Layering the Ratatouille

February 24th, 2013 by Dirk

Ratatouille 2013-02-21

The constructions crews at the Walt Disney Studios Paris continue to add layer by layer to the upcoming new dark ride based on the Disney Pixar hit “Ratatouille” – and that is just based on the progress concerning the facades of the building(s).

With the current streak of sub-zero temperatures and repeated days during which the resort is covered by snow progress on the facades is limited – however, the level already constructed so far gives a good impression of the facades that will ring the new plaza in front of the attraction.


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Ratatouille-Construction 2012-12

December 28th, 2012 by Andy

It looks gray, cold and totally uninteresting, but once the construction is ready it will turn into something magical; The rumored “Ratatouille Kitchen Calamity!” attraction at the Walt Disney Studios in Paris.

The new ride and restaurant building is starting to show its form, even if it is only a concrete facade at the moment. The cranes have been visible for a while but now that the new walls are starting to go up, more of it becomes visible for the guests by-passing the fence next to the construction site. It looks like it wont be long before the roof will be put up and work on the inside of the building can start.

Opening of the Remy’s new “Kitchen” is expected somewhere in 2014.

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New Year’s Eve Program (Updated)

December 27th, 2012 by Andy

Disneyland Paris is inviting all there guests to celebrate the end of the old and the beginning of the new year. To do this they have a full day of fun planned.

On the last day of the year the gates of the Disneyland park will open at 9:30AM (Updated from 10AM. Incorrect on the program) and will not close anymore for that year as the park will close the next day at 1AM. Guest can go into the new year while they celebrate inside the park. The program for the day and evening is filled with lots of cool stuff, including the extra Christmas fun.

There will be the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, Mary Christmas with Belle, Jack and Sally’s Cemetry, The Jingle Bell Boys; Dreams and a lot more. However the most important celebration for the evening is beginning of the new year with the fireworks. At midnight guest will get to see one of Disney’s magical New Year Fireworks and Show. No news on what to expect for the celebration, but the “show” in the title might be an indication there might be more then just the fireworks.

The Walt Disney Studios is also open until 1AM and also has a special New Year Eve program. This includes a Video Dance Party and a Lucky Dance Party. Again, the most important celebration part of the day will include a firework display. The Studios fireworks will light up in the air on some pop re-mix Disney tunes.

To see the special New Year Program click the pictures.

Picture and program courtesy of Disney.

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Disney’s Costume Rules

October 29th, 2012 by Andy

Halloween is coming closer and the villains at Disneyland Paris are ready to welcome you to their special day. How can you celebrate this event even more? How about showing up in costume!

Disneyland Paris welcomes all those that wear a Halloween costume but there are specific rules that need to be followed by every guest of the park. To make sure you are not being turned back from the gates to changes guests should inform themselves on what is and what is not allowed. To help those guests Disney has put out a set of rules that you can find here.

“Complete masks or costume hiding the head or face, forbidden. Costumes or make up that could offend the sensibilities of our family audience are forbidden. Dangerous or cumbersome accessories (fake weapons, sticks,…) are forbidden. Certain accessories (hats, capes) must be removed before riding our attractions. If you wear the costume of your favorite Disney character you commit not to pose or sign autographs.”

Picture courtesy of Disney

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From Paris to Orlando

August 23rd, 2012 by Dirk

Congratulations to DLP’s very own Katy Harris!

The Show Director Creative Entertainment of Disneyland Paris since 2001 (who originally started at the resort in 1993 as musical performer) who was the Associate Director of the smash hit “Disney Dreams!” that premiered in the past April and also was responsible as Artistic Director Entertainment for the new “Meet Mickey!” inside the former Fantasy Festival Stage has made the next (and very big step) of her Disney career. While she retains the function as Show Director Creative Entertainment of the European Disney resort she has been called to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World to be the show director of the park’s new spectacular “Celebrate the Magic” as was revealed Wednesday on the official Disney Parks Blog.

The official blog cites Katy Harris describing the projection show that will take place on the Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom: it “takes us on a journey to the heart of the most beloved Disney stories and characters. This amazing show will magically transform Cinderella Castle with spectacular projection effects, choreographed to a new music soundtrack. The show will be full of emotion and storytelling, proving that, with imagination and magic in our hearts, anything is possible”. In the comments Shawn Slater, the communications manager for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Creative Entertainment (who wrote the official blog entry), provides further details on the new show, stating that it will focus  “on our emotional connection to some of Disney’s most magical film moments and memorable characters”.

 Her experience with “Disney Dreams!” for which she worked with Steve Davison certainly should help her with this show that will replace the current “The Magic, The Memories and You!” that will end its run on September 3 (Labor Day) (the same day that the show will also end its run at Disneyland, Anaheim).

So if you want to see this new show directed by DLP’s Katy Harris – for when can you plan your visit to the Magic Kingdom? The official blog does not provide the exact opening date by Shawn Slater also states that it will entertain guests “beginning November”. So, got plans for your Christmas Disney trip already?

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World of Disney & the future of the Disney Village

July 7th, 2012 by Dirk

While our photos here still show the World of Disney Store behind construction walls the new anchor store of the Disney Village today opened its doors (the official grand opening will take place on July 12). According to our sources at the same time as its doors officially open other doors will close – to be specific: the doors of the main area of the Disney Store in the Disney Village.

