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Remy’s Previews and Soft Openings

Friday, February 28th, 2014


It is almost time for Remy to make Disneyland his new playground. The opening of the Ratatouille attraction is getting closer and everybody is waiting with anticipation (we at are).

But before the official opening there will be some special preview dates. Cast Members will be able to ride the attraction on the 23th of June while regular park guest might get the chance to test the new attraction as from Saturday 28 of June.

Start planning your trip to see Remy in Action. Beware though that these are soft opening dates and there is no guarantee that you will be able to ride it on those days.

Paris is Almost Ready

Friday, February 14th, 2014

RatatouilleFeb2014-1Paris is almost completely built. Or should we say a little part of Paris within the Walt Disney Studios. Also known as the new facade to the new Ratatouille attraction. With the progress done so far you can already see how it will turn out. It looks good already but will look fantastic once done. Only until summer before we will see the finished product. Enjoy the pictures, where you can see a team hard at work so it will all be ready in time.

RatatouilleFeb2014-2One thing we do notice is the Costuming building sticking out above the facade. Let’s see if they get this hidden once the area is completed.

The opening dates are still unknown. Even during the Shareholders meeting no dates were given. And if a guest tried to convince Philippe Gas to spill the beans, he would not budge and only say that we need to be patience until summer time.

Old Temple Going Down

Friday, February 14th, 2014

IndianaNEW1 The big guns are out!

The Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril is closed down for a big overhaul. They are bringing down the temple so they can build a new one. To be able to take it down big cranes and tools are needed.

So while Disney likes to put all the work behind the green fences, they can’t hide the big machines. Once you enter Adventureland you’ll see the big crane sticking out above the temple.


IndianaNEW2The works have started at the beginning of January. With the big overhaul like this, that will get us a new temple and loop, we are looking at another couple of months before the work will be ready and we can all start enjoying this adventure again.


Is Ratatouille Getting Ready for the Studios?

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Disney has released artwork related for the newest Dark Ride with the Ratatouille theme planned for the Walt Disney Studios in Paris. The plan to add a Ratatouille Dark ride was not a big secret, especially when Toy Story Playland opened and showed some early integrated Ratatouille decorations showing a sculpture of Gusteau, the chef in the Ratatouille movie. This sculpture has been hidden by Disney shortly after, but you can still see Remy on the Benches in front of the gateway where the sculpture is.

The artwork and plans where found by Disney Central Plaza when visiting Chessy City Hall where construction permits can be viewed by the general public. One of the pictures shows a colorful facade that will be used to hide the big attraction building. The facade looks like typical buildings found in Paris with a cafe/restaurant facade that could be the entrance of the new restaurant for this area. The Ratatouille entrance can be seen on the right hand side of the artwork. A nice water feature is set for the middle of the area.

The two other pictures are blueprints. The first one showing the location of the new dark ride building very well. You can see the big footprint of the building behind Toy Story Playland and right next to the costuming building.

The second blueprint shows some interesting things. First of all you can see the big facade, including some covered pathways that are expected to be covered queue area’s for the new Ratatouille dark ride attraction. You can clearly see that the building used as facades will have 4 floors and although Disney might be using there forced perspective to make the buildings appear taller it will still be a big facade. Looking at the building behind that facade we can see it even go higher up. Could this be an indication that the dark ride will not only be big, but could cover multiple levels inside the building? What other reason could there be to have such a high building?

Plans have been approved to build the premises but Disney is still waiting for one important thing before they can start to build and set an targeted opening date. Disney need to get the agreement from the banks for the money needed to build this new attraction. If this gets green lighted we might see an opening set for 2013.

Pictures from Disney Central Plaza. You can also see the pictures on our partner site forum.

Sound Barrier

Friday, August 20th, 2010

It’s all in the details and Disney proofs this time and time again. Just look at the news about the new Toy Story Playland we brought you here during the last couple of days. How important it is to Disney and the Imagineers to create a perfect experience can be seen in the many details they look after when designing the attractions and the general themeing of an area. Some of these details might not be that visual and other are created to take care of an annoying side effect. A good example for the latter case can be found in the waiting areas of the Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin as well as the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop…  (more…)