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New Look for the Disney Hotels: the past

Monday, September 30th, 2013


DSLSuite1When visiting Disneyland Paris, it is always more magical when you can stay on property. The Disney hotels are part of the magic and to make sure guest will have the best possible experience Disney will always try to make sure that their hotel are the top of the range. While it can happen that some things get a little dated, Disney will put a plan in motion to make sure the hotels will be looked after on a regular basis. This can be from small maintenance up to big rehabs. The hotel rehab is a big undertaking, one that needs planning far into the future. And that is exactly what Disney did. They put a plan in motion that is forged all the way up to 2020.

GoldenForestClubCheckIn1Three of the seven Disney hotels are done or nearly done. The Disney Sequoia Lodge has been given a big overhaul with the exterior looking phenomenal. But what is even more beautiful is the interior and the rooms where the Bambi theme is prominently displayed for the new look. One special project that has been added are the executive rooms. Not only do the look stunning, guests staying at this room have their own check in counter and their own private Lounge. The Golden Forest Club has been created for those guests that want that little bit special. GoldenForestLounge1Although it does come with a much higher price, if you value some extra quality and like some extra serenity but love the outdoor feeling the Sequoia Lodge is all about than this is the place for you. The club offers a private room for breakfast, including the visit of the Disney characters. The nice thing about this is that you will not need a allocated hour reserved for your breakfast and that you can show up whenever you are ready. DSLSuite2In the evening there is also a nice lounge opened for the Golden Forest Club guests where a selection of free drinks are served. For those that really like to go big, try and book a suite. These suites are amazing, specious an beautiful. They have a kingside bed and pull out sofa’s, two televisions, seating area and all the room you need to make your stay extra special.

SantaFe2Santa Fee is another place that is almost ready. The buildings have been given an updated look. Although still using earthly colours, they are now added in tiers making the hotel look a lot more inviting as it did before. The theme of the hotels has been a little adapted too. Although Cars seem to have taken over, it is more adapted to the Route 66 feeling. But if you look around the top of the building you will see some familiar faces. Or should we say headlights? The rooms look amazing with vivid colours, more Cars theme and traffic cones used for the lighting fittings. SantaFe3There are some great family rooms where there is one big bed and two pull out sofa’s. These can sleep up to 6 people and are mainly two rooms put together as one. The rooms have 2 entrances with the same room number, two bathrooms and a nice seating area. The Santa Fee is very close to completing their refurbishment project.

SantaFe4Another place that already has seen been changes is the Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch. To give an idea of what has been done back in 2010’s refurbishment here some info. The bungalows have been replaced with new once with a more modern look and big windows that can slide open onto the porch. The new cabins all have air-conditioning and two showers instead of the bath. On the now elevated terrace is your own private barbecue. But all of this sounds like old news. More interesting are the future plans for the other hotels. Well make sure to come back tomorrow for part two, the present, before we go to the third part, the future, of the hotel news.

Pictures courtesy of Filip Van Tyghem

What’s the big news for 2011 at Disneyland Paris?

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Sure there will be another year-round festival kicked-off in April. There will be some minor tweaks in the Disneyland Park (which for young girls will be really big in case of the Princess meet’n’greet in the former it’s a small world post show pavillion), the Earl of Sandwich restaurant will add another dining option to the offerings at the Disney Village (rounding out the offerings in the budget range in particular). Then there is still the question what will move into the large upper-level space originally occupied by the now closed Hurricane’s night club. Also, hopes are still up among fans that with a bit of luck the long awaited “World of Disney” (mega-)store will open in front of the Gaumont cinemas sometime in 2011 (which would bring up the question what to do with the large space currently occupied by the “Disney Store” in the Disney Village). Based on this one could assume the further development of the Disney Village could be the big theme for 2011.

To some degree this is true as the changes to 2011 might be the most obvious “news” for many guests in the resort coming 2011. However, there is some other more exciting “theme” that is under preparation … apparently management has decided to finally tackle the Disney hotel issue and roll out a major refurbishment program for the seven Disney lodgings… (more…)

Shareholders’ Club Night Event

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Friday evening the Shareholders’ Club members were invited to enjoy the all new Toy Story Playland at Walt Disney Studios Park after park closure. Considering the late nightfall and early park closing of the Walt Disney Studios the event was the first opportunity to enjoy the new addition to the park with its lighting design in full display.

