Front Lot: Attractions

Step through the majestic studio gate, adorned with Mickey as a camera man, and you will find yourself on the picturesque Front Lot of the Walt Disney Studios - the studio's "business card" where guests are welcomed and everything looks polished and refined...

Studio 1Studio 1

Inside the giant sound stage inspired by the Hyperion Avenue Studios step into a fantastical Hollywood Boulevard featuring a unique mix of Hollywood's classic sights [...more]

Place des Frères LumièrePlace des Frères Lumière

Relax on the plaza in the shade of the Earful Tower next to the Sorcerer's Apprentice Fountain in front of Disney Studio 1 [...more]

Studio ServicesStudio Services

Park maps, information, hotel and restaurant reservation, money exchange, guided tours, pretty much all you may need to inquire about and organize - this is the place for it [...more]

Earful TowerEarful Tower

The skyline of the Studios includes a traditional water tower as well, towering over the Front Lot - certainly with that special twist [...more]