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STRIKE at Disneyland Paris

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Just in time for the big press and VIP this weekend at Disneyland Paris the four unions CFDT EuroDisney, Fo, UNSA, and CFTC have called for a 48 hour strike of cast members today and tomorrow in a current dispute concerning the pay of cast members. CFDT is representing the largest amount of cast members among the unions. However, it should be noted that the two other unions representing cast members, CGC and CGT (the latter being the second largest union at the resort), are not involved and have not asked their members to join the work action.

According to Les Echos the management offered a pay increase of 1.5% for 2012 (plus an increase of the reimbursement of teh Orange Card for public transportation from 75% to 80% resp. an increase by 20% in the value of the gas coupons for cast members not able to use the public transportation). The unions apparently had demanded a 5% (CFDT) resp. a 4% increase (CFTC, FO & UNSA) of the wages.

A first warning that it might call for a strike on March 31st had been issued by CFDT in a press release already on March 21st and on March 23rd CFDT escalated the matter by threatening a strike lasting for two days (March 30th and 31st). Then on March 26th CFDT actually put the call out to its members to go on strike for both days.

This long advance warning should have allowed the resort’s management to preprare accordingly to execute the event in style with very limited impact anyway. So far our team member on-site hasn’t noticed any impact of the strike at all. However, about 50 union members had positioned themeselves in front of the RER / TGV train station demonstrating.

However, even if the management is able to limit the impact of the strike on the event the fact that the strike (in however limited form) does take place is already impacting press coverage. The French daily Les Echos published a first article last evening which was then reported about internationally today by Bloomberg. Also our team member on-site spotted a tv crew filming the demonstrating cast members in front of the train station.