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World of Disney & the future of the Disney Village

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

While our photos here still show the World of Disney Store behind construction walls the new anchor store of the Disney Village today opened its doors (the official grand opening will take place on July 12). According to our sources at the same time as its doors officially open other doors will close – to be specific: the doors of the main area of the Disney Store in the Disney Village.

During a two week period the store is supposed to be re-invented as a kids  store. Instead of the general selection of Disney products and resort merchandise the former Disney Store will then limit itself on kids related products. To enhance the experience the store will be divided into several sections / themed areas: Star Wars, Cars, Candy, Bedtime, Duffy, Boys, and finally Girls.

The smaller extension room of the Disney Store next to the currency exchange office already switched over to Christmas merchandise in the past days. It is supposed to remain open during the transformation of the Disney Store into a kids’s store. No word yet whether it will remain a Christmas shop year round or whether it will be altering between the various seasons / seasonal merchandise as it has in the past years.

The transformation of the former Disney Stores would leave only one store in the Disney Village that stuck to its original concept and themeing since opening day in 1992: Hollywood Pictures. However, as our sources inform us, the remaining days of Hollywood Pictures seem limited as well. It’s replacement isn’t ready to be officially revealed – yet, we have been told that currently the resort is in negotiations with LEGO to transform the space into a LEGO Store. Both at Walt Disney World and at Disneyland Anaheim LEGO operates popular stores in the Downtown Disney areas already, adorned with giant Disney characters recreated out of LEGO that are popular photo spots. However, it should be noted that the negotiations seem to be rather difficult and no dates have been set yet for such addition to the Disney Village.

20th Anniversary Merchandise – and lots of it

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

A year long celebration, extensive special decorations throughout the Disneyland Park, further decorations in the Fantasia Gardens, the Walt Disney Studios, the Disney Village and the Disney Hotels, a new parade, a new experience to meet Mickey and a breathtaking nighttime spectacular called “Disney DREAMS!” – the resort is going to length for its 20th anniversary that kicked off on the past Saturday with a large event that saw Imagineer Tony Baxter visit and Steve Davison talk about his birthday present to the resort before returning to the USA.

So what might be missing? Oh, yes – special anniversary merchandise! During the weeks leading up to Saturday’s kick-off event the anniversary merchandise was added one by one to the displays and shelves across the resort, certainly in particular the Emporium on the Main Street, the extension room of The Disney Store in the Disney Village and the Studio Store in the Walt Disney Studios.

There is a wide selection of various items in several styles and on all price levels. These include various t-shirts, sweat shirts, rugby shirt, baseball hats and jackets with traditional some may say “college style”) prints of their very own 20th anniversary logo – as seen above on the left as well as on the t-shirt for girls on the right.

The major amount of merchandise picks up the blue and golden color palate of the official 20th anniversary logo and also features various graphics including in particular Mickey and Minnie in their new magician costumes, but also Goofy, Donald as well as Chip’n’Dale. The products of this range are the most varied and include magnets, photo frames, several snow globes (a smaller simple model and a larger one that plays music and lights up with Mickey leaning on top of it), playing cards, stickers, key rings, a beach towel, fun hats as well as baseball hats, various pens, plastic cups, a shopping bag, place mat, pocket umbrella, backpack, purse, collectible spoon, light-up spinner, the music piece of a music box with a special backdrop, a photo album, electric candle, mugs and much, much more up to a 1,000 piece puzzle.

In addition to the “blue line” there is also a smaller “pink line” for young girls including t-shorts, dresses and plastic wands. Also available are certainly plushs of Mickey and Minnie in their new costume – and for the real fans of Mickey a new big figurine of Mickey! Or what about some Mickey gloves? While Mickey continues to wear his regular white gloves even in his new costume, the gloves on sale are in a blue magician design.

