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Intergalactic transmission coming in ... from Stitch ... for YOU!

The Walt Disney Television Studios building houses (on the upper floors) the offices of the French Disney Channel while on the ground floor Playhouse Disney is coming alive in its very own stage show - but the building also has a secret third function. The big mural showing off giant satelite dishes is a first hint ... since on its ground floor the building also houses a space traffic control center of the United Galactic Federation!

Guests are invited to tour the super secret facility and even get a look at the large main control screen. However, as the tour guide is trying to establish a video connection to one of the space ships in the vincinity of earth he does not get connect to just any space captain. Instead his call is answered by Stitch (aka Experiment 626) - the popular little blue alien whose story was told in Disney's Lilo & Stitch.

Stitch is currently taking a little joyride out in the galaxy - but a call from earth certainly fits into his schedule. Soon enough Stitch is jumping around the bridge of his ship while chatting away with the guests touring the space traffic control center - especially with the kids as they remind him of his best friend Lilo. For the youngest ones he is even willing to answer some of the questions that they have since they saw his life's story as a movie. However, he also gets the adults into the fun while playing games with the tour group in the main show room.

There is just a little break in the chatter for a phone call from Lilo. Afterall, there is one little problem here - Stitch might be flying a space ship, but it is not his. He borrowed it from Gantu who is now in hot pursuit of Stitch. This might be the opportunity for the tour group to help Stitch...

"Stitch Live!" is a so called "Living Character Experience" as guests in the main show room actualy talk to Stitch on the big panorma screen live who will reply and enter into real conversations. As with any conversation there is no way to foretell which way the transmission / video call will take in any given performance. It depends on the guests taking part as well as on the mood of Stitch. He might serenade a member of the tour group on an ukulele or he might recognize someone in the group from his past. While there are certain elements (including a fun game for all in the group to play along at the end of the transmission) that are recurring the main part will be different in every performance.

The attraction is a unique experience that (especially but not only) young fans of Stitch will love just as much as technology buffs / fans / nerds who will marvel at the seamless live experience of Stitch on the panorama screen interacting with the guests. In other words: perfect alien fun for all in the family.


  • It is recommended to arrive about 15 minutes before show time (even earlier during rain showers or on especially hot days, when many guests try to take shelter in the theater, as well as for performances scheduled shortly after guests exit a screening of CinéMagique). However, the doors close at show time and late arrivals can not be accomodated.
  • The Walt Disney Television Studios are air conditioned, therefore the show is also popular to cool down on hot summer days or to get warm in winter.
  • A sign board in front of the building lists the show times for the reminder of the day separately for performances in English and French (not indicted in the free entertainment program handed out).
  • Another electronic sign above the entrance indicates when the next show in English and French will commence as well as the number of free seats for these two performances. Guests can line up for both performances already and will be held in a covered outdoor line till shortly before show time, when they are let into a closed off (covered) holding area out front behind the glass walls for several minutes from where they are eventually let into the pre-show area in the actual building. It is worth noting that there is no line set-up in the covered holding area or the pre-show area.
  • The pre-show area sports several screens on which the show's backstory is toldin the form of an animated short. Guests will enter the actual main show room through the doors to the left of the monitors, so for the best seats guests should position themselves close to these doors.
  • Inside the main show room children are asked to sit right up in front on the carpet floor (please note: parents are not allowed in this area). Adults are asked to sit on the benches behind this area. The rear rows are set up higher and thus offer a good view of the on-screen action as well.
  • The show is fully interactive and depends on the interaction of the guests therefore (except for some central scenes) every performance is different.


  • movie with live interaction between Stitch on the screen and the audience (referred to as a "Living Character" experience)
  • running time: approx. 15 minutes
  • language: English or French; separate performances for each language at dedicated show times indicated at the venue; the show is dialogue based and requires understanding of the according language
  • venue: The Walt Disney Television Studios building
  • capacity: 200 seats on benches and (for kids) on the floor (right in front of the screen); dedicated seating for disabled guests (including wheel chair users) and their escorts available


"Stitch Live!" opened March 22, 2008 as part of the second year of the resort's 15th Anniversary celebration. However, the attraction premiered in 2004 in Tomorrowland at Hong Kong Disneyland - from where some of the English language voice actors were brought over for the European version. At the Walt Disney Studios Paris "Stitch Live!" took the place of the "Television Production Tour" at The Walt Disney Television Studios building - the first major opening day attraction of the park that was closed down.

In fact The Walt Disney Television Studios building has seen the most changes of any part of the Studios. The one constant about the building are the actual working offices of the the French Disney Channel on the upper floors. However, the offerings one the lower floor have been completely replaced in the meantime. Originally the ground floor featured several working tv soundstages as well as various control rooms for directors, cutters, sound technicians as well as the satellite upfeed of the French Disney Channel.

On opening day the "Television Production Tour" was supposed to offer a guests a unique view behind the scenes of this working tv studio as they walked along a long corrridor with glass walls toward the various control rooms before entering a sound-proof viewing area looking into the main soundstage to watch any live-taping of the "Zapping" show for the French Disney Channel that may be going on at the time. Unfortunately guests most of the time were looking at deserted sets and control rooms as the French Disney Channel has a very limited need for studio shows.

Soon enough the studio viewing windows were closed off and instead guests were routed through a small soundstage. In there art pieces were on display which young viewers of the "ArtAttack" program of the French Disney Channel had mailed in. However, guest reactions were still tempid so in a next step another small soundstage was transformed into an interactive zone called "CyberZone". Here guests could play various video games and ride "Cyber Space Mountain" after the end of the walking tour. However, the whole tour closed in 2007 to make room for "Stitch Live!" and Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!.

The corridor that offered a view into the various control rooms of the studio now is the pre-show area for guests of "Stitch Live!" - right before they enter the main show room whicht itself has taken over the former "CyberZone". votings

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