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Get ready for Spiderman

Monday, April 14th, 2014

As reported by DEADLINE Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, stars of the upcoming Marvel / Sony feature “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” recently visited Disneyland Paris as part of their international promotion tour for the movie. Deadline goes on showing off a French advertising poster for the latest offering of the resort, the meet’n’greet with Spiderman – you can find it online at

Interestingly the poster shows off Spiderman next to Sleeping Beauty Castle – despite the meet’n’greet being located in the Walt Disney Studios park, taking over the former terrace of the Blockbuster Café most recently used as “overflow” Annual Passport office during busy times. According to the latest rumors, Spiderman will start greeting guests in his new “lair” on April 19. Rumors stated that the meet’n’greet is only scheduled till mid-July, however, the French poster used by Deadlinenow identifies July 14 as more specific end-date.

A Crush for One

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Crushs-Coaster-02Crush’s Coaster is one of the most popular attractions of the Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris. Lines are always very long. During high season lines can become well over 90 minutes and even hit the dreaded 2 hour waiting time. Up to today there have been no signs for a FastPass system or a line for the single rider. While a FastPass system would not work on this type of coaster, as it would push the regular waiting line well behind the 2 hour queue line, there is some good news for the single riders. In the near future, when the next rehab is planned, the attraction will not only get a new and better regular queue line, but it will also get a special single riders line. With the new queue line no car will be leaving the station anymore unless it is full. From then onwards a party of three will automatically get a fourth rider in their vehicle. Disney is anticipating some extra hourly capacity as vehicles will, from then onwards, always be full.

There is no date know when the rehab will start.

The Monsters are back…

Friday, June 14th, 2013

MonsterInc2This summer you might enjoy your summer break from university … but you need not miss that university experience as Disney Pixar brings the Monsters University to life in 3D on the big screen. Certainly the Disney parks around the globe are joining into the fun of this prequel to the Disney Pixar hit “Monsters, Inc.” as well.

MonsterInc1While some of the parks such as DCA in Anaheim have set up elaborate “university” sets as photo ops unfortunately all Disneyland Paris so far has revealed are extra posters on the facades of the Studio 1 building at the Walt Disney Studios.

One poster has been placed on the side of the building, right next to the original “Monsters, Inc.” poster, right above the Monsters photo op and the scream monitors. Interestingly both posters feature a very similar design with a white background and Sulley leaning on Mike – as can be seen in the two photos above.

In the meantime a second much larger poster has been put up stretching all across the main facade of Studio 1 facing toward the Hollywood Boulevard.

Ratatouille – Brick by Brick

Friday, June 14th, 2013


The new Parisian area of the Walt Disney Studios is taking shape faster and faster. The concrete walls have gone up and are now hiding the main show building from the sight of guests approaching the construction zone through the Barrel of Monkeys inside Toy Story Playland. In fact, the scaffolding has already gone up in front of the walls and work has started on the themeing details.

In addition work is now underway to transform parts of the costumeing building and add a themed facade to it.

RatatouilleJune2 RatatouilleJune3 RatatouilleJune4 RatatouilleJune5 RatatouilleJune6

No more Scary Halloween?

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Terrorific Night 3 copyrights DisneyIt has been a big success for the last three years but it looks as if the scary Halloween event in the Walt Disney Studios is no more. The Terrorific Nights don’t fit in the family friendly environment that Disney is and the event will not be on the program for this Halloween event.

Although understandable, it still will be a big loss as the event was beloved by the Disney visitors. Even forums and websites from other locations, like in the US, envied us Europeans a little because of this event. They wanted an event like the Paris one, an event that was targeted to the more mature audience, in one of their parks.

So, with a little sadness, it looks like we will have to say goodbye to the zombies at the Walt Disney Studios. While this comes from a good source, we still hope we got this one wrong. (No official word on Halloween yet)

picture copyrights Disney (2011 event)

In Front of Animagique

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

JuneAnimagique At the Studios it is a little less hectic when it comes to refurbishment compared to the work that is being done at the Disneyland Park. The only visible fence is located just in front of Animagique.

At the entrance, in front of the building,  a little square is fenced in. The entrance can be entered from either side of the green fence as the Animagique show is running as scheduled.

Layering the Ratatouille

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Ratatouille 2013-02-21

The constructions crews at the Walt Disney Studios Paris continue to add layer by layer to the upcoming new dark ride based on the Disney Pixar hit “Ratatouille” – and that is just based on the progress concerning the facades of the building(s).

With the current streak of sub-zero temperatures and repeated days during which the resort is covered by snow progress on the facades is limited – however, the level already constructed so far gives a good impression of the facades that will ring the new plaza in front of the attraction.


Christmas in the Walt Disney Studios

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Since the Walt Disney Studios celebrated their first Christmas Season in 2002 the park’s Christmas Tree found its place on Production Courtyard – where it at times felt either rather lonely on the wide open space or rather tugged away in a corner of the wide open space. This might have also had to do with the fact that compared to the size of the courtyard the tree wasn’t very high – by far not as high as its brother on Town Square in the Disneyland Park.

By the middle of this week the Christmas Tree of the Walt Disney Studios was erected once again – but to the very surprise of fans not on the Production Courtyard! Instead the Christmas Tree found a new home on the Frontlot. It has been placed right in front of the large gates leading into Studio 1.

Also a close look reveals that the tree has been re-decorated no longer featuring any film rolls as decoration (unless those would be added later on). Still, its decorations feel rather subdued compared to the warm red tones of the tree in the Disneyland Park. However, the new location of the tree is a huge improvement and further enhances the christmas atmosphere on the Frontlot. The decorations around the light posts here have been installed once again as well.

Interesting side note: by Thursday evening there was no sign of any decorations or the christmas market huts from the past years on the Production Courtyard…

Sightlines II & New Lights

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Following up on the permanent “correction” of the sightline across the roof of the Disney Art of Animation toward the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop today we have a temporary sightline correction to report that is related to the Toy Story Playland as well. This time it is related to the construction site for the (so far only rumored) future Ratatouille dark ride to be added to the Walt Disney Studios Park, next to the costumeing building. When exiting the Toy Story Playland through the giant blue Barrel of Monkeys guests walk straight toward the blue construction fence that blocks access to this construction site. (more…)

Sightlines I

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Right before the opening of Toy Story Playland Imagineering confirmed upon request that they were looking into what to do with the unthemed walkway along the new land’s outskirt, leading from the upper end of the Hollywood Boulevard (in front of the Tram Tour), between the Disney Art of Animation building on the right and the new land on the left to the latter’s main entrance. While the walkway had been widened to handle the increased amount of guests expected in the area due to the new attractions it still remained unthemed… (more…)

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