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Toy Story Playland at Night Video

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

On September 5th the members of the Shareholders’ Club and their guests had the exclusive opportunity to enjoy Toy Story Playland after park closure – meaning after night fall. Attendees of the event were among the first guests that were able to experience the lighting design of Imagineering for the new area of the Walt Disney Studios Park. If you missed the opportunity you can now get at least a first impression of the atmosphere with our 4 minute HD-video shot during the event:

Don’t forget to check out our extensive photo coverage of the Shareholders’ Club event as well featuring numerous exclusive night time photos of Toy Story Playland and its attractions!

Today is the day…

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

…the day Toy Story Playland officially opens! Posters advertising the grand opening have been popping up all over Paris and the surrounding area since last week, in particular at the bus stops. Interestingly the marketing department of the resort decided to show the Sleeping Beauty Castle as prominent feature in the backdrop behind the new rides of the Toy Story Playland. It needs to be awaited whether this was a clever move or not – afterall a potential guests might get the wrong impression, that Toy Story Playland is part of the Disneyland Parc and not of the Walt Disney Studios.

But back to the opening. Today the blue construction fence closing off the new area will have disappeared and with it the posters telling guests that only inveted guests can visit Toy Story Playland. As of today every guests in the Walt Disney Studios will get shrunken to the size of Andy’s toys – if he wants. But what to do if you can’t be at the Walt Disney Studios for the opening today and can’t wait to get shrunk? (more…)

Toy Story Playland – MORE Videos

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Following his first four videos (check them out in our earlier post) YouTube user Crumser has uploaded two more videos which he filmed Friday evening at nightfall inside Toy Story Playland. Crumser was able to be in the all new area of the Walt Disney Studios for an exclusive after-hour soft opening / preview of the Toy Story Playland apparently conducted for Imagineers, their families and friends. During this event the guests in attendance where not only able to check out the themeing and light design but also the three attractions. But now on to the two new videos … (more…)

Toy Story Playland – Soft Opening VIDEOS

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

As already reported cast members were allowed to test the rides of Toy Story Playland Friday evening. Now the first videos have surfaced showing all three attractions, the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, the Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin as well as the RC Racer in action. In addition the videos showcase some of the themeing in the area, including a REX the dinosaur and even capture some of his audio / lines. Thanks to the fact that the preview was conducted in the evening hours the videos also give an impression of the lighting design of the land as well, such as the oversized christmas lights strang along the walkways or the blue lights of the Barrel of Monkey.

Check out four videos by YouTube user Crumser after the break: (more…)