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Behind the Green Fences

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013


JuneR8-DumboWith the summer season just around the corner Disney wants to make sure their parks are top notch. So it will be no surprise when you see some fences here and there for work that needs to be done. Unfortunately, sometimes these fences are big and favorite rides might therefor not be open.

In Fantasyland Dumbo is closed and fenced of. The crew is busy working on several parts of the attraction. Both mechanical parts as well as decorative parts where being checked and taken care of by the crew. Some crew members where checking out the side of one of the ride vehicles, just where the lifting arm is attached.

JuneR9-Dumbo JuneR10-Dumbo

JuneR11-ChaletAlso looked after in Fantasyland is the eatery Au Chalet de la Marionnette. The small rehab is very well hidden and is almost not visible in the Fantasyland area. You will see more of the scaffolding when walking past it on the Adventureland side of the building, just behind the small stage of the Following the Leader with Peter Pan show.


Frontierland also lost a big ride because of a rehab. Big Thunder Mountain is closed for a big check up. Disney is pushing for an opening in June so the big summer crowds will be able to enjoy this beloved attraction. For now the crew can be spotted on the track and ride system as well as the queue areas and even other parts of the location. With all the work done on this attraction one can expect to see a very nice polished Big Thunder Mountain once it’s open again.

JuneR1-BTM JuneR2-BTM JuneR4-BTM JuneR3-BTM

JuneR6-IndianAlso closed for an overhaul is the Indian Village play area. The play area is completely fenced off and unaccessible for the moment.

Less of an impact will be the rehab at Cool Post in Adventureland. This small eatery is completely fenced in.

In Discoveryland part of the Hypérion wall was fenced of pushing the outside seating area a little more out.

JuneR7-CoolPost JuneR12-Disc

The Toys are Moving In on August 17th

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Finally! Woody, Buzz and their Toy friends are almost ready to move into the Toy Story playland area in the Walt Disney Studios. Works are nearing completion, test runs will follow and then it will be ready to take the fences down and to open the new area inside the studios. The Toy Story Crew have their bags packed and will be ready for the grand opening that has now been given a date.

The gates to the new land will open as from August 17th. The new land will welcome guest to enjoy the new attractions “Army Men Parachute Drop”, “Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin” and the “RC Racer”. The new Area opens at the end of the summer season, something that might upset the high season visitors, but could convince them to return for another visit in the near future.

Unannounced soft openings could start earlier in the summer time, surprising young and old guests for a first ride on one of the new attractions.

Although the date has been set for August 17th at this time, as long as Disney doesn’t announce it officially it could still change.


Friday, February 12th, 2010

It is a rare sight: a frozen lake around a lonely mountain in the usually hot prairie.
– a sight that could be seen at Disneyland Paris today.

Big Thunder Mountain towers over partly frozen Rivers of the Far West today – and one could ask if the resort needs an Icebreaker tonight since the Steamer Mark Twain is planned to run on schedule again up from tomorrow, February 12.

The Mark Twain is not the only attraction that is planned to reopen on Saturday.
Casey Jr. und Le Pays des Contes de Fées will also be open for the guests, again, starting tomorrow.