However, there is a third product line as well so far consisting of plates and ceramic mugs. Also called “retro design” these items feature artwork in the style of the early years of the resort. The first item in that line is a set of two coffee mugs with an identical design showing the castle and the Town Square gazebo on one side and the earfel tower with the main gate of the Walt Disney Studios on the other side. Also available are amongst others a ceramic cup, decorative ceramic tiles (one per land of Disneyland with iconic landmarks of the land), as well as a set with paper and pen

Another item of the line is a set of four quadratic plates, that set next to each other are to depict both parks by selecting various especially iconic landmarks. The plate for the lower left corner features the right half of the Main Street as well as Discoveryland (represented by Space Mountain and Orbitron). The plate for the upper right corner features Fantasyland (with the facade of it’s a small world and the giant beanstalk of Sir Mickey’s) as well as the right half of Frontierland (represented by the rocks of Big Thunder Mountain and Phantom Manor). The plate for the top left corner includes Adventureland (represented by Captain Hook’s Galley, the Temple du Peril, the Swiss Family Treehouse and the Adventureland Bazaar). Also included on this plate are the Tower of Terror, the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop and a bit from the Earfell Tower as well as the magic hat of Disney’s Art of Animation from the Walt Disney Studios. The “rest” of the Walt Disney Studios including the lower part of the Earfel Tower, the magic hat structure as well as the entrance gate are represented on the plate for the lower left corner, which also includes the majority of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

The retro line is only available at selected shops – including Harrington’s which also sells an engraved crystal glass.

Two more items have already been announced and should be arriving in stores soon. The first one is glossy multi colored photo book documenting the history of the resort titled “Disneyland Paris: 20 Years of Dreams”. The resort hopes to have it in stock by April 12 for the actual birthday but this is not yet confirmed. The second item is a CD-release of the theme song of the new “Disney Magic on Parade” that also functions as the anniversary’s theme song titled “Magic Everywhere”. Originally the resort had hopped to have the CDs in stock by Saturday but technical difficulties resulted in a delay.

Oh, and there is also the set of four special 20th Anniversary Vinylmation (sold separately) already available in the resort – as reported earlier in a separate news.

Everything Goofy – even the prices!

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Over the last years the resort has considerably changed its merchandising policy. In the meantime new products are rolled out more or less constantly year-round. This also means that most of the times there are some products to be discontinued and therefore offered at a discounted price – a great way for guests to reduce the costs for souvenirs a bit.

While “sales” and “special offer” signs were set up at the according merchandise displays the goods themselves – if at all – received only a rather simple additional red “special offer” tag. This seems to have changed as recently round red extra tags were spotted featuring Goofy and the bilingual statement “Goofy Price” and “Prix Dingo” – which in English respectively French is a common description for prices so low that they are already a little bit crazy or … well … goofy!

Cup and Spoon

Monday, August 30th, 2010

A spoonful of sugar helps … well not only the medicine to go down as Mary Poppins has tought us all but also a cup of coffee – at least if you ask many coffee drinkers. The only problem: where to keep the spoon. For sure Mary Poppins wouldn’t have a problem with that but everyone else? The latest product added to the every growing range of kitchen related products by Disneyland Paris helps: a cup with a spoon holder integrated into the handle. The cup also comes with a spoon in the design of the cup.

Christmas has arrived

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

While the resort, the guests, fans and cast members are enjoying the officially last day of the summer season 2010 which will end with the big bangs of the Enchanted Fireworks tonight, the next two seasons of the resort are already waiting in the wings: Halloween and Christmas. Or not so much in the wings but on stage already as far as merchandising is concerned…


Attraction Merchandise

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

We just recently reported about the on-going wave of new merchandise tying into the “New Generation Festival” hitting the shops of Disneyland Paris. However, following its new concept of adding new merchandise more or less constantly the resort is not only premiering items related to this year’s festival. In addition the resort has remembered a merchandise category of its very early years: attractions specific merchandise (that is: beyond pins and photo frames)! (more…)

New Generation Festival Merchandise

Monday, April 12th, 2010

With the New Generation Festival a whole collection of merchandise has arrived in the shops and boutiques across the whole Disneyland Paris. However, so far only one item features a specific logo  naming the “New Generation Festival”: a red t-shirt, available in children size only. The remainder of the new merchandise that arrived for the start of the festival prominently features the characters at the heart of the festival in bright colors – in particular the stars of Pixar, such as Remy, Mike, Sully, Nemo, Woody etc., but certainly also Tiana who was officially welcomed to the resort as part of the festival.

The recurring theme of the new merchandise (a whole gallery of which you can find below the jump in  this post) are colorful close-ups of the faces of the various stars of the festival. However, if not a “New Generation Festival” logo there is another new logo artwork that features prominently on the extremly bright and colorful merchandise… (more…)