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Open for Business During Work

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Rehabs and scaffoldings are a common sight in the Disneyland Paris parks. They are done regularly to keep the place pristine and beautiful, just like a Disney park should be. At the moment it’s the Disney Clothiers shop on Main Street U.S.A. that is being looked after.

The complete facade of the shop is being scaffolded and the Disney Workmen are hard at work to make the place look fantastic.

During the work on the building guests will have no hinder whatsoever if they want to visit the shop. The shop remains open during the works. Guests can enter the Disney Clothiers shop as normal, through the openings left in the scaffoldings that is placed around the building.

To Cold To Work

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

The Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is getting some attention to keep the magnificent centerpiece a beautiful sight for all the guests entering the Disneyland Park. This time the main entrance is being looked after. Guest cannot enter the castle from the front bridge, as it has been completely blocked off, and will have to walk around it to enter Fantasyland. The Castle itself remains open to everybody, but can only be entered from the back entrance. Once inside you can walk all the way to the front gate. Both shops, La Boutique du Chateau” and Merlin L’Echanteur remain open for business during the rehab. Also the walk-through gallery is open for all guests.

The front pathways to the cave’s entrances to La Tanière du Dragon is blocked during the rehab. You can still visit the awesome dragon by entering one of the other open entrances. Don’t let the works discourage you visiting the cave and to gaze onto the powerful dragon.

The crew working on the castle has no easy task at the moment. The pictures where taken when nobody was working, most probably it’s the extreme low temperatures that has forced the crew to stay inside. One cannot blame them as working in these below zero weather isn’t going to be easy. For sure Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip wont mind that the crew is taking a break from the cold. Their gorgeous home will shine again soon enough, once the warmer weather is back.

You can see on the small picture (click on it to enlarge it) that the place was deserted at the time. You can recognize work being done on some of the edgings of the pathways. Please note that this picture was taken from a public place through an opening and we at DLP.Info discourage everybody to trespass to get a picture from closed off areas.

“Soldes”: Last Chance to buy

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

It might be your last chance, but it’s a good one. A chance to buy some Disney merchandise for a nice 50% discount on the tag price.

You can find this massive discount throughout all of the Resort. Big red signs let you know about the last chance to get some steep discounts on the final lots of discontinued Disney articles.

Enjoy your magical shopping spree while saving some Euro for your next visit.

Ready for the Parachutes

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

The Toy Story Army Man are waiting anxiously to get to work and make their first Parachute jump. Looking at the work that is being done on their Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop attraction it wont be long anymore. The big metal arms that will hold the parachutes are put into place and are sticking out on the newly vertical erect tower. On the pictures you can see the Disney crew being lifted up to work on them and to make sure all is in place and ready for the next phase.

The tower is already turning into a real eye catcher and will be even more once it starts “dropping” screaming guests.

But not everybody might like the new eye catcher as, unfortunately, the Parachute drop will also be very visible from Frontierland. This is a real disadvantage for the atmosphere  of Frontierland. This is an unfortunate problem with the Disneyland Park and the Studios being build so close together. While it makes it easy to park hop, guest will encounter the sometimes unfitting panoramic views.

This has been mentioned many times when the Tower of Terror was put in place, but with this new “tower” added could become another heated topic on many Disney Boards. What do you think about about the tower so far? Is the camouflage ride appealing to you or will the view from Frontierland be to disturbing to like the ride?

… and are you ready for your first drop?

Revenue Drop

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

 Euro Disney S.C.A has release the figures of the first quarter that ends December 31. As was to be expected during the economic environment we are in today, revenue has decreased drastically with a total of 11%.

Resort operation segment revenue has decreased by 10% to a total of 164,7 million Euro. In the previous year this was 323 million Euro, a decrease of almost 23 million Euro. Theme Park revenue was down 12%. While in the prior year it brought a total of 186,1 million Euro, this years quarters revenue was only 164,7 million Euro. The main reason for this was an decrease of 11% in attendance. Especially the United Kingdom and the France visitors guests stayed away. Average spending per guest remained the same.

