Studio 1


Visit the covered movie set that will take you into the Walt Disney Studio lots

Before guests can go and play on the Walt Disney Studios attractions they first have to pass through the Studio 1 building. This is an indoor themed movie set with big props, sets and lots of neon lights. The sets and lights represent the golden age of the movies and are themed after some of Hollywood iconic buildings like the Brown Derby, the Egyptian Theatre and the Dark Room. At the far end of the building guests will even get to see a glimpse of the well known Hollywood Hills.

Guest enter the building from the Place des Frères Lumière through 2 sets of green doors. In between the double entrance guest can already pick up their park map to plan the rest of their day.

Once inside the big studios is divided in three main areas. Right in front is the road that leads to the rest of the park. On both sides big panels with the decorations hides the Legends of Hollywood Shop on the left hand side and the En Coulisse restaurant on the right hand side. Also on the left had side is Shutterbugs, the shop where you can have a photo taken with a selection of Disney backgrounds. All along the street there are magnificent street lights, a gas pump station, a makeup location and even a couple of small vendor carts with candy, sweets, drinks and more.

During the day the Studio 1 is used for live entertainment. This varies with music and street theater and gives the place a little extra Hollywood magic.

At the back of the studios one row of doors will lead guests into the Walt Disney Studios park and to the attractions.


The morning, afternoon lunch time and the last hour of opening are the busiest in the Studio 1 building. Visit it just before the lunch crowds come in or during the late afternoon hours to enjoy the place a little more quite.


  • Length 70 meters
  • Width 35 meters
  • Height 20 meters


The Brown Derby was the name of a restaurant chain in Los Angeles and had their exterior building looking like a derby hat. In 1987 the Brown Derby company started a licensing program with the Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney opened a first replica restaurant in Disney's MGM Studios (Now called Disney's Hollywood Studios) in Florida.

The first real Egyptian Theatre opened in Hollywood, California. It opened on October 19, 1992 on Hollywood Blvd. It is known as the Grauman's Egyptian Theatre. In the early twentieth century, there where over 100 of these theaters in the US. Many of them no longer in existence, but examples have been saved and restored.


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