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Villages Nature go online

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

As brought to our attention by DLRPToday the often talked about joint-venture project of the Euro Disney and Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs adjacent to the current Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch has taken the next step: Les Villages Nature de Val d’Europe (as the official current full name of the project is) has gone online with an extensive website in French, including artist impressions and a first map which also includes the current Disney’s Davy Croockett Ranch on the page Caractéristiques du projet.

On the Disney side the project is spearheaded by Imagineering which is already deply involved at the current point and has sent personnel over them USA. However, it should be noted that the project is still in the planning phase so any and all data might change. Nevertheless, the website gives a good impression about the first phase of the project that is supposed to include 1,730 new “rooms” (710 apartments around the central lagoon plus 1,020 cottages further south on the property), the (supposedly with 9,000 square meter) largest water park in Europe, restaurants, retail options and additional leisure facilities. (more…)

Early Morning Swimming at Disney Hotels? (updated)

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Disneyland HotelNo, sir – not this summer. In the recent weeks fans have heatedly debatted the decision of the management to limit operating hours of certain attractions inside the Disneyland Park, i.e. opening them late and closing them early. While the opinions of fans seem to go apart, whether this is acceptable in the current economic climate or not, general consensus seems to be that the way the operating hours are communicated (with signs at the entrance of the according attractions but not on any leaflet or centralized information board) is extremly problematic. However, cost cutting measures are also affecting the guests of the hotels – at least those that are staying in the Disney Hotels which are fighting decreased occupancy rates despite numerous deep discounts in the past months. (more…)