Backlot: Restaurants

Whether a fast food snack at Disney Blockbuster Café or a full service meal in the original American diner of Café des Cascadeurs - the dining options on the Backlot are perfect for quell any hunger - afterall the crews working on the real backlots of Hollywood enjoy a hearty meal...

Disney Blockbuster CaféDisney Blockbuster Café

This counter service location offers diners the choice between a pirate setting and the most famous high school cafeteria - both inspired by Disney blockbusters [...more]

Studio Catering Co.Studio Catering Co.

Grab a drink or small snack to go at one of the studios' cartering trucks parked in the Backlot [...more]

Café des CascadeursCafé des Cascadeurs

Burgers, salads and more await at this classic American diner with table service (in the diner and on a terrace) [...more]