Toon Studio: Attractions

Toons are real - really! Just take a look how the Genie directs the latest shot! Or visit Nemo and his friends undersea, explore the deserts with Tow Mater and his friends from Cars, and, and, and ... at the Toon Studio you can enter their world!
P.S.: there is also one attraction to get a look at how we humans fit into the world of making animation reality...

Crush's CoasterCrush's Coaster

Surf the East Australian Current in this turbulent & wisting family coaster with Crush and his friends from Disney Pixar's Finding Nemo [...more]

Cars Race RallyCars Race Rally

Tow Mater welcomes guests of all ages to take (literaly) a spin in the desert landscape - no driver's license necessary [...more]

Art of Disney AnimationArt of Disney Animation

A museum, a movie experience, a live demonstration and hands on action in live drawing classes - this is the real world of animation [...more]

Monsters, Inc. Scream AcademyMonsters, Inc. Scream Academy

Get ready to SCREEEEEAAAAAAM to provide energy to the world of the monsters ... and meet some of the most famous monsters [...more]

Toy Story PlaylandToy Story Playland

Get shrunk to toy size and visit Andy's backyard where three attractions featuring the stars of the Toy Story movies await guests [...more]

Les Tapis Volants - Flying Carpets Over AgrabahLes Tapis Volants - Flying Carpets Over Agrabah

Take to the air aboard a high flying magic carpet in this classic family fun as the Genie directs the shot [...more]


A black light theatre performance featuring some of the most memorable and enchanting moments from the animated Disney classics [...more]

Toon PlazaToon Plaza

Meet Mickey and the latest stars of the Disney and Disney Pixar animated features in this quirky plaza for photos and autographs [...more]