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Old Temple Going Down

Friday, February 14th, 2014

IndianaNEW1 The big guns are out!

The Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril is closed down for a big overhaul. They are bringing down the temple so they can build a new one. To be able to take it down big cranes and tools are needed.

So while Disney likes to put all the work behind the green fences, they can’t hide the big machines. Once you enter Adventureland you’ll see the big crane sticking out above the temple.


IndianaNEW2The works have started at the beginning of January. With the big overhaul like this, that will get us a new temple and loop, we are looking at another couple of months before the work will be ready and we can all start enjoying this adventure again.


Halloween, Halloween…

Sunday, September 29th, 2013


Halloween2It’s only a little less than a week before Halloween season officially starts at Disneyland Paris. The ghosts and ghouls are already hard at work with decorating the park. The things already visible at the moment are the lights on Mainstreet. The glass bowls have been replaced in the spooky pumpkin orange and others in a “witch” purple. Some of the purple once even have witch hats on. All along the facades from the Mainstreet pumpkins are popping up. All of them with smiles on them, convincing the guests these are happy times.

Halloween3Minnie surely agrees on this. Maybe that is why she got this amazing new meet and greet display at the end of main street. Here she has her own place to get ready for the festivities while she takes the time to meet her fans for a picture or two. The display is beautiful and even has some extra faceless figures where children can pop there head through for another fun Halloween picture.  All of Minnie’s decorations are adapted to the festivities, but the Mickey Head mirror is especially nice.

More early decorations can already be found at the beginning of Frontierland. Sophisticated pumpkins are awaiting the guests for a special picture. Up to this moment those figure can be found at the little display just at the beginning of the land and near the Lucky Nugget Saloon. More decorations will be added before the start of the season.

Missing in Frontierland is the Jack and Sally display. This one will be added, most likely during this week ready to meet guests for a photo op. Jack will not only set up his amazing background but will also bring his fountain into the mix.

Halloween4Other photo ops that will be in the park are more of a ghostly kind. Nice ghosts so it seems as they leave some room on the bench so one can join them or on another occasion leave their ghostly kids face home so children can again pop their face into the spot for the pictures. More decorations will go up during the week, like Goofy’s candy machine. Duffy’s Halloween spot among others.

Other decorations are already spotted in Adventureland at the exit of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and even at some of the stores in the Disney Village.

Halloween5Another big event is the parade. La Célébration Halloween de Mickey Parade will float around the park. It will include Clarabelle, who is miss Halloween this year, Pluto Tout Fou poor Halloween with pumpkin men, En Route poor la Récolte with Donald, Daisy, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Jeux Halloween with Winnie the Pooh and friends and the big final with Mickey, Minnie Chip & Dale and Clarice. It will be nice to see some new floats but unfortunately they come with a price as some of these floats are being set on the former Fantillusion floats. Fantillusion is no more!

Of course Halloween would not be complete without the villains. And they will be out there behind the castle waiting for you.

Halloween officially starts on October 5th and will run up to October 31st

Pictures courtesy of Filip Van Tyghem

Behind the Green Fences

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013


JuneR8-DumboWith the summer season just around the corner Disney wants to make sure their parks are top notch. So it will be no surprise when you see some fences here and there for work that needs to be done. Unfortunately, sometimes these fences are big and favorite rides might therefor not be open.

In Fantasyland Dumbo is closed and fenced of. The crew is busy working on several parts of the attraction. Both mechanical parts as well as decorative parts where being checked and taken care of by the crew. Some crew members where checking out the side of one of the ride vehicles, just where the lifting arm is attached.

JuneR9-Dumbo JuneR10-Dumbo

JuneR11-ChaletAlso looked after in Fantasyland is the eatery Au Chalet de la Marionnette. The small rehab is very well hidden and is almost not visible in the Fantasyland area. You will see more of the scaffolding when walking past it on the Adventureland side of the building, just behind the small stage of the Following the Leader with Peter Pan show.


Frontierland also lost a big ride because of a rehab. Big Thunder Mountain is closed for a big check up. Disney is pushing for an opening in June so the big summer crowds will be able to enjoy this beloved attraction. For now the crew can be spotted on the track and ride system as well as the queue areas and even other parts of the location. With all the work done on this attraction one can expect to see a very nice polished Big Thunder Mountain once it’s open again.

JuneR1-BTM JuneR2-BTM JuneR4-BTM JuneR3-BTM

JuneR6-IndianAlso closed for an overhaul is the Indian Village play area. The play area is completely fenced off and unaccessible for the moment.

Less of an impact will be the rehab at Cool Post in Adventureland. This small eatery is completely fenced in.

In Discoveryland part of the Hypérion wall was fenced of pushing the outside seating area a little more out.

JuneR7-CoolPost JuneR12-Disc

A little Rehab “Here and There”

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013


It is almost impossible to keep track on all the rehabs that happen during a year. One would need to visit the park almost weekly to keep up. However, at this time Disney is working on the following areas.

