Production Courtyard: Attractions

On theProduction Courtyard the final touches are added to movies in the making: the guests! Here guests can enjoy the magic of movies as if they were in the movies - from childrens' favorites to the perfect chilling thrills it is all here and waiting for you...

The Twilight Zone Tower of TerrorThe Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Explore the remnants of the once proud Hollywood Tower Hotel all the way up to floor 13 before dropping into the Twilight Zone [...more]

Studio Tram Tour: Behind the MagicStudio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic

Board the trams for a tour past various sets & props - plus get right into the action at Catastrophe Canyon [...more]

Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!

The popular stars of the beloved Playhouse Disney series make sure that the youngest guests will have plenty of fun [...more]


Celebrate the magic of movies on a journey from the earliest days to the latest hits - featuring a unique twist and special effects [...more]

Stitch Live!Stitch Live!

Stitch is waiting to chat with guests during an intergalactic transmission for real - so get ready for the probing intergalactic star [...more]

Production Courtyard StageProduction Courtyard Stage

The band stand like stage at the center of the Place des Stars is home to various entertainment offerings throughout the year [...more]