Music Entertainment on Production Courtyard Stage


Let the music guide you to the Production Courtyard Stage for the summer concerts in the middle of the Place des Stars......

During the summer season (and also at selected dates throughout the year) the Production Courtyard Stage at the center of the Place des Stars comes alive with musical performances. Since the summer of 2011 the current resident band is the seven man formation "Hit Daddies".

The bands performing on the Production Courtyard Stage offer a wide selection of pop, rock and "fun" songs as well as famous music from various movies (to stay in the theme of the Walt Disney Studios Park) - all performed as instrumental versions. This creates a fun diversion from the regular instrumental background music loop usually playing in the Place des Stars area featuring tracks from the scores of movies.

The musical performances are a fun little extra worth stopping for a couple of minutes in front of the stage and relax a bit (some guests are even seen dancing every now and then). They also entertain those just passing by on their way to the next attraction as well as those waiting close by at the Studio Theatre for the next performance of CinéMagique or in the lines outside the Walt Disney Television Studios building for Stitch Live! or Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!.

With a bit of luck guests can even catch one of the Disney characters who (at selected dates) roam the Place des Stars dancing along... so don't be shy, join in!


  • In case of inclimate weather the performances may be cancelled or (in case of early enough forewarning) may be moved indoors, in most cases then into Studio 1


  • Seasonal entertainment offering of a live band performing instrumental versions of pop, rock and "fun" songs
  • Venue: the Production Courtyard Stage
  • Standing room only, no dedicated benches for the stage, however there is a limited number of benches around the Place des Stars


While strolling along the Place des Stars and enjoying the music (or while waiting for the next set of the band) it is worth looking down at the floor in the area between the Production Courtyard Stage and Studio 1. In the style of the famous forecourt of Grauman' Chinese Theatre in Hollywood various movie stars have left their hand prints here. This includes the two stars of the nearby attraction CinéMagique - Julie Delpy and Martin Short - but also Disney alumni such as Angela Lansbury (Mrs. Potts from "Beauty and the Beast" as well as Miss Price in "Bedknobs and Broomsticks") and Roy E. Disney (who created his hand prints in a small ceremony at the ocassion of the grand opening of the park in 2002). votings

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