Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!


Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse ... follow Mickey to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, fly with the Little Einsteins, help Handy Mandy and become a super sleuth with Tigger & Pooh...

"Playhouse Disney" is the Disney tv programming aimed at pre-schoolers (since 2011 rebranded as "Disney Junior") and "Playhouse Disney Live on Stage" allows them - as the show's title already implies - to see their stars live on stage - in a colorful puppet show that asks them to get up, run around the auditorium and help their friends in mastering their tasks.

Already the wide open indoor pre-show area with the colorful projections on one of the large walls as well as the floor gives an indication that this is no show to sit down and lean back ... soon enough especially the young kids waiting in the pre-show room start chasing the projections on the floor. This kind of activity is encouraged by cast members... and can easily be continued in the main show room. Afterall, this is a family experience aiming right at the pre-schoolers. In other words: don't expect to lean back in a comfy plush seat in a classic style theater auditorium.

Once the doors to the main show area open guests are invited to move ahead and sit down ... on the carpet floor! Just as in their childhood parents are asked to joing their kids on the carpet to enjoy the show. With a loud shout of "Meeska Mouska Mickey Mouse" everyone is off to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy (all as puppets) already await the guests and their live host with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song.

As in the tv-show "Mickey Mouse Cluhouse" everyone has to work together to solve a problem - today's task: organizing a surprise party for Minnie's birthday! That obviously is not going to be an easy task, even with the help of all the kids in the audience - time to call the Mousekadoer (for all those not familiar with the tv show: this is a large Mickey-shaped computer).! However, today he is not just distributing a collection of tools with the help of Toodles but takes everyone into the stories that are to inspire our friends in how to manage their tasks to prepare the party...

Upon everyone calling out "Oh Toodles!" (the kids knowing the call that from the tv show) Toodles flies up and brings on the first story - from Handy Mandy and his tools. With the kids singing and dancing along the tools are soon on their way to manage their next repair job. Once the bubble machine works again (to the delight of kids in the audience) another call for Toodles takes the guests into a story with the Little Einsteins.

Everyone ready to board Rocket? The red air ship of the Little Einsteins? You better are... because every kid is asked to help Rocket zoom ahead super fast in the great sky race - and along the way they will learn about various musical terms for pace (adagio, allegro, ...). For the final story Toodles takes us into the 100 Acre Wood of "My Friends Tigger & Pooh".

And just as the pages turn on the 100 Acre Wood set the super sleuth signal calls for the help of Darby, Tigger and Pooh ... this is the opportunity for all the kids in the audience to become official super sleuths by saying the oath out loud - "Anytime and anyplace the super sleuths are on the case"! Now that everyone is a super sleuth ... today's job: getting Roo's kite out of the tree. Tigger got some ideas for that and soon every kid is jumping along, blowing along and more.

Will these three stories help the crew to prepare Minnie's surprise birthday party so that everyone can party along in a big finale? Will it be the best party ever? This surprise won't be spoiled here...

"Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!" brings alive some of the most beloved series from "Playhouse Disney" / "Junior Disney" and their characters in a colorful puppetry show that keeps the pre-school kids in the audience on their feet singing and dancing along to the up-beat songs from the shows and helping their stars out - for which they are certainly rewarded with some fun special effects in the auditorium.

While the show admittedly is of limited appeal to the older audience the short stories, the puppet work and the up-beat songs do manage to keep older guests and parents entertained while the pre-school members of the audience are sure to be fully enthralled by this show.


  • It is recommended to arrive about 15 minutes before show time (even earlier during rain showers as well as for performances scheduled shortly after guests exit a screening of CinéMagique). However, taking into account that the show is aimed at pre-schoolers even on most busy days there are still spots left just shortly before show time (even so guests arriving late will have to sit toward the back of the main show room). In any case the doors close at show time and late arrivals can not be accomodated.
  • Inside the main show room all guests are asked to sit on the carpet floor (children, parents and other adults alike), however, due to the show featuring the main characters as puppets the stage has a certain height. Therefore, especially families with small children should avoid sitting up close to the stage instead aiming for spots about 1/3 down into the seating area.
  • The Walt Disney Television Studios are air conditioned, therefore the show is also popular to cool down on hot summer days or to get warm in winter.
  • A sign board in front of the building lists the show times for the reminder of the day separately for performances in English, French and Spanish (not indicted in the free entertainment program handed out).
  • Another electronic sign above the entrance indicates the time, language and number of remaining spots for the next upcoming show time as well as the time, language and number of remaining spots for the next show in a different language. Guests can line up for both performances already in an outdoor uncovered queue area. Shortly after one show starts the guests waiting for the next show are led into the (indoor) pre-show area where kids can roam around free.


  • live stage show featuring a live host and the cast of selected Playhouse Disney / Disney Junior shows as puppets
  • running time: approx. 25 minutes
  • language: English, French, or Spanish; separate performances for each language at dedicated show times indicated at the venue; the show uses dialogue and asks guests to sing along, to give shout-outs etc., therefore understanding of the according language is recommended; however, younger kids may also be happy to see their friends from the Playhouse Disney / Disney Junior shows live on stage even if they are unable to understand the dialogue
  • venue: The Walt Disney Television Studios building
  • capacity: 450 "seats" on the carpet floor and a very limited number of benches around the outer walls of the main show room, some of which are dedicated seating for disabled guests and their escorts
  • cast: puppets of the cast of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" (the fab five), the cast of "Little Einsteins", the cast of "Handy Mandy", and of the cast of "My Friends Tigger & Pooh"; also: one live host


"Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!" opened April 4, 2009 in one of the soundstages of the Walt Disney Television Studios building which were originally not open to guests but were supposed to be used by the French Disney Channel. While Stitch Live! housed in the same building replaced one of the opening day attractions of the Walt Disney Studios Park (the "Television Production Tour") "Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!" is a genuine addition to the park's list attractions.

Originally "Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!" premiered in Disney's California Adventure in April 2003. On Januar 27, 2008 an updated version premiered at the Hollywood Studios (at Walt Disney World). These updates were also incorporated into the show in Disney's California Adventure, where it premiered on March 14, 2008. This second version then was adapted for the Walt Disney Studios Paris. However, only at the Walt Disney Studios Paris is the show performed in three different languages - English, French and Spanish at dedicated times. This is also a first for a live show at Disneyland Paris, since it requires different hosts fluent in the according language to perform each of the three versions.

Both at Disney's California Adventure and at Disney Hollywood Studios "Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!" was rebranded as "Disney Junior - Live on Stage!" in March 2011 in light of the rebranding of the tv channel "Playhouse Disney" as "Disney Junior". At the same time a new scene was added starring the cast of "Jake and the Never Land Pirates". While the tv channel was rebranded in Europe as well the resort so far has not renamed the show. Also the show still features the same scenes as on it's opening day, i.e. "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" haven't yet made it to the Walt Disney Studios Paris. votings

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