Production Courtyard: Entertainment

Whether on stage, on screen or on the street - the Production Courtyard suprises with a wide choice of entertainment offerings. See the history of movies come alive including some of the most beloved movie classics, visit your child's friends from Playhouse Disney or catch the stars of Disney on the Production Courtyard stage...


Celebrate the magic of movies on a journey from the earliest days to the latest hits - featuring a unique twist and special effects [...more]


Character Meet'n'Greet Place des StarsCharacter Meet'n'Greet
Place des Stars

Various Disney characters are roaming around the Place des Stars to pose for photos and sign autographs at selected times throughout the day [...more]

Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!

The beloved stars of the most beloved Playhouse Disney / Disney Junior series make sure that the youngest guests will have plenty of fun [...more]

Stitch Live!Stitch Live!

Stitch is waiting to chat with guests during an intergalactic transmission for real - so get ready for the probing intergalactic star [...more]


Music EntertainmentMusic Entertainment
Production Courtyard Stage

Let the music guide you to the Production Courtyard Stage for the summer concerts in the middle of the Place des Stars [...more]