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Strike day 2 – but without impact

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

In a follow-up to our (near-live) coverage of the first day of a 48h strike by the four unions CFDT, FO, UNSA and CFTC on Friday we are glad to report that day two of the strike – which was Saturday, the day of the 20th Anniversary kick-off event – doesn’t warrant any major reporting.

While a small group of castmembers congregated in front of the RER / TGV train station early in the morning hours no disruptions of any kind inside the parks were reported by our team members on-site. The event took place without any noticeable impact by the strike, in particular the anticipated premiere of “Disney Magic on Parade”at 3:00 pm took place without the strikers being able to repeat their actions from Friday, when 50 of them were able to achieve a cancellation of the final ever performance of the “Once Upon a Dream Parade” by blocking the parade route in the Main Street. However, regular guests could notice an increased amount of security guards along the parade route in advance of the parade and also during the parade to assure that this first major element of the event would take place without interruption.

Also the second major part of the event took place without any interruption – the evening program consisting of the gala dinner and the grand premiere of the nighttime spectacular “Disney DREAMS!”.

Strike Update (updated)

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Following up on our three earlier posts covering the strike action in front of the RER/TGV station, which later moved on to Main Street before reaching Fantasyland and Discoveryland before culminating in the cancellation of the final ever performance of the “Once Upon a Dream Parade” our team member wraps up day one of the two day strike and its impact on the parks.

After 100 to 200 CMs had noisely marched down the Main Street. through the castle, into Fantasyland only to turn around at the carousel and then head into Discoveryland (where they prompted a temporary closure of Space Mountain: Mission 2) about 50 of them placed themselves at the top of the Main Street at Central Plaza right in the middle of the parade route – as can be seen above.

It should be noted that only a small group of cast members joint into the latter part of the action – despite the strikers (without success) earlier during their march through the park trying to convince cast members working on-stage to join their action. While the small group of 50 celebrated the cancellation of the final ever parade in the face of the disappointed guests the cancellation was not so much due to the group sitting on the parade route (as far as must be assumed) but due to the involvement of cast members in the strike which are needed to operate the parade. For the same reason earlier in the day the strike already had resulted in the cancellation of the Stars’n’Cars parade in the Walt Disney Studios Park. Update: as Vicki has informed us through her comment below, the striking cast members sitting down on the parade route were the actual reason for the cancellation. The whole parade was lined up backstage and ready to perform (and apparently would have even featured extra performers for the unique opportunity).

However, just as they had done during the last strike on December 23rd 2009 the characters that would have been featured in the “Once Upon a Dream Parade” walked into the park about 50 minutes after the cancellation of the parade. The dedicated cast members of the entertainment department – which have not joined the strike – did their best to add some magic to the visit of the guests and compensate for the cancellation of the parade.

In addition guest “Vikki” reports in a comment to our strike coverage that various attractions saw temporary closures for “technical issues” throughout the day – which could be related to the strike action as well. Luckily the cancellation of the parade was the final major impact of the strike felt by guests in the parks on Friday. However, day two is coming up on Saturday. When our team-member on-site asked one of the cast members whether he had any information what the unions plan for Saturday he was told that this information has not yet been provided. Apparently the strike leaders wanted to assess the impact of their actions on Friday first. As for today the leading union of the strike, CFDT, has called its members to meet at 7:00 am at the RER station to start the work action. However, it should be considered that on Saturday international press and VIPs will be out in the parks as part of the 20th Anniversary kick-off event. Therefore, it must be feared that the unions will try hard to be visible inside the park to show their “muscle” and get more widespread coverage of their actions.

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MORE BREAKING NEWS: Strike Action INSIDE Disneyland Park – it’s getting worse… – updated

Friday, March 30th, 2012

As we “left” the demonstration of cast members by the unions CFDT, FO, UNSA and CFTC in our earlier report it had moved down Main Street, through the castle into Fantasyland, turned round, walked back through the castle and eventually moved into Discoveryland.

