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No More Annual Passes…

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

… at the office inside the park as it is completely covered for renovation. The whole area is blocked of and the building is no longer accessible. Even the path in front of the building is completely blocked, forcing guests to walk right next to the Castle stage, an area that has been refurbished not so long ago.

But what about the Annual passes you might ask. Well, it has brought back to the old location outside the park at the Donald’s Desk. When you need to exchange your ticket, get a new Annual Pass or need to extend your existing pass you will have to go to the “old” location at the side of the ticket booths.

When you arrive at the Disneyland park and you are in front of the beautiful Disneyland hotel walk to the right side towards the hotel’s entrance. Just across the entrance, on the side of the Disneyland Park ticket booths, you will see a small office named Donald’s Desk. Until further notice, or until the refurbishment is finish, this will be the location to get your Annual Passes.