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Jack and Sally Are Staying For Christmas

Monday, September 30th, 2013


Both Jack and Sally love Disneyland way too much to leave it after the Halloween event is over. They want to stay in the park… and they will.

Now don’t let the Halloween artwork confuse you! When they are back for Christmas they will dress for the occasion. The costumes are ready and all they need to do is change. Disney just isn’t ready to show the new costumes yet, but we had the luck to see the drawings of them and they look spectacular.

The background will stay the same as they Halloween one but that isn’t a bad thing as this display, that will remain in Frontierland, also looks spectacular. Especially the fountain looks like fun. So if you couldn’t make it out to the park during Halloween time you will have an extra chance to get to see the Nightmare Before Christmas stars during their “other” favourite holiday; Christmas.

Picture courtesy of Filip Van Tyghem

Mickey Visits Frontierland

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Mickey has a new place to meet his guests in Disneyland Paris, but it isn’t ready yet.  Opening is planned for a little later in the year but Mickey doesn’t want his fans to miss out so he opened a temporary place in Frontierland. Mickey asked woody and his friends if it would be OK to set up shop in the Critter Coral – Woody’s Roundup Village. Woody, being the gentleman that he is, agreed and after some quick changes Mickey has a new meet and greet location. Only for a short while as he will move very soon into his theatre in fantasyland.

Mickey is not alone as Minnie is there too. Both will give the guests an opportunity to be in the picture with them. Minnie will be first in the first room (or should we say barn?). To get their guests will have to follow a queue on the outside around the barns. The walls have all been decorated with posters with a magic theme. Could it be that Mickey will take this with him once his theatre is open for the new greet and meet? They sure look like they belong there and there is indeed room reserved for posters with this theme.

After visiting Minnie guests have another very short wait before they can enter the second room (or should we say barn again?) where Mickey is waiting. Are you ready for your portrait with the famous mouse?

Once you’re done you can order the pictures outside the “village” and you’ll have a nice souvenir to take home. But remember to book your next trip to Disneyland Paris to meet Mickey Mouse again, but this time in his wonderful new theatre in Fantasyland.


Relive Disney’s Halloween Party

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

One week ago today Disney’s Halloween Party took over the Disneyland Parc for a night of ghostly but still family friendly fun. During the sold out party guests could not only enjoy the regular attractions of Disneyland but also a unique atmosphere and special entertainment. In additon to street entertainment throughout the park “The Disney Villains’ Halloween Showtime” (as performed up to three times daily during the Halloween season) received two special night time showings on Central Plaza and Disney’s Fantillusion did roll down the Main Street, U.S.A. starring Jack & Sally from Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas in the rarely seen “Bat Forrest” float.

However, the real highlight of the night came at midnight: the sound & light show “Mickey and his Magic Halloween Night” on Central Plaza. This show combined a) a stage show with a large cast of dancers and numerous Disney characters (including Mickey, the Disney Villains, Merlin and many more) with b) low level fireworks on both sides of the castle as well as in front of it and c) still pictures as well as video projections on the castle. The video projections of various Disney Villains talking (in English) reached a new quality (and clarity) unseen so far at DLP… But why let us tell you about it – just take a look yourself and relieve the ghostly fun with our unique photo show featuring 68 unique impressions (certainly avertising free)!

P.S.: for high resolution versions of the photos just click on the photo in the show – additonal controls will show up when you move your mouse over the photos.

From Ice Cream to Souvenir Photos

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

As the special discount on ice cream for all Annual Passport holders at Fantasia Gelati has come to an end another special discount offer has been put in place since the past Saturday … a special discount for souvenir photos in both theme parks and selected Disney Hotels! The offer is good since the past Saturday till May 31st, 2010 and applies to one souvenir photo for the Annual Passport Francilien and Fantasy holders respectively one souvenir photo and the paper frame (“cadre”) for Annual Passport Dream holders, in both cases for the photo size 15 x 20 cm. (more…)

A Look Over the Blue Fence

Friday, February 19th, 2010

There is a lot of work going on in the Walt Disney Studios behind the blue fence. The Disney Workmen are hard at work getting Toy Story Playland ready for its big opening day. Disney does everything to try and make sure guests will have no or limited hinder during the work. They also try to block the view of the place as much as possible. Hence the blue fence,… but other measures are taken too. The photo opportunity platform of the Flying Carpets has been closed. Like this guest cannot have a look at what is going on behind the blue fences. However, could it be that the weather is to blame again? As the icy cold at the moment isn’t the best condition for people to climb the slippery steps, it could well be that’s the main reason for closing the platform at the moment. No worries though, DLP.Info did manage to get a good look at the new zone and is happy to share it with our faithful readers. It might not be more then a lot of concrete at the moment, but for us Disney fans it’s still a nice view of the progress that is being made.

Time to plan ahead

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Calendar 2010Continuing the on-going (unplanned) series about new merchandise added to the racks in the resort’s shops and boutiques (already including new plush from UP, new ponchos and new Christmas merchandise) today we can report that the new photo (wall) calendar for 2010 has arrived. The calendar 2010 is featuring 12 photos of landmarks and popular attractions at the Disneyland Resort Paris – one for each months. It is on sales in various shops including the Storybook Store on Town Square. Is it a bit early for the new calendar? Not really, considering that many book stores on high streets all over Europe are also displaying the 2010 already – and there potential customers walk by repeatedly while the majority of the guests during the busy summer season at the resort won’t return before the beginning of 2010.