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News from the Toy Soldiers

Monday, May 30th, 2011

On April 27, 2011, we reported that the large parachute from the photo set in front of the Toy Soldiers’ Parachute Drop in the Toy Story Playland (at the Walt Disney Studios) had been removed. It now turns out this was only the first step in a complete overhaul of the location which has now been finished.

As can be seen in the photo above by InsideDLParis the backdrop has been completely redone. Instead of the backdrop having a fully “hand painted” look now a new CGI look has been put in place at least for parts of the backdrop (in particular the largest toy soldier to the left of the parachute for the guests). The new design with the border around the backdrop  is set to recreate the design of a toy packaging from which Andy could have cut out the backdrop. The large three dimensional parachute certainly is back as well – and also received some plussing: some extra lighting stripes were added under it to illuminate guests posing under the parachute.

20110529-230859.jpgThe upgrade of the photo set are not the only changes to the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop area. In addition the floor under the actual ride has been redone. The park had to learn during the past winter season that the chosen paint resulted in the floor turning extremly slippery when wet. Therefore black plastic mats had to be placed over it as a temporary solution during the winter season to allow for continued operation. According to InsideDLParis the floor was now redone (as seen in the photo on the left) and is supposed to be no longer as dangerously slippery when wet as in the past, so that the black mats could be taken out for good.

Photos by InsideDLParis

Looking for a Parachute

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

The Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, the maybe most popular attraction of the Toy Story Playland with guests of all ages, is missing a parachute. Luckily it is none of the parachutes that double as ride vehicles (even so one row was closed earlier during the past weekend due to a technical problem). (more…)

Become a RC Racer add-on

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

When the Toy Story Playland opened in the late summer of 2011 a small-scale RC Racer on a piece of race track was found next to the queue building of the RC Racer attraction to function as a photo set. Guests could step inside and get their photo taken. However, after a few days the set-up was blocked off after children started climbing all over it and management identified the set-piece as a safety risk. Soon it was gone leaving a rather odd open space in the Toy Story Playland. The RC Racer car resurfaced earlier this year as decoration along the Studio Tram Tour track.

And now, finally, a replacement has made its way into the Toy Story Playland. The new photo location can be seen on the right. It has gone in the exact same spot as the original photo set. Guests can now step into the blister package of an RC Racer toy to get their photo taken as if they were part of the add-ons coming with the remote control car.

Winter Equipment at Fort Emery

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Toy Story Payland has lived through its first winter of operation and as was to be expected there were some adjustments necessary… The most visible change could be spotted at the Army Men Parachute Drop. It turned out that the green painted concrete floor used in the outdoor queue area as well as for the landing pad which guests have to cross to board and disembark the actual parachute seats was extremly slippery when wet and also prone to ice building up on it. The solution thick black rubber mats were placed over it. (more…)

Sightlines II & New Lights

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Following up on the permanent “correction” of the sightline across the roof of the Disney Art of Animation toward the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop today we have a temporary sightline correction to report that is related to the Toy Story Playland as well. This time it is related to the construction site for the (so far only rumored) future Ratatouille dark ride to be added to the Walt Disney Studios Park, next to the costumeing building. When exiting the Toy Story Playland through the giant blue Barrel of Monkeys guests walk straight toward the blue construction fence that blocks access to this construction site. (more…)

Sightlines I

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Right before the opening of Toy Story Playland Imagineering confirmed upon request that they were looking into what to do with the unthemed walkway along the new land’s outskirt, leading from the upper end of the Hollywood Boulevard (in front of the Tram Tour), between the Disney Art of Animation building on the right and the new land on the left to the latter’s main entrance. While the walkway had been widened to handle the increased amount of guests expected in the area due to the new attractions it still remained unthemed… (more…)

Never leave one behind alone…

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Never leave one behind alone – a golden rule among most armies in this world, and one may remember the Toy Story scene when on of the Toy Soldiers asked the other members of his unit to leave him behind for the sake of the good task they had to fulfill – but of course that never happened.
But in contrast to this rule the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop was the first of the ToyStory Playland attractions with a dedicated single rider line – for one soldier alone.

Toy Story Playland at Night Video

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

On September 5th the members of the Shareholders’ Club and their guests had the exclusive opportunity to enjoy Toy Story Playland after park closure – meaning after night fall. Attendees of the event were among the first guests that were able to experience the lighting design of Imagineering for the new area of the Walt Disney Studios Park. If you missed the opportunity you can now get at least a first impression of the atmosphere with our 4 minute HD-video shot during the event:

Don’t forget to check out our extensive photo coverage of the Shareholders’ Club event as well featuring numerous exclusive night time photos of Toy Story Playland and its attractions!

The dreaded line…

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

For most female guests in any public space a line for an attraction is very often only half as bad as that really dreaded line … the line at the toilettes. Even on busy days the Disneyland Park rarely features these lines thanks to numerous rest room facilities that were placed across all lands. The Walt Disney Studios had a bit of a problem with this when it opened but solved it early on by adding the facilities next to the exit / shop of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror even prior the start of the construction for the tower.

However, when the Toy Story Playland was announced without any additional rest room facilities fans were (mildly said) surprised since the whole Toon Studio already had no dedicated rest room facilities. Now that the new area is in regular operation and has turned out to attract large crowds it becomes obvious that addition rest room facilities would not only have been a good idea but are direly needed. (more…)

RC Racer – the “bag question”

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

The ride vehicle of RC Racer featured small boxes in front of the guests to store small bags, purses, cameras etc. for the duration of the ride. There was even a “test” box early in the queue area for guests to make sure that their bags would fit into this on-board storage. However, during the AP previews those on-board boxed had been closed and could not be used. This past weekend the boxes suddenly had disappeared, i.e. had been dismounted from the ride vehicle. The immediate impact is additional leg-room for guests on board. Already in the past weeks the cast member in the station on the exit-site was taking backpacks and similar items off the guests and storing them in an enclosed rack next to the station’s exit gate.

BTW: at Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop several boxes and barrels have been stacked up next to each parachute. These function as enclosed storage areas for the bags of riders on the according parachute since the parachutes themselves do not have any storage for backpacks etc. However, guests are allowed to take cameras onto their ride to take aerial photos of the area.

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