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Stefan founds the site founded under the name DLP-Guidebook as a photo collection
Torsten joins the team (until 2001)
Photo site becomes full guide in German
Warren joins the team (until 2003)
English version of the guide added
Dirk joins the team
"DLP-Guidebook Millennium Fan Meeting" at New Year's Eve 1999/2000
Esonix and Tobias join the team (both until 2001)
Mouse-Chat added (until 2010)
"2nd International DLP-Guidebook Fanmeeting" aka the "Halloween Fanmeeting" on October 28, 2000
Silke joins the team (until 2003)
Andy joins the team
"1st Official International DLP-Guide.com Fan Meet'n'Greet" on February 23, 2002
"DLP.info MSEP Farewell Fanmeet" on March 22, 2003
"DLP.info Lion King Fan Meet'n'Greet" on June 25 & 26, 2004
German version of the guide is discontinued
Steffi joins the team
Partnership with the MagicForum

The famous "Thank Yous":
The current DLP.info team members - Stefan, Dirk, Andy & Steffi - would like to express their thanks and gratitude to all former team members as their contributions only allowed the site to become what it is today. A special "thanks" also to Joel (aka Joella de Vil) who for many years was the team's correspondent in residence vigorously scouting the resort for news. Another big "thank you" goes to Sabine who contributed to the original designs of the site and the print materials at the various events. There also has to be a thank you to Marcel who supports the site with photos from its extensive photo collection since 2011.
But the biggest thank you has to come last: THANK YOU to all fans of Disneyland Paris and DLP.info for supporting the site and it's team for so many years. We hope to serve you for many more years and bring the magic of Disneyland Paris to you via the internet as DLP.info continues to grow now in its second decade ... a story that continues to be written ... with YOUR help!

















Once upon a time ... to be exact 1997 ... DLP.info went live as your guide for Disneyland Paris - back then still called DLP-Guidebook. Founded by Stefan as a unique photo collection of the resort soon enough Torsten joined the project (until 2001) and the photo collection turned into a full fledged guide - albeit in German only. Cue Warren who joined the team in 1998 (until 2003) thanks to whom the guide went international as English versions of the texts were added.

With the site growing and its forum becoming one of the central online meeting points for DLP fans the resort's millennium celebration was the occasion for the first fan meeting organized by DLP.info, taking place at the resort for the New Year's Celebration 1999/2000 - the "DLP-Guidebook Millennium Fan Meeting". In time for this event Dirk joined the team, foremost to expand the coverage of the resort's entertainment offerings.

In the aftermath of the success of the first fan meeting 2000 saw another expansion of the team as Esonix and Tobias joined in (both until 2001). With the expanded manpower the site continued to grow adding amongst others the "Mouse-Chat" (available to DLP fans until 2010). Also on October 28, 2000 the "2nd International DLP-Guidebook Fanmeeting" aka the "Halloween Fanmeeting" took place. Guests of this event not only were racing through the Disneyland Park on a treasure hunt and enjoyed the Halloween celebration of the resort - including the Halloween Soiree in the evening - but also could take part in a presentation about Frontierland by Imagineer Christine Tweedly at the LA Bar and Grill over lunch. Also on-hand was the resort's official archivist David Brown presenting all guests with an collectible opening day commemorative coin of the resort.

2001 saw the team welcoming Silke as new member (until 2003) and the site getting ready for the opening of the resort's second gate in 2002, when Andy become a team member. To celebrate the resort's growth the site organized the "1st Official International DLP-Guide.com Fan Meet'n'Greet" on February 23, 2002. After an exiting day previewing the new park's attraction the fans attending the event met at the Sequia Lodge to chat and relax - and to take part in a pin trading event.

On March 23, 2003 the Disneyland Park bid farewell to it's Main Street Electrical Parade. At this occasion the site organized the "DLP.info MSEP Farewell Fanmeet" on March 22, 2003. This event allowed the team to make the site's new name "DLP.info" (introduced only in 2003) better known - and to present the most extensive program so far at one of their fan meetings. Attending fans enjoyed a prin trading event at the conference center of Disney's Newport Bay Club which was also the site for the exclusive presentation "Creating the Disney Theme Show" by Imagineer Nigel Bratcher in the morning. During the remainder of the day fans could test their DLP knowledge with a treasure hunt in the Disneyland Park, join the autograph session with Jean-Jacques Perry, composer of the MSEP main theme "Baroque Hoedown", at the Fantasy Festival Stage and meet Alain Littaye (co-author of "Disneyland Paris: From Sketch to Reality" / "Disneyland Paris: De l'esquisse à la création") for a fan talk and autograph session at the Fantasia Bar at the Disneyland Hotel. The final highlight of the day was the second to last performance of the Main Street Electrical Parade which guests were able to enjoy from a reserved viewing area on Main Street, U.S.A.

Moving a bit more than a year ahead the team of DLP.info organized its - so far final - event at the resort: the "DLP.info Lion King Fan Meet'n'Greet" on June 25 and 26, 2004. While no organized program was offered fans met over two days to chat and enjoy the parks together - as well as the preview of the new show "The Legend of the Lion King" for Annual Passport holders on the evening of June 25.

A major change for DLP.info dawned in 2009 when it was decided to concentrate on the English guide and discontinue its German version due to limited team resources. In 2011 the site entered into a partnership with the MagicForum (prompting the closure of the site's own boards), however, 2011 is better remembered as the year that Steffi joined the team.

Let's see what the future holds...