RehabMarch2In Adventureland the Pirates of the Caribbean is closed for a rehab. Not only the attraction itself is closed and boarded off, but also the Blue Lagoon restaurant has closed its doors. One can’t see anything on what is going on inside the attraction or the restaurant but you can see on one of the picture that they are also working on the Blue Lagoon exterior section. Scaffolding is set up at the entrance of the restaurant, in front of the Blue Lagoon sign. Looks like they’ll give the sign a little clean up before welcoming back their guests. The Pirates is expected to re-open on March 15th.

RehabMarch3In Fantasyland we can see the next rehab going on. This time of a far smaller proportion then the one mentioned above. Just behind Dumbo, next to Peter Pan and in front of Mickey’s new meet and greet attraction a small area is fenced off. Guest can walk around it in a circle, just like the pattern that can be found on the floor next to the green fences, but the work on the little planting area is hidden behind them.

RehabMarch4The next little rehab can again be found in adventureland. One of the little shop, La Girafe Curieuse, has some work done on the exterior walls. Might be a small thing, but it shows that Disney cares about the look of all of their shop, restaurants and buildings.

Captain Hook’s Galley – Progress of the Construction Work

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Some time ago we have reported about different renovation works in Adventureland, including Captain Hook’s Galley.  At Christmas it was again possible to see changes at the Galley.

As can be seen on the photo, the scaffoldings are dismantled at the ship’s masts and the interchanging between the masts is also already available.

Colonel Hathi’s Red, White and Greens

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

They have already been working hard at the Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost. A couple of weeks ago it was all still covered in white scaffolding but slowly and surely the scaffolding is being removed to show the result of weeks of hard work. The lower half of the building is still covered up for more rehab, but the top is ready and it looks amazing.

The bright red on the rooftops is vividly showing through the green leaves, the white building shining in beauty with the windows showing some wonderful greens to finish it all of. Even if you’re not planning to eat at this restaurant it is well worth a visit to see the end result of the lengthy rehab. Pick up your camera and takes some snapshots for your Disney picture collection.

Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost in White

Monday, July 4th, 2011

There is a lot of work going on in all the lands of the Disneyland park. In Adventureland we can see how the Colonel Hathi’s Pizza outpost is being taken care of. The whole building is covered with scaffolding.

The whole of the outside building is hidden and it looks like it will be for a while. Men are working hard to give the Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost building a complete fresh look. The restaurant itself is open for service!

Save The Ship

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

It looks like captain Hook had some luck in his pirate life. He must have looted another ship, got some gold coins doing so and is now taking the time to get his ship all clean and ready for the next run. Scaffolding is surrounding the boat and men are hard at work to bring the ship back to its former glory. With some of the work already prepared the ship is now showing some holes, let’s hope there will be no tidal wave as water would pour into the ship…

BIG and small (UPDATED)

Friday, May 13th, 2011

20110512-223622.jpgEven so our coverage of the various refurbishment projects currently taking place at the resort in preparation for next year’s 20th anniversary mostly concentrates on the big, high-profile projects (e.g. the current rehab of Orbitron) there are numerous small regurbishments going-on across the resort at any given time. For example right now one of the small bridges of the meandering paths connecting the various outdoor areas of the Cafe de la Brousse in Adventureland has been closed off for one of the smaller refurbishment projects.

20110514-000052.jpgIt is as if the small rehab next to the Cafe de la Brousse was set up as a perfect example for us to demonstrate the small & swift rehabs that pop up in the resort and are finished just as fast as they appeared. Where Thursday the rehab was executed the work was already finished and the two pieces of construction fence blocking the access had disappeared by Friday – as seen in the new photo by InsideDLParis.

Photos by InsideDLParis

Adventureland getting more rehabs

Monday, May 9th, 2011


The refurbishment projects continue to pop up all over the lands of the Disneyland Park. And while the Pinocchio dark ride reopened this weekend from its rehab another attraction in the neighboring Adventureland just got closed for a rehab: La Cabe des Robinson – the tree house of the Robinson Family (inspired by the classic live-action Disney movie). This walk-through attraction normally not only allows guests a close up look at the living quarters which the Robinson Family set up when they got marooned on a deserted island but also offers great views all over Adventureland. During the rehab guests can still enjoy similar views from the highest points of Adventureland Island.

20110508-102249.jpgAnother refurbishment project in Adventureland also seems to be in the early preparation phase: the replacement of Captain Hook’s Galley that feel into serious disrepair over the last years. The close up of the galley provided by InsideDLParis (and seen on the left) not only shows the sorry state of the ship (with elements nearly falling off allowing guests to look at the core structure not supposed to be visible) but also the water level of the lagoon. As can be seen the water level is way lower than it normally should be, exposing the fundament the ship sits on.

The reduced water level is also clearly discernible at the rock in the middle of the lagoon seen in the photo below. The dark part of the rock usually is above the water line, while the lighter colored section usually is below the water line. As the replacing of the galley has been officially announced (and should already be underway according to the first schedules mentioned by the resort) this reduction in the lagoon’s water level should be the first visible preparation of this process.

All photos by InsideDLParis

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