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Strike Hit Once Upon a Dream Parade!

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

As reported earlier the three unions cfdt, CFTC and UNSA have called their members to a strike for today, December 23, 2009 as of 7:00 am over a dispute regarding (mostly) wage increases for 2010 (for details on the reason for the strike and the union demands please check out our earlier coverage). After managing to force a cancelation of “Disney Stars’n'Cars” in the Walt Disney Studios park the striking members dispersed for most of the afternoon but have now resurfaced in the Disneyland Park in time for the Once Upon a Dream Parade. (more…)

Less and less “EURO” at Disneyland Paris

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

As also noted by Andrea during a visit to the resort earlier this week the resort continues its drive to get rid of the last few remaining references to the resorts and the parks original names “EuroDisneyland” and “EuroDisney Resort”. Afteralready repainting the carriages of the (Euro)Disneyland Railroad it seems the teams are now looking closer at the train stations themselves. Certainly structures as the Main Street Station contain so mainy references to the “Euro” element, all the way down to elemets actually built into the structure, that a full exchange can not be expected anytime soon. But the Frontierland Depot just got “cleared” off one of the more obvious references. (more…)

Little changes …

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Even with the  Christmas season already in full swing the resort seems to continue its policy of enacting small changes throughout. The latest changes? According to a report of Andrea, who visited the resort earlier this week, the small “Snow White” happening (along the lines of the Mary Poppins event on Twon Square or the Sleeping Beauty event in the Castle Courtyard) that premiered only at the beginning of the Christmas Season received a first small addition. (more…)

Racism Investigation

Monday, November 9th, 2009

It's a Small WorldLast week Disneyland Paris was visited by a bailiff who investigated the official documents of the Euro Disney Company for racial or ethnic profiling used to hire their cast members This action came after a court decision from last month when a complaint was filed by the anti racism group SOS Racisme. SOS Racisme said that work applicants where asked to fill out a form with information of what region of France they are coming from, information that would help Disney determine if they are black or mulatto.

Disney states that the bailiff has had access to all of their documents and that no such questions are to be found on their application forms.

Source: Javno

Digital FastPass Signage

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Big Thunder Mountain Time Signage digitalDisneyland Paris over the course of this year has continued its series of small rehabs and upgrades over the year as we were able to report frequently here in the news. However, the sheer number of smaller projects makes it easy to miss a small change going on here or there. One of those small changes executed in the recent months was the update of the FastPass “return time window” signs and the “standby waiting time” signage at the FastPass equipped attractions. (more…)

Snow White on the Castle Stage

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Castle StageAfter more than 4 years the Royal Castle Stage next to Sleeping Beauty Castle seems to be set to be finally used for a show again – instead of function as a photo location for Disney Characters (in particular the Disney Princesses). The last show performed on this stage for a longer period of time was the first version of ”Winnie the Pooh and Friends, too” which closed at the end of the summer season 2005. Once its sets had been taken down the stage was sitting barren and empty except for minor elements moved in temporarly for the popular photo opportunities. However, most of the time the stage looked just as on the photo on the righ, taken this summer. BUT – that is about to change … (more…)

The Dining Capacity In Winter

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

The past busy summer season in both theme parks of Disneyland Paris saw the usual crowds descending on the restaurants during the core lunch and dinner hours. And even so the capacity in the table service restaurants of the Disneyland Park on most days was sufficient (and guests rarely had to be turned away), lines in the counter service and buffet locations were considerable and at times lengthy. In the Studios the influx as usually was handled by the numerous outdoor vending cars and in particular the seating in the La Terrasse area in front of the Tower of Terror. The Disneyland Park reacted not only by operating all restaurants with daily schedules for most of the summer but also by adding extra outdoor areas… (more…)

Back from the “Disney Vault”

Monday, October 26th, 2009

TorstenSchneider 01New and and not so new: Torsten Schneider returns to support the The Disney expert was one of the founders of DLP-Guidebook, the project that would lead to  DLP.Info.

After being away from to concentrate on his wine project we are happy to welcome him back as author on the Newsblog. Torsten will support the news team at the DLP.Info Newsblog where you’ll be invited to read his magical Disney contributions.

Welcome back Torsten!

Return for more shopping – UPDATED

Friday, October 16th, 2009

30-PercentEarlier this year the resort experimented with various free offers and discounts that were granted to guests who shopped in Disneyland Park during the first half of the day (granting these guests 15% off for additional shopping in the last hours of the long summer nights) or had lunch in one of it’s counter service location (which was good for a free hot drink / soft drink later in the afternoon). The special offers were detailed on the receipts guests received with their original shopping in boutiques / orders in the counter service restaurants… but the latest twist of these promotions has moved on to a new level:

When shopping in (selected ?) shops in the Disneyland Park guests will be informed that they will receive a 30% discount (!) for additional shopping in the Disneyland Park (certain items excluded). The special twist? (more…)

Wicked Queen shows off new powers

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Disney’s Once Upon A Dream Parade - Wicked Queen - Snow WhiteHalloween is a crazy time in which the dark powers of the Disney Villains are stronger than ever – and allow them to play a trick or two on guests at Disneyland Paris during the popular Halloween Festival … and it seems the Wicked Queen from Snow White must have mustered special powers – maybe thanks to the recent release of her movie on Blu-Ray and DVD? Afterall, how else could she have managed to ride on the special Halloween pre-parade float in front of Disney’s Once Upon A Dream Parade transformed into the Witch as well as on the spectacular (regular) Disney Villains’ float (representing the “Dreams of Power”) in the same parade as elegant Wicked Queen??

On a sidenote: today’s performance of the parade was missing the “jungle” themed “Dreams of Adventure” float featuring the stars of Disney’s Jungle Book and The Lion King.

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