Meet'n'Greet "Place des Stars"


The Place des Stars with the Production Courtyard Stage in its middle is a popular meeting spot...

... not just for guests (who may also enjoy the handprints of famous Hollywood stars found here) but also for Disney characters. Depending on the season various Disney characters are roaming around the Place des Stars to pose for souvenir photos and sign autographs several times daily. At times some of the characters may even pose in front of the backdrops installed on the Production Courtyard Stage ocassionally.

This seasonal offer brings out a wide cast of most various characters from Disney as well as Disney Pixar features. However, two of the characters most often seen on Place des Stars are Chip 'n Dale in their special Studios' outfit featuring black and white striped vests.


  • Cast members at Studio Services on the right hand side of the Frontlot as well as the cast member next to the information board on Place des Stars are happy to provide detailed information whether (and if so: which) characters may drop by the area during the day and at what time (even though the information is not listed on the entertainment program)
  • No official photographers are on hand as the characters roam the area freely


  • Seasonal entertainment offering of selected Disney characters roaming around the Place des Stars posing for photos and signing autographs
  • No queues, special set-ups or official photographers for characters


When crossing the Place des Stars it is worth not only to look out for any Disney characters roaming the area but also to grant the floor a closer look - to be more precise: the floor between the Production Courtyard Stage and Studio 1. In the style of the famous forecourt of Grauman' Chinese Theatre in Hollywood various movie stars have left their hand prints here. This includes the two stars of the nearby attraction CinéMagique - Julie Delpy and Martin Short - but also Disney alumni such as Angela Lansbury (Mrs. Potts from "Beauty and the Beast" as well as Miss Price in "Bedknobs and Broomsticks") and Roy E. Disney (who was on hand for the park's grand opening and created his hand prints at this ocassion in a small ceremony in front of the - long gone - Airstream trailer of Mickey & Minnie). votings

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