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Racism Investigation

Monday, November 9th, 2009

It's a Small WorldLast week Disneyland Paris was visited by a bailiff who investigated the official documents of the Euro Disney Company for racial or ethnic profiling used to hire their cast members This action came after a court decision from last month when a complaint was filed by the anti racism group SOS Racisme. SOS Racisme said that work applicants where asked to fill out a form with information of what region of France they are coming from, information that would help Disney determine if they are black or mulatto.

Disney states that the bailiff has had access to all of their documents and that no such questions are to be found on their application forms.

Source: Javno

Attraction Attendance Report

Friday, April 17th, 2009

castle-01TEA ERA has released their annual  Attraction Attendance Report. The 2008 report shows the growth of Disneyland Resort Paris. In Europe Disneyland Resort Paris did very well. The Disneyland park got the first place with a total attendance of 12,688,000 guests, up 5,7% from the previous year. The Walt Disney Studios ended on the 9th place. It did this with a healthy increase of  4,5% and a total of 2,612,000 guests.

In the global top 25 Disneyland Park in Paris ended on the 4th place, behind the Magic Kingdom (1), Disneyland (Anaheim) (2), and Tokyo Disneyland (3), but in front of DisneySea (5), Epcot (6), Disney’ Hollywood Studios (7), Disney’s Animal Kingdom (8), Disney’s California Adventure (13) and Hong Kong Disneyland (18).

The Walt Disney Studios didn’t make it into the top 25.

For more on the other parks and places visit the Mousekingdom Blog and download the official Attraction Attendance Report (pdf).