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The Rat Is Busy

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Buzz Lightyear is all the strong willed space ranger – he won’t be distracted by the work going on to its left, instead he keeps his eyes focused straight ahead and greets the guests walking from Toon Plaza toward ToyStory Playland as if nothing would be happening.

However, guests will surely notice the changes as the Parisian street to the right of Buzz Lightyear has been closed off. Already two cranes are turning busily over the construction site behind the resort’s costuming workshop where the park’s next big addition is about to go vertical: the Ratatouille dark ride.

The actual roadway part of the Parisian street is separated by a blue construction fence from the sidewalk with the benches, detailed lighting fixtures and trees. A look over the blue gates erected as part of the construction fence shows that the cobble stone surface of the roadway has been covered with wood planks to prevent any damage from heavy equipment that might drive over it during the construction phase of the dark ride and surrounding area.

Happy Birthday … from Remy

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris – 20 years of magic and wonder … certainly today’s anniversary saw many unique celebrations at Disneyland Paris which regular guests enjoyed just as much as the thousands of fans that had made sure to be at “their park” for the anniversary day. However, for many the greatest birthday surprise was a sight that could be seen from nearly all across the Walt Disney Studios (and unfortunately even from inside Disneyland’s Frontierland): a construction crane!

After the area had been cleared and leveled during the past weeks now a construction crane has been set up next to the resort’s costuming building at the site of the next big expansion of the Walt Disney Studios Park – the long rumored Ratatouille dark ride that will expand the Toon Studio section of the park next to the Toy Story Playland. While the construction had been confirmed by construction notices at the back of the park the crane is a visible confirmation for fans that finally the Studios will receive their first true dark ride.

Stop HERE to wait for your turtle

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

 Not every theme and amusement park has the equivalent of Imagineers on-site 365 days a year – instead many “competitors” of the Disney resorts rely on outside support and creatives. In many cases this may help reduce initial costs, however, any later adjustments must either be executed by the operational staff of the park or require another hiring of outside forces. On the other hand the Imagineers at the Disney resorts are available all the time and certainly also monitor the operations of the parks (to some degree), receive feedback of cast members and guests and thereby can incorporate small improvements on the fly to improve the experience for everyone involved.

One example of this can be found in the load station of Crush’s Coaster in the Walt Disney Studios. Late last year an additional barrier was installed at the top end of the queue. Originally it was wide open, allowing a whole group of guests to move ahead. This made it difficult for a cast member to block the queue. In addition, guests tended to walk straight ahead to the next turtle that was approaching them head on, when in fact they had to turn sharp right and walk directly to the track, respectively (if prior guests were slow to exit their turtle) even double back on the queue direction. Now with the new barrier there is only an opening for one guest which a cast member can easily block (as is actually the case in the photo above). In addition the opening faces directly toward the track so that guests can approach their turtle by walking straight through it, easing the whole process.

Sightlines I

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Right before the opening of Toy Story Playland Imagineering confirmed upon request that they were looking into what to do with the unthemed walkway along the new land’s outskirt, leading from the upper end of the Hollywood Boulevard (in front of the Tram Tour), between the Disney Art of Animation building on the right and the new land on the left to the latter’s main entrance. While the walkway had been widened to handle the increased amount of guests expected in the area due to the new attractions it still remained unthemed… (more…)

Shareholders’ Club Night Event

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Friday evening the Shareholders’ Club members were invited to enjoy the all new Toy Story Playland at Walt Disney Studios Park after park closure. Considering the late nightfall and early park closing of the Walt Disney Studios the event was the first opportunity to enjoy the new addition to the park with its lighting design in full display.

During a visit to Toy Story Playland earlier in the day numerous additional, temporary lights were found to be standing in the new area, however, those turned out to be not necessary at night and were not used. Most propably they had been placed in TSPL already in anticipation for the major press event scheduled for Saturday night. But then for Friday’s Shareholders’ Club event the regular lighting needed no extra add-ons. This also had the big advantage that guests could enjoy the light design as it was intended by Imagineering… (more…)

Studios Construction Update

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Walt Disney Studios Store Limo 0907Despite the busy summer season in full swing the Walt Disney Studios Park is seing several more or less obvious and more or less construction projects going on … time for a wrap up …

The facade of Studio 1 facing toward the Frontlot and seen already by guests approaching the park is still fully covered by scaffolding and a scrim with a printed on replica of the facade. However, geusts shouldn’t expect this to change since – as already reported – there is no actual work going on there right now, but the scaffolding has been retained to allow for easy installation of an oversized advertising poster should Walt Disney Pictures be willing to pay for such step once again. In the meantime the last work on the Walt Disney Studios Store has been finished and the stretch limousine that is used as backdrop for a Meet’n’Greet with various Disney characters has been moved back from in front of Studio 1 to its original place in front of the Studio Store in the past week. However, thereby access to one of the newly added doors have been partially been obstructed again. The real surprising construction work can be found further inside the park … and photos can be found right after this break (more…)