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New Year’s Eve at DLP – a first report

Friday, January 1st, 2010

2009 ended with two big bangs at Disneyland Paris. As in the past years both parks of the resort celebrated the new year – and thereby this time also the new decade – with a splendid, extensive fireworks display as not seen at any other day throught the year.

Both parks featured identical displays set as announced yesterday to the great soundtrack of “Believe in Holiday Magic” from Disneyland, Anaheim. While this soundtrack had been used in the past two years already, the fireworks display (in the case of the Disneyland Park also incorporating the lights mounted for the Christmas season on the castle) were all new!

Throughout the evening guests were park hopping between the Walt Disney Studios Park and the Disneyland Park resulting in manageable wait times at most attractions – slightly shorter in the studios, e.g. 45 min. for Crush’s Coaster around 7:30 pm. As a result of this the crowds along the parade route for Fantillusion while still considerable were much smaller than on many other high season nights. Interestingly Fantillusion performed only one stop (with the Villains’ section on Central Plaza) compared to two on the days prior – however that might be dye to the fact that entertainment also had to manage the nighttime performance of Stars’n’Cars in the Studios later one – a unique offering.

The studios were also the (more…)

Getting ready for 2010 at Disneyland Paris

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Disneyland Paris is getting ready to welcome the new year and with it the new decade in grand style today. Both theme parks will be open till 1.00 am and offer midnight fireworks.

New Year’s Eve fireworks were introduced at the Walt Disney Studios for the first time last year. And as last year both parks will receive identical fireworks. As in the last two years they will be set to the festive soundtrack of “Believe … In Holiday Magic” (on the programs listed as “Believe in a magical holiday”) from Disneland, Anaheim.

However, different from last year (more…)

Soon: YOUR news here?

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

The whole team of the News Blog hopes you are enjoying to read the latest news and rumors about the most magical place in Europe – however, today we want to ask YOU for a favor … don’t be afraid, we are not asking for donations … we want to ask for YOUR input!

So what does that mean specifically? well, all the news and rumors, reports and fun titbits you can read on the News Blog certainly are not invented by us but are based on our own experience when visiting the resort and everything we learn about through other sources. So what we would love you to do is: let us know if you come across something you think worth reporting about here! No matter whether it is a small fun titbit from your latest visit, a great rumor or a photo of a new rehab or construction – everything!

How to do it? It is really easy: just send us an e-mail to “news(At]” (you know the game, just replace the relevant part in the mail-address – sorry for the spam protection) and you are set. All we need is your name and info whether respectively whom to give credit as source (including a website we should link to if you want to), the news / rumor / titbit / your own photo (please for legal reasons no photos of third parties) / whatever and finally where you were able to get it. See – it is really easy. And if you operate your own website covering Disneyland Paris or other Disney topics this is also a great way to get a link for your site.

So keep us in mind next time you are at Disneyland Paris our hear that juicy rumor…

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Strike Results

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

As reported in detail last week, the three unions cfdt, CFTC and UNSA representing cast members of Disneyland Paris had called for a one day strike on December 23, 2009. In the years past strike actions usually were limited to gatherings in front of the RER and TGV train station as well as in front of the entrance to the Fantasia Gardens (making sure guests had to pass through a cordon of union members voicing their discontent with the management of Disneyland Paris). Ocassionaly the strikers marched through the Disney Village and around Lake Disney. However, impact on the guest experience was minimal while the unions still were able to get a showing of their strength. However, the current union membership decided that it was time to take the guests paying their wages as hostages of their actions. According to an article of the daily Le Parisien posted on the website of the union cfdt the unions not only managed to get the days only performances of Disney Stars’n’Cars in the Walt Disney Studios Park (as seen at the bottom of this article in a video posted by chrissouille08 to YouTube) and the Once Upon a Dream Parade in the Disneyland Park cancelled instead marching down the parade route / showing off on the stage on Production Courtyard with their flags and posters – as reported on in both cases. In addition the strikers apparently temporarly blocked access to various attractions including Space Mountain: Mission 2 and Big Thunder Mountain. Furthermore they convened on a performanc of the stunt show in the Walt Disney Studios Park and demonstrated inside Studio 1 as well as inside the lobby of Disney’s Hotel New York.