The 100 to 200 cast member strong group managed to block the FastPass entrance of Space Mountain and prompted management to close Space Mountain temporariyl. However, it soon reopened. However, this wasn’t the last that guests would see of the striking cast members for today…

As guests lined up along the parade route for the final “Once Upon A Dream Parade” ever the striking cast members sat down on right in the middle of the street on the parade route in front of Central Plaza blocking the parade route. The result: the final ever performance of the “Once Upon A Dream Parade” is CANCELLED!

Based on past experiences and the cancelation of the parade during the strike on December 23, 2009 it can be assumed that the parade wasn’t so much cancelled due to the cast members on the parade route but due to cast members required to prepare and / or operate the parade being on strike. Back then the performers of the parade walked down the parade route (without floats) as they were not involved in the work action. However, so far there is no sign that something similar will be happening today.Update: about 50 minutes after the cancellation the characters of the parade did walk into to the park to spread some magic (for details see our follow up post).

As the cancellation is announced over the loudspeakers the striking cast members start to cheer and celebrate. As can be expected guests are less happy about this development. In fact the numerous geusts that had been waiting in areas from where they could see (and hear) the celebrating strikers were getting visibly angry and agitated. Some started shouting at the cast members who are ruining the magic for the paying guests.

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BREAKING NEWS: work action INSIDE Disneyland Paris

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Our team member on-site just provided us with an update on the strike action of cast members at Disneyland Paris under the leadership of the unions CFDT, FO, UNSA and CFTC. Earlier the impact seemed to be limited to a small number of cast members demonstrating in front of the RER / TGV train station – see our coverage from earlier today also including details on the demands of the unions.

However, at 2:30 pm the cast members escalated their actions…

Equipped with union flags and whistle the striking cast members walked down the Main Street in a noisy “parade” of the unwanted kind disturbing guests along the way. However, members of the resort’s security as well as managers of various departments are out in force to keep the scene as orderly as possible and inform guests about what is going on (certainly only if a guest approaches them and asks). While thegroupwas on the Main Street guests were guided away from the demonstrating cast members by directing the guests toward the two arcades.

The demonstration then walked right through the castle into Fantasyland and turned around at the Carousel to return the same way it had come toward the Main Street. After milling around in the area the demonstration did not leave the park (as had been expected). Instead the group turned into Discoveryland around 3:00 pm where the noisy demonstration currently continues as our team member on-site reports.

He also noted that the Studio Tram Tour at the Walt Disney Studios Park is closed today despite not being listed on the official list of attraction closures. Therefore, it could be assumed (but is NOT confirmed) that this closure might be related to the strike. In this case this would be the so fare sole closure due to the strike that we have been able to note.

Three of the four unions involved in the current strike action (CFDT, CFTC and UNSA) already organized a strike on December 23rd 2009 in the resort which included noisy demonstrations in both parks and the cancellation of the “Once Upon a Time Parade” in the Disneyland Park (as covered in detail with photos and videos). That strike – according to the unions – did lead to an increase of the wages.



STRIKE at Disneyland Paris

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Just in time for the big press and VIP this weekend at Disneyland Paris the four unions CFDT EuroDisney, Fo, UNSA, and CFTC have called for a 48 hour strike of cast members today and tomorrow in a current dispute concerning the pay of cast members. CFDT is representing the largest amount of cast members among the unions. However, it should be noted that the two other unions representing cast members, CGC and CGT (the latter being the second largest union at the resort), are not involved and have not asked their members to join the work action.

According to Les Echos the management offered a pay increase of 1.5% for 2012 (plus an increase of the reimbursement of teh Orange Card for public transportation from 75% to 80% resp. an increase by 20% in the value of the gas coupons for cast members not able to use the public transportation). The unions apparently had demanded a 5% (CFDT) resp. a 4% increase (CFTC, FO & UNSA) of the wages.

A first warning that it might call for a strike on March 31st had been issued by CFDT in a press release already on March 21st and on March 23rd CFDT escalated the matter by threatening a strike lasting for two days (March 30th and 31st). Then on March 26th CFDT actually put the call out to its members to go on strike for both days.

This long advance warning should have allowed the resort’s management to preprare accordingly to execute the event in style with very limited impact anyway. So far our team member on-site hasn’t noticed any impact of the strike at all. However, about 50 union members had positioned themeselves in front of the RER / TGV train station demonstrating.