Hotels and Disney Village revenue also lost 10% and dropped from 124,6 million Euro to 112,3 million Euro compared to the previous year. This due to 9,9% less occupancy in the Disney hotels. Average spending per room did see a small increase of 3%, but isn’t enough to help the massive drop in this quarter.

Euro Disney S.C.A Fiscal Year 2010 First Quarter announcement.

New Show being prepared for Disneyland Paris! (updated)

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Just one respectively two days ago we summed up the rumors regarding the entertainment offerings at the Disneyland Park and at the Walt Disney Studios Park coming to the conclusion that the range might be rather limited despite the “New Generation Festival” starting in April – in particular since one announced happening in the studios, “Monsters Inc. Scream Academy”, is rumored to have been cancelled prior to its premier (despite its cast having already been assigned) and the fact that it is still not confirmed whether the rumored show “Disney Showtime Spectacular” (replacing “It’s Party Time … with Mickey and Friends” on the Central Plaza Stage) in the Disneyland Park will be performed multiple times throughout the day or just once in the evening. However, now we learned that TODAY an open casting is conducted by Disneyland Paris for an all new show in a dance studio in Pantin! (more…)

Entertainment Rumors Summed Up (updated)

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Over the years the various entertainment offerings in both theme parks at Disneyland Paris have been closely scrutinized by fans, a considerable group of whom in the recent years became more and more vocal. Subject of the criticism were in particular the limited amount of entertainment offered outside high season, the sometime as stale or not popular enough perceived offerings and what can only be seen as waste of money by the entertainment team in the form of ordering the construction of a major stage on Central Plaza, when other stages sit mostly unused.

With the “New Generation Festival” starting in April 2010 for both theme parks and the heavy emphasize that the resort itself put on the entertainment offerings the rumor mills started turning fast again and then jumping into overdrive when suddenly reports about the pre-opening cancellation of a small happening planned for the Walt Disney Studios Park surfaced during the past weekend. Unfortunately that is not the only bad report / rumor coming out of the resort for the entertainment offerings … time for a “rumor sum up”! (more…)

A Dream Gift from a Kind Heart

Friday, January 29th, 2010

A trip to Disneyland Paris can bring happiness to many children and parents. For some this joy isn’t always that easy to get. Not every family has it easy or the extra money to visit the happiest place in France. But for one family in the UK a dream could become reality when a kind-hearted man want to send over one family to enjoy a holiday of a lifetime.

Stephen Grayson is offering to pay a full trip for one family to go and play at Disneyland Paris. Stephen has no children of his own but tries to help those in need by donating for children’s charities. This time he wanted to go a step further and wants to help a family with one or two disabled children to go and have a holiday in Disneyland Paris. The trip would be for next year August so families can contact Stephen if they would like to take up on this generous offer. This is a wonderful gesture and shows that there is still a lot of good in this world.

To take up on the offer you can do the following. Write to The Star at 23a Hardshaw Street, St Helens, Merseyside. WA10 1RT or email (original story St Helens Star)

Construction Work in Winter

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

With the heavy snow fall and extremly cold temperatures of the last weeks the winter is showing itself from its strongest side. Certainly this is having an effect on Disneyland Paris as well – and one exceeding the magical twist that the snow cover brought to the theme parks and the whole resort. In fact the cold weather and snow is impacting the construction and rehab work planned or already under execution outdoors, where work had to be halted or at least slowed down. However, the resort is not sitting there and just waiting for the coldest part of winter to pass by. (more…)

New Constellations in the Toy Universe

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

When Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast opened its gates to recruite guests in Discoveryland to join Buzz Lightyear and his Space Rangers in the battle against Zurg for the battery power and thus the future of the Toy Universe the shop Constellations received a small makeover. Due to its location next to the exit of the new attraction it was supposed to be turned into the Toy Story / Buzz Lightyear shop. However, while the former themeing of the shop related to the star constellations in the sky was taken out and the large centerpiece featuring Mickey Mouse in a flying machine inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci was replaced with a statue of Buzz new themeing elements were rather limited. Also the merchandise selection remained rather wide with basically only the added outdoor vending area between the exit of the ride and the shops side entrance being mostly dedicated to Toy Story related merchandise. However, early this year the themeing of the shop received a major upgrade… (more…)

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