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Christmas in the Walt Disney Studios

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Since the Walt Disney Studios celebrated their first Christmas Season in 2002 the park’s Christmas Tree found its place on Production Courtyard – where it at times felt either rather lonely on the wide open space or rather tugged away in a corner of the wide open space. This might have also had to do with the fact that compared to the size of the courtyard the tree wasn’t very high – by far not as high as its brother on Town Square in the Disneyland Park.

By the middle of this week the Christmas Tree of the Walt Disney Studios was erected once again – but to the very surprise of fans not on the Production Courtyard! Instead the Christmas Tree found a new home on the Frontlot. It has been placed right in front of the large gates leading into Studio 1.

Also a close look reveals that the tree has been re-decorated no longer featuring any film rolls as decoration (unless those would be added later on). Still, its decorations feel rather subdued compared to the warm red tones of the tree in the Disneyland Park. However, the new location of the tree is a huge improvement and further enhances the christmas atmosphere on the Frontlot. The decorations around the light posts here have been installed once again as well.

Interesting side note: by Thursday evening there was no sign of any decorations or the christmas market huts from the past years on the Production Courtyard…

Disney’s Enchanted Christmas at the Studios

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

You can already see the Christmas decorations at the front of Studio 1 with some lights, decorations at the shop and the transformed photo opportunity car to a real Christmas car, but the big lot of decorations can be found back inside the studio 1 building.

Inside Studio 1 you will find – as every year – tons of decorations on the walls and on top of buildings, including some “golden” trees on top of the restaurant reservations building, green Christmas trees on top of the Schwab’s Pharmacy building, Christmas lights against the many facades and Christmas tinsels enhancing the studios to the fullest. (more…)

Goofy & Pooh Forgotten?

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Yesterday we reported about the return of the (tweaked) Enchanted Fireworks and the (also tweaked) Disney’s Fantillusion parade for the summer season. However, not every entertainment offering from the past year has made its comeback. In particular smaller offerings such as “Good Morning Studios” and the “Toon Train” in the Studios are gone (as well as the “High School Musical” performance) – without replacement, even so “Stitch or friends” are supposed to pose for photos and sign autographs on the Place des Stars for 3 1/2 hours each afternoon adding to the lineup of characters usually found in Toon Plaza, on the Front Lot and at the Monsters. Inc. photo backdrop. Interestingly the visits of Jack Sparrow to the pirates’ section of the Disney Blockbuster Cafe have been stopped as well.  The picture at the Disneyland Park is slightly different though… (more…)

Mulled Wine at Disneyland Paris

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

For the second year Disneyland Paris features kind of three christmas markets: the most obvious one is the already traditional Disney Village christmas market located between the Disney Village, the entrace to the Walt Disney Studios Park and the main exit from Fantasia Gardens for guests of the Disneyland Park (as covered in detail in the recent weeks). The second one is Belle’s Christmas Village located in the Disneyland Park, to be more specific in Fantasyland around the Old Mill. The third and final one is a small collection of wooden huts located on Production Courtyard. For its second year the huts have been painted white and adorned with christmas garlands. This market is dubbed “Christmas Lane” as it is stretched out around the outer rim of the courtyard. (more…)

Out with Old, In with the New

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

New Year’s is still a far thought for most alas the Walt Disney Studios Park has already replaced some of its older decorations with new material in a move to refresh the look for return guests and avoid a dated impression due to the various posters for long gone movies. Which ones? This time we are talking about selected large oversized movie posters on the two long sides of Studio 1 as well as selected posters on the lighting and sound poles lining the parade route on Production Courtyard and in the Backlot. (more…)

Disney Stars’n’Cars on the Big Screen

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Stars 'n' CarsThe grand finale of the daily entertainment in the Walt Disney Studios Park is “Disney Stars’n’Cars” – a calvacade of oldtimers decorated in style for Disney Characters rolling through the Animation Courtyard to the Production Courtyard Stage like a small parade, where the large cast of Disney Characters (including certainly the fab five, classic characters like Snow White but also modern characters such as Mulan or Sully) disembark for a revue style song and dance show before being available for photos and autographs (and finally heading the parade route back on board of their unique cars).

If there is one downside to the popular event it is that many first time guests line up along the parade route for the entrance of the characters and then have to follow the oldtimers to the stage, where they have to stand behind those guests, which reserved a good position to watch the 20 minute show performance. However, the entertainment crew have tried to solve this problem as good as they can. For one thing the characters not performing on stage in any given time are working the crowds on the sides and behind the stage. And then the entertainment crew is making use of the giant video screen on the facade of the Disney Channel Studios building! (more…)

Studios Construction Update

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Walt Disney Studios Store Limo 0907Despite the busy summer season in full swing the Walt Disney Studios Park is seing several more or less obvious and more or less construction projects going on … time for a wrap up …

The facade of Studio 1 facing toward the Frontlot and seen already by guests approaching the park is still fully covered by scaffolding and a scrim with a printed on replica of the facade. However, geusts shouldn’t expect this to change since – as already reported – there is no actual work going on there right now, but the scaffolding has been retained to allow for easy installation of an oversized advertising poster should Walt Disney Pictures be willing to pay for such step once again. In the meantime the last work on the Walt Disney Studios Store has been finished and the stretch limousine that is used as backdrop for a Meet’n’Greet with various Disney characters has been moved back from in front of Studio 1 to its original place in front of the Studio Store in the past week. However, thereby access to one of the newly added doors have been partially been obstructed again. The real surprising construction work can be found further inside the park … and photos can be found right after this break (more…)