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Star Tours Last Flight

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Star-Tours001Star Tours at Disneyland Paris will be closing for a big refurbishment very soon. The refurbishment will take about a year making it an almost certainty that Star Tours 2 will finally make it into the Paris park (Although no official word, so still just a rumour).

To celebrate the event Disneyland Paris is inviting their Shareholders and Cast Members on Wednesday March 16 to be part of a special event. Pre-ordering tickets is mandatory as places are very limited.

The following is planned for the event (From the EuroDisney shareholders-club invitation):

Invitation on Wednesday March 16, 2016, from 8 p.m. to 11:45 p.m., at the Disneyland Park® to enjoy the final trip to the moon of the legendary Star Tours® attraction, which will close its gates during one year, for a complete renovation.


Annual General Meeting

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

On March 4th EuroDisney S.C.A. scheduled the Annual General Shareholder meeting where the shareholders will have the chance to listen to last years results and the future plans of the company. All shareholders are invited to visit the meeting as long as they have requested your admission card by showing proof of owning shares. How to do this is explained on the EuroDisney S.C.A Corporate site.

Those that want to combine a visit to the park will have a chance to book rooms at a lower rate during the days of the general meeting.

Revenue UP!

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Even with a big money pit still to fill, and the difficult financial times so many are witnessing, EuroDisney S.C.A. revenue is growing as we can see in the first quarter of this fiscal year. The biggest growth is the Hotels and Disney Village revenue. Here EuroDisney S.C.A. Sees an increase of a wealthy 14%. This because of an increase of 5,6% in hotel occupancy and a 7% increase in average spending per room. This translates in more filled rooms with more guests that have spend more to stay as was the case in the previous year.

Park revenue has also gone up. Numbers aren’t that high but still positive.  A 3% revenue increase compared to the previous year. This comes from a 2% increase in park spending per guests and the 1% increase in visitors. Visitors from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have decreased, but extra visitors from France and Belgium made sure that this loss has been compensated into a positive number. (more…)

Shareholders Toy Story Playland Evening Event

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Although the toys will have started to play as from August 17, special opening celebrations go on into September when shareholder are invited to a special evening event in the Walt Disney Studios.  The Shareholders Club is inviting its members for a special evening event to discover the new attractions at the Toy Story Playland. The Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin, RC Racer and Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop will remain open after hours for the invities. But those will not be the only attractions to enjoy after hours! Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Crush’s Coaster and Cars Race Rally will also be opened for the remainder of the event.

The event will take place on Friday September 3, starting at 8:30pm and will end 11:30pm. Your Shareholders Club card needs to be valid on July 20, 2010 and can’t expire before September 3, 2010. This will entitle you to a maximum of 4 tickets for the event. Online registration in mandatory and needs to be filled out before Friday August 27, 2010 via your personal shareholders Internet page. Places are limited!

Changes at Shareholders Club

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

During the Shareholders meeting back in February one guest complained that there wasn’t enough to eat for the members visiting the Shareholders Club. (really!). The main issue to this is that some guest visiting the club do this to fill themselves up with free croissants, cookies and drinks not leaving anything for other visitors. Once a new batch came out some would take 2 or more of the free pastries offered leaving others riddled with their behaviour. The offers for the members have now changed a little. A free “bite” is now being provided at the entrance desk. Croissants and cookies are placed in one single bag and guest can pick one bag before entering the club, leaving enough for other people and giving the Cast Members at the Shareholders club a better view of what is left or who is abusing the free offerings. Also the selection of free drinks have been changed to either water or juice, leaving out the option for fizzy drinks like Coca Cola. The hot drinks are still there.