Attractions on Front Lot

Studio 1Studio 1

Inside the giant sound stage inspired by the Hyperion Avenue Studios step into a fantastical Hollywood Boulevard featuring a unique mix of Hollywood's classic sights [...more]

Place des Frères LumièrePlace des Frères Lumière

Relax on the plaza in the shade of the Earful Tower next to the Sorcerer's Apprentice Fountain in front of Disney Studio 1 [...more]

Studio ServicesStudio Services

Park maps, information, hotel and restaurant reservation, money exchange, guided tours, pretty much all you may need to inquire about and organize - this is the place for it [...more]

Earful TowerEarful Tower

The skyline of the Studios includes a traditional water tower as well, towering over the Front Lot - certainly with that special twist [...more]


Attractions at Production Courtyard

The Twilight Zone Tower of TerrorThe Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Explore the remnants of the once proud Hollywood Tower Hotel all the way up to floor 13 before dropping into the Twilight Zone [...more]

Studio Tram Tour: Behind the MagicStudio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic

Board the trams for a tour past various sets & props - plus get right into the action at Catastrophe Canyon [...more]

Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!

The popular stars of the beloved Playhouse Disney series make sure that the youngest guests will have plenty of fun [...more]


Celebrate the magic of movies on a journey from the earliest days to the latest hits - featuring a unique twist and special effects [...more]

Stitch Live!Stitch Live!

Stitch is waiting to chat with guests during an intergalactic transmission for real - so get ready for the probing intergalactic star [...more]

Production Courtyard StageProduction Courtyard Stage

The band stand like stage at the center of the Place des Stars is home to various entertainment offerings throughout the year [...more]


Attractions on Backlot

Rock'n'Roller Coaster starring AerosmithRock'n'Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith

The studios of Tour de Force Records offer unique action with a heart pounding, high energy coaster paired with rock music and a light show [...more]

Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show SpectacularMoteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular

When the cars race through the quaint streets of a Mediterranean village burned rubber is the smallest risk for the professional stunt drivers [...more]

Les Parapluies de CherbourgLes Parapluies de Cherbourg

Inspired by the French movie classic of the same title this small set is perfect to cool down - or take a unique souvenir photo in the rain [...more]

Armageddon Special EffectsArmageddon Special Effects

Learning about special effects might be interesting - but the fun starts when the effects become real, flames stretch and explosions rock [...more]

Les Parapluies de CherbourgThe Chronicles of Narnia - Ice Throne

Inspired by the first movie of the Chronicles of Narnia series the ice throne has been recreated as unique photo opportunity [...more]


Attractions in Toon Studio

Crush's CoasterCrush's Coaster

Surf the East Australian Current in this turbulent & wisting family coaster with Crush and his friends from Disney Pixar's Finding Nemo [...more]

Cars Race RallyCars Race Rally

Tow Mater welcomes guests of all ages to take (literaly) a spin in the desert landscape - no driver's license necessary [...more]

Art of Disney AnimationArt of Disney Animation

A museum, a movie experience, a live demonstration and hands on action in live drawing classes - this is the real world of animation [...more]

Monsters, Inc. Scream AcademyMonsters, Inc. Scream Academy

Get ready to SCREEEEEAAAAAAM to provide energy to the world of the monsters ... and meet some of the most famous monsters [...more]

Toy Story PlaylandToy Story Playland

Get shrunk to toy size and visit Andy's backyard where three attractions featuring the stars of the Toy Story movies await guests [...more]

Les Tapis Volants - Flying Carpets Over AgrabahLes Tapis Volants - Flying Carpets Over Agrabah

Take to the air aboard a high flying magic carpet in this classic family fun as the Genie directs the shot [...more]


A black light theatre performance featuring some of the most memorable and enchanting moments from the animated Disney classics [...more]

Toon PlazaToon Plaza

Meet Mickey and the latest stars of the Disney and Disney Pixar animated features in this quirky plaza for photos and autographs [...more]


Attractions at Toy Story Playland

Toy Soldiers Parachute DropToy Soldiers Parachute Drop

Enjoy the bird's eye view over Toy Story Playland before parachuting back into Fort Emery by order of Sarge on the lookout [...more]

RC RacerRC Racer

This toy track offers real thrills as RC Racer is catapulted out of the station vertically up into the sky - with you onboard [...more]

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop Photo SetToy Soldiers Parachute
Photo Set

Take your photo dangling from a parachute in mid air - without ever leaving the safe ground at this photo set next to the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop [...more]

Slinky Dog ZigZag SpinSlinky Dog ZigZag Spin

Up and Down, round and round - join Slinky Dog on a fun circular "coaster" for the whole family as he chases his tail [...more]


Meet Rex, the world's nicest dinosaur from the Toy Story movies and pose with him for an incredible fun photo [...more]

RC Racer Photo SetRC Racer Photo Set

Get packaged up as add-on play figures of the latest RC Racer play set for a unique souvenir photo [...more]