During a visit to Toy Story Playland earlier in the day numerous additional, temporary lights were found to be standing in the new area, however, those turned out to be not necessary at night and were not used. Most propably they had been placed in TSPL already in anticipation for the major press event scheduled for Saturday night. But then for Friday’s Shareholders’ Club event the regular lighting needed no extra add-ons. This also had the big advantage that guests could enjoy the light design as it was intended by Imagineering… (more…)

New Generation Heroes Want you to Read Books

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

The new Disney heroes generation is concerned with the youth of today. They are concerned that youngsters aren’t reading enough! To try and convince the children books are a good alternative to the new generation of video game entertainment they have agreed to put up their images to try and convince kids to get reading again.

What better way to start enjoying the power of the word and strengthen childrens’ imagination than with a good Disney story?


Test Drive Before You Buy

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Ever wanted to drive Lightning McQueen, Luigi or another one of the great automobiles from Disney / Pixars blockbuster Movie “Cars” yourself?
But you weren’t sure so far if you can make it up to their sometimes kind of stubborn character or whose cars personality would fit the best to you?
No problem: Just go on and speed-date them all.
In front of Disney Villages “Hollywood Pictures” an absolute professional high-speed speed-dating-test-track for the Cars-cars has been installed.
Meet the Cars, try them out – and take your favorite one home for a ride!

G-Force vs. UP in the Shops

Monday, October 5th, 2009

G-Force MerchandiseMerchandise for the movie “G-Force” is found in numerous shops all around Disneyland Paris, in particular the Disney Store in the Disney Village, the Disney Hollywood Store and Studio 1 in Walt Disney Studios and Emporium in the Disneyland Park but also in other shops; in fact there is more G-Force merchandise than merchandise for UP. Plus the G-Force merchandise is placed more prominently then the new UP movie is.

G-Force MerchandiseCould it be that the cuddly factor makes the big difference here?

G-Force is a Jerry Bruckheimer produced Disney feature starring computer animated guinea pigs saving the world (the first movie for Bruckheimer starring computer animated characters in the lead parts).

G-Force MerchandiseG-Force has also an exclusive for Disneyland Paris. The “I was born ready” T-shirt can only be bought at the Paris resort. Next to the T-Shirt there are the action figure toys for the boys and the more cuddly plush for the little once and the girls.

G-Force MerchandiseWith UP getting rave reviews more collectibles might find its way into the shops, but even if the characters are likable it will not be easy to beat the possibilities G-Force has in merchandise and its bigger market appeal. However, even with their nice display and choice, G-Force might not be able to brake the Cars merchandise success. Cars premiered in 2006 and merchandise of this Disney/Pixar feature is still going very strong at all Disney shops around the globe.

Cars and Trunks

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Trunk of US Car 02When the Country and Western store “Buffalo Trading Company” closed to make room for the new Starbucks it was to be expected that the stores interior would change. With this change taking place some items where going to be stored away. Luckily some of these items will also find new homes. This is the case with the red trunk that was on display in the former shop.

Trunk of US CarThe trunk has now been added to the Disney Hollywood Pictures shop. The red trunk can be found at the far end of the store and is used for displaying some of the stores item. What better choice then to add car related items in the trunk. So to no once surprise the trunk is loaded with Cars merchandise.

The red front side of the cars also used to be on display at the middle left hand side of the Buffalo Trading Company. It was leveled about 2 meters above the ground sticking out over the edge with cow horns on top drawing the attention from shopping guests.

Cars Returning Home (Update: Happy April’s Fool Day)

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

cars-in-studios1The new parade in the Walt Disney Studios hasn’t started yet when the news comes to us that the Star’n’Cars parade will only last for 1 season. After the 2009 Summer season most of the cars will  return to its original location in Walt Disney World. It looks like the cars will be used over there for a new good morning parade. The parade will be similar to the Disney Stars and Motor Cars that premiered on 1 October 2001 as part of the 100 Years of Magic Celebration, but it will be in a shorter form. It is unclear why this decision has been made, or when it was made, but our very reliable source said that once the summer season is oven Disney will start shipping most of the cars back.

Did you noticed we said “most”. Not all cars will be returned as the Hollywood Studios new morning parade will feature a couple of new cars. The cars left behind in Paris however are not enough for a full daytime parade. Our source could not give any information on what cars would stay in Paris but mentioned that those staying in DLRP will be used inside the Studios park for other purposes. This could be to drive characters around the park, something already done with Mickey Mouse on some occasions. It is unclear if the guest in Disneyland Resort Paris will have to go to the Studios without a new parade in 2010. Once we know more you’ll find it here on the news blog.