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AP Holders a.k.a. the early birds of Toy Story Playland

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

As reported the all new Toy Story Playland has proven extremly popular with guests since it opened in the past week – unfortunately resulting in longer waiting lines for its three attractions. Taking into account this and the success of the exclusive previews of the area prior to its official opening for holders of the Annual Passport Dream the resort has decided to grant all holders of Annual Passports of the resort the unique opportunity to enjoy the Toy Story Playland once again exclusively!

Well, to be correct not just once – but DAILY from August 25 till September 17, 2010! Every day in this period Toy Story Playland opens for holders of Annual Passports from 8:30 till 9:30 am so that AP holders can enjoy the area uncrowded and hop on all three rides (which are scheduled to be operating unless an unexpected technical problem might occur) without the now regular long lines. (more…)

Snacking & Dining – the latest changes

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Both theme parks at Disneyland Paris offer a wide range of dining and snacking options. Over the last 2 years the resort also has pushed once again to diversify the offerings in the various locatios more, especially in regard to the counter service locations. With the latest move to adjust the restaurant offerings in the Disneyland Park the former counter service location “Buzz Lightyear’s Pizza Planet” in the back of Discoveryland (to the right of the Imagination Institute of “Honey, I Shrunk The Audience”) has been transformed into a buffet offering. Buffet offerings have proved inxcreasingly popular at Disneyland Park. This newest buffet location according to its signage placed in the walkway out front offers salads, pizza, pastam desserts and (cold) drinks priced at EUR 6,95 for children respectively 14,95 for adults. has a first photo also of the interior which seemns to have seen only slightl modifications to the counter area (which btw was created out of moveable segments in the first place).

More changes to the snacking & dining options of the resort can be found in the Walt Disney Studios … (more…)