The Little Mermaid); Rafiki, Zazu, Young Simba & Young Nala (from The Lion King)
  • featured animated classics: Dumbo, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid & The Lion King


While by name one of the opening-day attractions of the Walt Disney Studios Park Animagique underwent some major changes in response to guest reactions. The troubled history of the show already started with the first previews of the Studios for invited guests. On some of the preview dates the theater staid dark on others performances had to be cancelled as it turned out that the rehearsal time hadn't been sufficient and technical problems kept creeping up. However, in time for the official opening event the show was ready to woo its audience.

Unfortunately the reactions were mostly mixed. In reaction the show underwent several changes. Scenes were reworked and / or cut as well as the number of performers reduced. In particular the "ocean sequence" was completely changed. Gone is the original scene based on Pinocchio in which Donald joined Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket on a raft before being swallowed by Monstro, the whale. In its place Sebastian and Flounder now invite the guests to a musical party under the sea (based on The Little Mermaid).

Another change that guests of the early days may notice when seeing the current version of the show: the butterflies have been cut. In the early days styrofoam cut out butterflies were tumbling down from the ceiling of the theater above the guests during the jungle sequence. As multicolored lights flickered around the white 2-D cutouts seemed to take on a magical live and added a whimsical effect - plus: guests were invited to keep the butterflies as free souvenirs.

Maybe the biggest change was the addition of vocals to the songs. The original version of the show included barely any vocals. Instead with the exception of the theme song (performed during the finale of the show) and the "Lion King Scene" all scenes were underscored with instrumental versions of the famous Disney songs only. The switch to regular songs (even so re-recorded for the specific needs of Animagique) came fast and the songs have staid on ever since.

However, the switch from instrumentals to songs did not come fast enough for the merchandise department that had prepared a CD-release of the show's soundtrack which reflected the original version of the show. Since the CD (no. EDDA017-2) had already been produced they were put on sale despite the changes the show underwent in the meantime. The CD remained available in the resort's shops until the first pressing was sold out, which took several years in the end. votings

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