Welcome on the Backlot




At the far end of the Production Courtyard an (usually) wide open metal guide marks the "border" of the Backlot - where guests can treat any potential adrenaline deficit.

In real working movie studios "Backlot" describes the area adjoining the main soundstage and office buildings used for large outdoor sets such as whole streets - of which usually only the exterior walls are constructed - allowing movies to be filmed directly at the studio in a controlled environment instead of having to travel to the real Backlotlocation and deal with the real life intruding on a film shot. However, at the Walt Disney Studios the Backlot is foremost the action central of the park...

The action starts in the special effects soundstages to the right of the main boulevard leading onto the Backlot. The huge "Armadillo" space vehicle parked on the lava rocks in front of this soundstage already gives guests a clue that on this sound stages not the computer animated special effects take center stage but the real for real effects. After an introduction to the history of special effects those daring enough to step into "Armageddon Special Effects" will relive how the MIR spacestation is destroyed by the special effects specialists ... while on board!

"Armageddon Special Effects" may rock guests with effects - but the real rock reigns supreme at "Rock'n'Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith". During an exclusive VIP tour of the recording studios of Tour de Force Records guests are invited to test the latest creation of old-rockers Aerosmith: a thrilling indoor high speed roller coaster ride featuring a synchronized Aerosmith soundtrack and lightshow! Guests boarding the soundtracker called coaster trains are shot right out of the station speeding up to 100 km in just 2.8 seconds to zoom through the music club experience.

The final major attractions on the Backlot is not a single bit less action centered - just that here guests can only look on while the professional drivers and stuntmen race, dance and jump with their cars and motorbikes through a picturesque mediterrean town. It's the "Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular" that up to five times daily lets the heart of every fan of cars beat at high speed.

The Backlot certainly has more to offer then non-stop action - such as unique sets from past international as well as French movies that now double as photo location, shops (in particular the "Rock Around the Shop" in the exit hall of the Rock'n'Roller Coaster, as well as two unique dining locations: Le Café des Cascadeurs (housed in a real American diner from the US and therefore the oldes restaurant in an Disney theme park worldwide!) and the Disney Blockbuster Café counter service location. At the latter guests can choose whether to dine in a cafeteria inspired by "East High" of the High School Musical movies and decorated with the memorabilia from the movies or whether to head for the pirates' den inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

So get ready to get thrilled on the Backlot!