Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular

When the cars race through the quaint streets of a Mediterranean village burned rubber is the smallest risk for the professional stunt drivers.

stunning action that will you get hot!


  • The official program asks guests to arrive about 30 minutes before show time. This is highly recommended for the best seats in the lower center section close to the action - respectively to get any seats at all on busy days as the line for the show often forms much earlier on these. However, due to the large capacity some seats in the back may still be available as late as 10 minutes before show time on non-busy days. The doors close at show time and late arrivals can not be accomodated due to the nature of the show.
  • The Stunt Show Theatre / Arena is an outdoor venue. Guests are seated on a typcial grandstand, therefore the only protection against the elements of nature is provided by the roof far above which covers approximately the rear 2/3 half of the rows (which depending on the wind direction may still get wet during rain). Also in particular during the winter season the seats will be cold.
  • Toiletts accessible during the performance are available on the ground floor of the grandstand. Cast members will guide guests to them if need may be.
  • As the Stunt Show Spectacular is exposed to the elements of nature the performance may be altered or cancelled due to inclement weather, in particular heavy rain and / or black ice.
  • Please note that the stunt show spectacular features special effects such as explosions, fire and more even in close proximity to the grandstand - it can not be excluded that some guests could be frightened by these.


  • Stunt show featuring car and motorcycle stunts in an open air arena
  • running time: approx. 40 minutes
  • language: extensive introductions in a mix of English and French; actual stunt scenes can be enjoyed without any understanding of either of the two languages
  • venue: Stunt Show Theater / Arena
  • capacity: 3,000 seats; dedicated seating for disabled guests (including wheel chair users) and their escorts available
  • special guest: Lightning McQueen (from Disney Pixar's Cars & Cars 2)


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