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From Paris to Orlando

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Congratulations to DLP’s very own Katy Harris!

The Show Director Creative Entertainment of Disneyland Paris since 2001 (who originally started at the resort in 1993 as musical performer) who was the Associate Director of the smash hit “Disney Dreams!” that premiered in the past April and also was responsible as Artistic Director Entertainment for the new “Meet Mickey!” inside the former Fantasy Festival Stage has made the next (and very big step) of her Disney career. While she retains the function as Show Director Creative Entertainment of the European Disney resort she has been called to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World to be the show director of the park’s new spectacular “Celebrate the Magic” as was revealed Wednesday on the official Disney Parks Blog.

The official blog cites Katy Harris describing the projection show that will take place on the Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom: it “takes us on a journey to the heart of the most beloved Disney stories and characters. This amazing show will magically transform Cinderella Castle with spectacular projection effects, choreographed to a new music soundtrack. The show will be full of emotion and storytelling, proving that, with imagination and magic in our hearts, anything is possible”. In the comments Shawn Slater, the communications manager for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Creative Entertainment (who wrote the official blog entry), provides further details on the new show, stating that it will focus  “on our emotional connection to some of Disney’s most magical film moments and memorable characters”.

 Her experience with “Disney Dreams!” for which she worked with Steve Davison certainly should help her with this show that will replace the current “The Magic, The Memories and You!” that will end its run on September 3 (Labor Day) (the same day that the show will also end its run at Disneyland, Anaheim).

So if you want to see this new show directed by DLP’s Katy Harris – for when can you plan your visit to the Magic Kingdom? The official blog does not provide the exact opening date by Shawn Slater also states that it will entertain guests “beginning November”. So, got plans for your Christmas Disney trip already?

Last resort for direct service to Endor

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

January 9, 1987 Star Tours officially opened regular services between Disneyland, Anaheim and Endor. The successful services with the reliable Starspeeder 3000 (and the maybe a bit less reliable robit captain RX-24, also known as “Rex”) was also added to Tokyo Disneyland on July 12, 1989, Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World on December 15, 1989 and finally Disneyland Paris on April 12, 1992 (where it is one of the opening day attractions).

However, on July 27, 2010 respectively September 7, 2010 the service was discontinued from Anaheim and Orlando as the Starspeeder 3000 was replaced with the Starspeeder 1000 for “Star Tours – The Adventures Continue” that opened on May 20, 2011 at WDW respectively June 3, 2011 at Anaheim. Now, yesterday Star Tours also ceased direct service to Endor from Tokyo Disney, where the new version of Star Tours is expected to open in spring 2013.

This leaves Disneyland Paris as the SOLE space port on planet earth with direct service to Endor operated daily by Star Tours and its fleet of Starspeeders 3000. Flights depart daily throughout the regular operation hours of Disneyland Paris.

At this time there are no rumors whether at all and if so when Disneyland Paris can expect a make-over of its Star Tours attraction. However, to some fans of Star Wars this might also be good news. This puts Star Tours as second entry on a unique list for Disneyland Paris – the list of attractions which only at Disneyland Paris have not received the makeover executed at all other Disney parks. The other entry on that list? Pirates of the Caribbean. As Captain Jack Sparrow has been added to the attraction in Anaheim, Orlando and Tokyo the only version without him is now found at Disneyland Paris.

Captain EO – an update from outerspace

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

… the outerspace of management that seems. As pointed out in a comment by Lars to our report that a cast member confirmed the return of “Captain EO” during a guided tour for guests in the Disneyland Park the DLRP Fan Blog has released a leaked internal “Management Flash” from Disneyland Paris confirming the return of “Captain EO”.

A closer look at the memo reveals some interesting details … first of all, different from the official announcement for Tokyo (as covered by the Mousekingdom Blog) or Anaheim the internal memo at Disneyland Paris does NOT mention that the return is only for a limited engagement – even so the general consensus among fans still is, that “Captain EO” will not stay for an unlimited time at Disneyland Paris. Then, just as at Tokyo Disney Resort the internal memo refers only to “Captain EO” and not to “Captain EO Tribute” as the attraction has been named at Disneyland Anaheim for its return there. But there is more in the memo…


Attraction Attendance Report

Friday, April 17th, 2009

castle-01TEA ERA has released their annual  Attraction Attendance Report. The 2008 report shows the growth of Disneyland Resort Paris. In Europe Disneyland Resort Paris did very well. The Disneyland park got the first place with a total attendance of 12,688,000 guests, up 5,7% from the previous year. The Walt Disney Studios ended on the 9th place. It did this with a healthy increase of  4,5% and a total of 2,612,000 guests.

In the global top 25 Disneyland Park in Paris ended on the 4th place, behind the Magic Kingdom (1), Disneyland (Anaheim) (2), and Tokyo Disneyland (3), but in front of DisneySea (5), Epcot (6), Disney’ Hollywood Studios (7), Disney’s Animal Kingdom (8), Disney’s California Adventure (13) and Hong Kong Disneyland (18).

The Walt Disney Studios didn’t make it into the top 25.

For more on the other parks and places visit the Mousekingdom Blog and download the official Attraction Attendance Report (pdf).