However, even if the management is able to limit the impact of the strike on the event the fact that the strike (in however limited form) does take place is already impacting press coverage. The French daily Les Echos published a first article last evening which was then reported about internationally today by Bloomberg. Also our team member on-site spotted a tv crew filming the demonstrating cast members in front of the train station.

Strike Results

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

As reported in detail last week, the three unions cfdt, CFTC and UNSA representing cast members of Disneyland Paris had called for a one day strike on December 23, 2009. In the years past strike actions usually were limited to gatherings in front of the RER and TGV train station as well as in front of the entrance to the Fantasia Gardens (making sure guests had to pass through a cordon of union members voicing their discontent with the management of Disneyland Paris). Ocassionaly the strikers marched through the Disney Village and around Lake Disney. However, impact on the guest experience was minimal while the unions still were able to get a showing of their strength. However, the current union membership decided that it was time to take the guests paying their wages as hostages of their actions. According to an article of the daily Le Parisien posted on the website of the union cfdt the unions not only managed to get the days only performances of Disney Stars’n’Cars in the Walt Disney Studios Park (as seen at the bottom of this article in a video posted by chrissouille08 to YouTube) and the Once Upon a Dream Parade in the Disneyland Park cancelled instead marching down the parade route / showing off on the stage on Production Courtyard with their flags and posters – as reported on in both cases. In addition the strikers apparently temporarly blocked access to various attractions including Space Mountain: Mission 2 and Big Thunder Mountain. Furthermore they convened on a performanc of the stunt show in the Walt Disney Studios Park and demonstrated inside Studio 1 as well as inside the lobby of Disney’s Hotel New York.

In other words: the unions managed to destroy a considerable bit of the magic and made a part of the visit on the day miserable for guests, for many of which this most probably was a once-in-a-lifetime visit – even so their apparently were only between 150 and 200 striking cast members and the majority of cast members tried their best to make sure guests had a magical time.

The demands? Negotiations regarding the work conditions and regarding age increases, which the management of Disneyland Paris had originally countered with ” zero wage increase” proposal for 2010. The results? They came swift… (more…)

Strike Finished

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Yesterday, December 23rd, 2009, the three unions representing cast members of Disneyland Paris, cfdt, CFTC and UNSA, called their members for a strike. However, contradicting earlier internal statements that their actions wouldn’t impact the experience and seasonal magic of guests in the two packed parks the unions took the action on-stage. The result? Canceled performances of Disney’s Stars’n’Cars in the Walt Disney Studios Park and the Once Upon a Dream Parade in the Disneyland Park (for a detailed coverage and photos check our two live-posts from the site of the strike, a) for the Studios and b) for Disneyland). Whether the action had the positive impact for the demands of the unions (mostly regarding increases of wages in 2010 versus the “zero wage increase” proposal of the management) they had hoped for needs to be awaited. But there is some good news today as well… (more…)

Strike Hit Once Upon a Dream Parade!

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

As reported earlier the three unions cfdt, CFTC and UNSA have called their members to a strike for today, December 23, 2009 as of 7:00 am over a dispute regarding (mostly) wage increases for 2010 (for details on the reason for the strike and the union demands please check out our earlier coverage). After managing to force a cancelation of “Disney Stars’n’Cars” in the Walt Disney Studios park the striking members dispersed for most of the afternoon but have now resurfaced in the Disneyland Park in time for the Once Upon a Dream Parade. (more…)

Strike at Disneyland Paris impacts guests

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

The unions cfdt, CFTC  and UNSA had called for a strike of its members for today as of 7.00 am to protest the lack of social dialogue between the workforce / unions and the management of the resort. In particular the proposed “Zero Euro” wage increase for / in 2010 is targeted by the unions, who demand a pay rise for all cast members as of Januar 1, 2010, an improvement of the work conditons, increased wages for work on Sundays as well as a doubling of the premium for night shifts. Details about the call to strike and the demands are available from the official website of the union cfdt at Disneyland Paris.

When the parks opened guests would not have noticed that any strike was ongoing. However, that changed at 2.00 pm sharp in the Walt Disney Studios Park when the unions sprang into action… (more…)