Production Courtyard: Restaurants

Grab a quick snack outdoors at one of the Studio Catering options such as at La Terrasse (with covered and partially protected seating) or Café Cafés or enjoy the lavish buffet in the art deco setting of the studio's commissary now housing the Restaurant des Stars...

Restaurant des StarsRestaurant des Stars

This upscale studio cafeteria has been taken over by Remy who prepares a gourmet buffet for all ages [...more]

Café CafésCafé Cafés

Gourmet coffee specialities and sweet surprises await at this counter location [...more]

Cool ZoneCool Zone

Cool down with a refreshing drink or ice cold snack from the windows of this truck [...more]

La TerrasseLa Terrasse

Various snacks and unique alcohol-free long drinks are offered from various cartering trucks located next to this covered courtyard [...more]

Ben & Jerry'sBen & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's is offered at a service window on the Hollywood Boulevard [...more]

Studio Catering Co.Studio Catering Co.

Grab a drink or small snack to go at one of the studios' cartering trucks parked at Production Courtyard [...more]