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A Crush for One

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Crushs-Coaster-02Crush’s Coaster is one of the most popular attractions of the Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris. Lines are always very long. During high season lines can become well over 90 minutes and even hit the dreaded 2 hour waiting time. Up to today there have been no signs for a FastPass system or a line for the single rider. While a FastPass system would not work on this type of coaster, as it would push the regular waiting line well behind the 2 hour queue line, there is some good news for the single riders. In the near future, when the next rehab is planned, the attraction will not only get a new and better regular queue line, but it will also get a special single riders line. With the new queue line no car will be leaving the station anymore unless it is full. From then onwards a party of three will automatically get a fourth rider in their vehicle. Disney is anticipating some extra hourly capacity as vehicles will, from then onwards, always be full.

There is no date know when the rehab will start.

Behind the Green Fences

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013


JuneR8-DumboWith the summer season just around the corner Disney wants to make sure their parks are top notch. So it will be no surprise when you see some fences here and there for work that needs to be done. Unfortunately, sometimes these fences are big and favorite rides might therefor not be open.

In Fantasyland Dumbo is closed and fenced of. The crew is busy working on several parts of the attraction. Both mechanical parts as well as decorative parts where being checked and taken care of by the crew. Some crew members where checking out the side of one of the ride vehicles, just where the lifting arm is attached.

JuneR9-Dumbo JuneR10-Dumbo

JuneR11-ChaletAlso looked after in Fantasyland is the eatery Au Chalet de la Marionnette. The small rehab is very well hidden and is almost not visible in the Fantasyland area. You will see more of the scaffolding when walking past it on the Adventureland side of the building, just behind the small stage of the Following the Leader with Peter Pan show.


Frontierland also lost a big ride because of a rehab. Big Thunder Mountain is closed for a big check up. Disney is pushing for an opening in June so the big summer crowds will be able to enjoy this beloved attraction. For now the crew can be spotted on the track and ride system as well as the queue areas and even other parts of the location. With all the work done on this attraction one can expect to see a very nice polished Big Thunder Mountain once it’s open again.

JuneR1-BTM JuneR2-BTM JuneR4-BTM JuneR3-BTM

JuneR6-IndianAlso closed for an overhaul is the Indian Village play area. The play area is completely fenced off and unaccessible for the moment.

Less of an impact will be the rehab at Cool Post in Adventureland. This small eatery is completely fenced in.

In Discoveryland part of the Hypérion wall was fenced of pushing the outside seating area a little more out.

JuneR7-CoolPost JuneR12-Disc

The Dragon’s Regimen

Monday, November 7th, 2011

As widely reported the Sleeping Beauty Castle at the heart of the Disneyland Park has returned from its extensive rehab earlier this year more beautiful than in a long time. However, there us still one area that is off-limit for guests currently where a rehab is still on-going: the dungeon / caves under the castle.

All three entrances are closed off – the gates in front of the bridge leading to the front entrance are closed, a special construction wall blocks the rear entrance and the gates in front of the stairway leading from Merlin’s shop down into the cave are also closed.

However, with a bit of luck guests may be able to catch a glimpse of the ongoing work from inside Merlin’s shop despite a black tarp which is supposed to prevent guests from seeing behind the magic (see photo above)…

Rehab Update from Main Street, U.S.A.

Monday, May 30th, 2011

20110529-225447.jpgAnother rehab has come to its conclusion on the Main Street – Disney & Co. the shop specializing in toys and plush has reopened after its extensive refurbishment. Not only was the flooring redone and the whole interior of the shop with its detail rich design repainted so that it shines in bright colors once again – in addition the shop’s main room recieved a major change to its layout. As reported before the rehab the (working !) organ as the room’s centerpiece (around wish the cashiers were located) has been removed opening up more space for guests and merchandise as the cashiers were moved to the far ends of the shop. While the loss of the organ (that has been rumored to be on the move to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom) is to be mourned the new layout has helped ease the nearly eternal congestion inside the popular shop. With Disney & Co. being back to full regular operations Lilly’s Boutique next door has returned to showcase its “regular” merchandise as well after offering shelter to some toys and plush during the rehab of the shop next doors.

There is also news to report from the rehab across the street of the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour – here the scaffolding was covered with a printed tarp during the past week to reduce the impact on guest experience.

Photos by InsideDLParis

Finally …another CRPR

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

20110521-100131.jpgThe refurbishment of Sleeping Beauty Castle at the heart of the Isneyland Park is making huge progress over the last few days. As can be seen in the photos all scaffold on the front facade of the castle has disappeared in the meantime – including the scaffolding in front of the arcades to the right of the castle. However, as a close up shows there is still some work to be done to some parts of the latter. Note how fresh and pristine the refurbished part looks and how worn down in comparison the columns of the arcade closer to the camera.

20110521-100113.jpgHowever, this should require only a rather fast touchup job. Just take a look at the impressive effect of the new coating on the detailed stone work on the back side of the castle facing toward the Snow White area.

20110521-100157.jpgWith the scaffolding completely down on the front the waterfall to the left of the castle has been turned back on again as well. However, work is not fully finished and painters can be seen working on e castle from a crane at times.also not all turrets are finished yet, even so another white (i.e. primed) roof top has received is final blue color in the meantime. Those turrets still missing are supposed to receive a golden roof top.

