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12 years old child after visit in Disneyland maybe paraplegic

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

At the 23th november 2011 visited the 12 years old Bautista Riera, an Argentinian boy, Disneyland Paris. After riding 3 attractions, amongst others also the Tower of Terror, he felt bad and went to the first aid of the park. The cast members called the emergency service and they brought him directly to a hospital in Paris.

After the X-ray, the first prognosis was a contusion of the spinal cord which led to a paraplegic. About the current state of health exists no information because of the attending doctor refers to the confidentiality. So it’s unknown whether it is a temporary paralysis where the irritated nerves calm down in the spinal canal and go back to normal function or if the damages are permanent.

It is otherwise known, that the boy was athletic and tough. He played rugby, basketball and trained also – according to the news media – martial arts. The determination of the exact circumstances and the consequences is now up to the prosecutor.

All of us here at wish Bautista a full and speedy recovery.

Shareholders’ Club Night Event

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Friday evening the Shareholders’ Club members were invited to enjoy the all new Toy Story Playland at Walt Disney Studios Park after park closure. Considering the late nightfall and early park closing of the Walt Disney Studios the event was the first opportunity to enjoy the new addition to the park with its lighting design in full display.

During a visit to Toy Story Playland earlier in the day numerous additional, temporary lights were found to be standing in the new area, however, those turned out to be not necessary at night and were not used. Most propably they had been placed in TSPL already in anticipation for the major press event scheduled for Saturday night. But then for Friday’s Shareholders’ Club event the regular lighting needed no extra add-ons. This also had the big advantage that guests could enjoy the light design as it was intended by Imagineering… (more…)

Attraction Merchandise

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

We just recently reported about the on-going wave of new merchandise tying into the “New Generation Festival” hitting the shops of Disneyland Paris. However, following its new concept of adding new merchandise more or less constantly the resort is not only premiering items related to this year’s festival. In addition the resort has remembered a merchandise category of its very early years: attractions specific merchandise (that is: beyond pins and photo frames)! (more…)

From Ice Cream to Souvenir Photos

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

As the special discount on ice cream for all Annual Passport holders at Fantasia Gelati has come to an end another special discount offer has been put in place since the past Saturday … a special discount for souvenir photos in both theme parks and selected Disney Hotels! The offer is good since the past Saturday till May 31st, 2010 and applies to one souvenir photo for the Annual Passport Francilien and Fantasy holders respectively one souvenir photo and the paper frame (“cadre”) for Annual Passport Dream holders, in both cases for the photo size 15 x 20 cm. (more…)