In other words: the unions managed to destroy a considerable bit of the magic and made a part of the visit on the day miserable for guests, for many of which this most probably was a once-in-a-lifetime visit – even so their apparently were only between 150 and 200 striking cast members and the majority of cast members tried their best to make sure guests had a magical time.

The demands? Negotiations regarding the work conditions and regarding age increases, which the management of Disneyland Paris had originally countered with ” zero wage increase” proposal for 2010. The results? They came swift… (more…)

Mulled Wine at Disneyland Paris

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

For the second year Disneyland Paris features kind of three christmas markets: the most obvious one is the already traditional Disney Village christmas market located between the Disney Village, the entrace to the Walt Disney Studios Park and the main exit from Fantasia Gardens for guests of the Disneyland Park (as covered in detail in the recent weeks). The second one is Belle’s Christmas Village located in the Disneyland Park, to be more specific in Fantasyland around the Old Mill. The third and final one is a small collection of wooden huts located on Production Courtyard. For its second year the huts have been painted white and adorned with christmas garlands. This market is dubbed “Christmas Lane” as it is stretched out around the outer rim of the courtyard. (more…)

Strike Hit Once Upon a Dream Parade!

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

As reported earlier the three unions cfdt, CFTC and UNSA have called their members to a strike for today, December 23, 2009 as of 7:00 am over a dispute regarding (mostly) wage increases for 2010 (for details on the reason for the strike and the union demands please check out our earlier coverage). After managing to force a cancelation of “Disney Stars’n’Cars” in the Walt Disney Studios park the striking members dispersed for most of the afternoon but have now resurfaced in the Disneyland Park in time for the Once Upon a Dream Parade. (more…)

Less and less “EURO” at Disneyland Paris

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

As also noted by Andrea during a visit to the resort earlier this week the resort continues its drive to get rid of the last few remaining references to the resorts and the parks original names “EuroDisneyland” and “EuroDisney Resort”. Afteralready repainting the carriages of the (Euro)Disneyland Railroad it seems the teams are now looking closer at the train stations themselves. Certainly structures as the Main Street Station contain so mainy references to the “Euro” element, all the way down to elemets actually built into the structure, that a full exchange can not be expected anytime soon. But the Frontierland Depot just got “cleared” off one of the more obvious references. (more…)

Little changes …

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Even with the  Christmas season already in full swing the resort seems to continue its policy of enacting small changes throughout. The latest changes? According to a report of Andrea, who visited the resort earlier this week, the small “Snow White” happening (along the lines of the Mary Poppins event on Twon Square or the Sleeping Beauty event in the Castle Courtyard) that premiered only at the beginning of the Christmas Season received a first small addition. (more…)

Racism Investigation

Monday, November 9th, 2009

It's a Small WorldLast week Disneyland Paris was visited by a bailiff who investigated the official documents of the Euro Disney Company for racial or ethnic profiling used to hire their cast members This action came after a court decision from last month when a complaint was filed by the anti racism group SOS Racisme. SOS Racisme said that work applicants where asked to fill out a form with information of what region of France they are coming from, information that would help Disney determine if they are black or mulatto.

Disney states that the bailiff has had access to all of their documents and that no such questions are to be found on their application forms.

Source: Javno

Digital FastPass Signage

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Big Thunder Mountain Time Signage digitalDisneyland Paris over the course of this year has continued its series of small rehabs and upgrades over the year as we were able to report frequently here in the news. However, the sheer number of smaller projects makes it easy to miss a small change going on here or there. One of those small changes executed in the recent months was the update of the FastPass “return time window” signs and the “standby waiting time” signage at the FastPass equipped attractions. (more…)

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