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D23 Brings No News For Paris

Monday, August 17th, 2015


D23, the biggest Disney convention held in the Anaheim convention center has come to an end. One of the many highlights is the Parks and Resorts presentation. Here fans get invited to hear about the newest updates Disney will add to their parks worldwide. As Paris fans we could only hope to get some news about our beloved park’s future. Unfortunately the presentation ended without anything for Paris. They only talked briefly about the 25th anniversary it will celebrate.

They did show the public one piece of Ratatouille Artwork. You could hear the A’s and O’s in the public, as for some this still is pretty new and many US fans either don’t follow much of the Paris park, never plan or never will get to visit the park. They also showed a picture of the new Jedi Training Academy experience. But that was it.

There is still some time before the park turns 25 years young and we can still hope to get something special for the celebration. But for now that was it.


Disneyland Paris is Looking for Jedi’s

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Will the force be strong with Disneyland Paris? Will Disneyland Paris get its own version of the Star Wars Academy? Yes they are. The official twitter account of Disneyland Paris has confirmed the rumours that have been floating the web the last couple of days.

It’s official on July 11th The Jedi Academy opens at Disneyland Paris! May the Force be with you! (Twitter DisneyParis EN)

Great news on this special “May the 4th be with you” day.

The Videopolis stage in Discoveyland will be the place to be. New Jedi trainees will be welcomed on the stage that has been mostly unused since the closure of the Lion King Show in 2009.

Will this just be the beginning of more Star Wars inside Discoveryland? The Captain EO attraction is closed and there is that great new Star Tours experience in some of the other Disney parks. Could Star Wars land be a step closer…

The Toys are Moving In on August 17th

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Finally! Woody, Buzz and their Toy friends are almost ready to move into the Toy Story playland area in the Walt Disney Studios. Works are nearing completion, test runs will follow and then it will be ready to take the fences down and to open the new area inside the studios. The Toy Story Crew have their bags packed and will be ready for the grand opening that has now been given a date.

The gates to the new land will open as from August 17th. The new land will welcome guest to enjoy the new attractions “Army Men Parachute Drop”, “Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin” and the “RC Racer”. The new Area opens at the end of the summer season, something that might upset the high season visitors, but could convince them to return for another visit in the near future.

Unannounced soft openings could start earlier in the summer time, surprising young and old guests for a first ride on one of the new attractions.

Although the date has been set for August 17th at this time, as long as Disney doesn’t announce it officially it could still change.