Meanwhile the work on the back facade facing into Fantasyland is making visible progress as well – the first scaffolding is already coming down again here!

20110521-100143.jpg 20110521-100211.jpg

Photos by InsideDLParis

“No Fly Zone” at Discoveryland

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

As mentioned a couple of days ago the Orbitron at Discoveryland is undergoing a big rehab that includes a complete dismantling of the attractions main center piece. Now we can show you a new update where the whole ride system is taken down leaving a bare space at Discoveryland. There are only the decorative globes still standing behind the green fences. It will be a while before guests will see the Orbitron go back up. While it didn’t take Disney to long to remove the attraction, they will take the time to make sure the ride is looking at its best when it returns somewhere at the end of June.

Photo by InsideDLParis

Monday Morning Rehab Update

Monday, May 16th, 2011


20110515-235537.jpgIt’s Monday morning … and to start off the week we got an update of various refurbishment projects inside Disneyland Park courtesy of InsideDLParis for you. Let’s start off deep in Fantasyland … where the scaffolding around the Old Mill has gone up another few meters and is now hjiding the full height of the building – only the weather vane is still peaking over it.

Just a few steps further along the pathway leading away from it’s a small world (where the former post-show pavilion is still closed for it’s transformation into a Princess Meet’n’Greet / photo location) another rehab has come to a fast end and the Unbirthday tea party table has returned to the photo location in front of Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. The table and the decorations, cups and more all look shiny and new again. A closer Look will reveal one important change, though: the cups, in which rain water collected when the table was installed in April are now featuring little holes for the water to drain.

20110515-235616.jpgThe refurbishment of the castle continues, with the front of the main strucutre now free off all scaffolding, but the scaffolding still reaching into the sky on it’s back.

On to the final stop of today’s rehab update program: Orbitron in Discoveryland. As reported the various decorational elements turning when the ride is in motion as well as the arms with all rockets have been dismantled, leaving only the bare center element standing with it’s mechanical interior revealed to see (over the green cosntruction fence) – as can be seen in the photo above taken from the entrance into Discoveryland.

Photos by InsideDLParis

New temporary facade for Walt’s

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

20110514-002547.jpgAs reported the extensive refurbishment of the exterior facade of Walt’s on the Main Streeted started about three weeks ago – i.e. the facade disappeared behind Scaffolding reaching all the way up to the highest point of the roofline. While a temporary sign was added above the entrance to make sure guests are aware, that the restaurant remains open for business, it took a bit longer to cover the white tarps with tarps showing a printed replica of the original building’s facade.

However, on May 13, 2011 they finally were installed, making the whole refurbishment project less obvious and intrusive for guests walking down Main Street U.S.A. The painted tarps have become a trademark feature of Disneyland Paris which is in the meantime also emulated in the US Disney resorts. Their effect of reducing the intrusion of the rehabs into the themed environment is particularly important in years like 2011 when the number and the scope of rehabs exceeds the usual amount by far – in this case due to the preparation for next year’s anniversary.

Photos by InsideDLParis

BIG and small (UPDATED)

Friday, May 13th, 2011

20110512-223622.jpgEven so our coverage of the various refurbishment projects currently taking place at the resort in preparation for next year’s 20th anniversary mostly concentrates on the big, high-profile projects (e.g. the current rehab of Orbitron) there are numerous small regurbishments going-on across the resort at any given time. For example right now one of the small bridges of the meandering paths connecting the various outdoor areas of the Cafe de la Brousse in Adventureland has been closed off for one of the smaller refurbishment projects.

20110514-000052.jpgIt is as if the small rehab next to the Cafe de la Brousse was set up as a perfect example for us to demonstrate the small & swift rehabs that pop up in the resort and are finished just as fast as they appeared. Where Thursday the rehab was executed the work was already finished and the two pieces of construction fence blocking the access had disappeared by Friday – as seen in the new photo by InsideDLParis.

Photos by InsideDLParis

From a Toad to a Hatter

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011


Time for a look at the other big rehab going on in Fantasyland besides the one of the exterior of the Old Mill. This time InsideDLParis provides us with a look over the green construction fence that blocks of the wide area in front of the Toad Hall Restaurant (still open, accessible via a small walkway leading up onto its terrace next to Peter Pan’s Flight) and the Fantasy Festival Stage / Fantasyland Station (also still open). As can be seen the original floor has been taken out and new stones will be laid down very soon. To the right of the photo the new pavement stones have already been laid.

20110511-001154.jpgUnfortunately a third, unplanned refurbishment has sprung up in Fantasyland as well: today the Unbirthday Party tee table decoration that had been set up at the photo location in front of Alice’s Curious Labyrinth was gone. While the throne (here since 1992) and Mad Hatter’s seat (complete with the hat, both installed only this year for Disney’s Magical Moments Festival) remained, the table with its crazy decorations for the Unbirthday Tea Party is gone. If past experience with Aladdin’s Magical Lamp at another new photo location created for the festival is any indicator most probably the table respectively the decorations on it did not withstand the wear and tear imposed by some guests…

Photos by InsideDLParis

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