During a two week period the store is supposed to be re-invented as a kids  store. Instead of the general selection of Disney products and resort merchandise the former Disney Store will then limit itself on kids related products. To enhance the experience the store will be divided into several sections / themed areas: Star Wars, Cars, Candy, Bedtime, Duffy, Boys, and finally Girls.

The smaller extension room of the Disney Store next to the currency exchange office already switched over to Christmas merchandise in the past days. It is supposed to remain open during the transformation of the Disney Store into a kids’s store. No word yet whether it will remain a Christmas shop year round or whether it will be altering between the various seasons / seasonal merchandise as it has in the past years.

The transformation of the former Disney Stores would leave only one store in the Disney Village that stuck to its original concept and themeing since opening day in 1992: Hollywood Pictures. However, as our sources inform us, the remaining days of Hollywood Pictures seem limited as well. It’s replacement isn’t ready to be officially revealed – yet, we have been told that currently the resort is in negotiations with LEGO to transform the space into a LEGO Store. Both at Walt Disney World and at Disneyland Anaheim LEGO operates popular stores in the Downtown Disney areas already, adorned with giant Disney characters recreated out of LEGO that are popular photo spots. However, it should be noted that the negotiations seem to be rather difficult and no dates have been set yet for such addition to the Disney Village.

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Hurricanes back in action…

July 1st, 2012 by Dirk

When the resort’s sole night club “Hurricanes” closed in 2010 (only to reopen as event space on rare occasion since then) rumors were rampant among fans what management plans to do with the huge indoor space and the outdoor terrace located above the Rainforest Cafe. Two years later rumors have died down as management seemed to have no clue how to use the real estate and in fact repainted the Hurricanes decoration outside the building and the entrance structure during regular rehabs.

But now finally the space will be re-dedicated to a new use as a trusted source informed us – unfortunately not for the resort’s guests. Instead the former Hurricane’s will house an additional cafeteria / sandwich counter shortly for cast members working in the Disney Village. The need for this additional cast member dining location arises in connection with the upcoming opening of the new World of Disney Store at the entrance to the Disney Village. With the opening of the new shop on July 12 (resp. its exclusive soft opening for Annual Passholders and Shareholders’ Club Members on July 6th) an additional 200 cast members will be added to the cast members already working in the Disney Village.

However, even that use as cafeteria will not last forever. Instead current plans of the Disney Village management call for the construction of a new cast member cafeteria in the backstage area of the Disney Village. Once that one is open the temporary cafeteria in the Hurricanes is supposed to be closed down to allow for the space to be transformed into a restaurant for the resort’s guests. Current plans call for an opening of this new restaurant sometime in 2014 – but as usual these plans might change … also there is no word yet on what type of restaurant or concerning the restaurant’s themeing.

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Magic Everywhere – including your CD player

May 29th, 2012 by Dirk

Last Saturday the resort finally released the theme song of its 20th Anniversary celebration as single CD: “Magic Everywhere”. The song also is the theme song and the sole soundtrack of the new “Disney Magic on Parade” from Disneyland Park. The CD release had been anticipated already in time for the parade’s premiere but was obviously delayed.

The single CD contains two tracks, each runnin 4:04. The first track is the pop song version as heard during the parade, the second track is the instrumental version. In other words: the single release follows the same concept as the single releases of prior parade theme songs. No confirmed word yet, concerning other CD releases for later this year by the resort … but if you hear anything, let us know!

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The Rat Is Busy

May 28th, 2012 by Dirk

Buzz Lightyear is all the strong willed space ranger – he won’t be distracted by the work going on to its left, instead he keeps his eyes focused straight ahead and greets the guests walking from Toon Plaza toward ToyStory Playland as if nothing would be happening.

However, guests will surely notice the changes as the Parisian street to the right of Buzz Lightyear has been closed off. Already two cranes are turning busily over the construction site behind the resort’s costuming workshop where the park’s next big addition is about to go vertical: the Ratatouille dark ride.

The actual roadway part of the Parisian street is separated by a blue construction fence from the sidewalk with the benches, detailed lighting fixtures and trees. A look over the blue gates erected as part of the construction fence shows that the cobble stone surface of the roadway has been covered with wood planks to prevent any damage from heavy equipment that might drive over it during the construction phase of the dark ride and surrounding area.

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World of Disney Store – turning, turning, turning

May 27th, 2012 by Dirk

The World of Disney Store at the entrance of the Disney Village is inching closer and closer to its officially announced July 12, 2012 opening. Over the recent weeks more and more details have been added to the exterior of the facade and the light effects have been turned on. This past week guests could for the first time spot a new and unexpected feature of the shop: the giant top half of the globe above the entrance rotunda is not only featuring the maps of the northern hemisphere (complete with stars indicating the locations of the Disney resorts). It also … turns – as can be seen in the long-time exposure above.

On top of the globe a golden statue of Tinkerbell has been placed several weeks ago already which long-time fans of the resort might remember from her previous location at the top of the Sleep Beauty Castle where she was part of the 15th Anniversary decorations. Also last week the “World of Disney” signage was installed above the main entrance facing toward the Disney Hotel / the Fantasia Gardens. Just as the whole exterior of the new store the signage is sporting an art deco style in a nod to the grand department stores of Paris.

The night time shot also allows for a first glimpse into the entrance rotunda as lights are up to allow the work crews to continue the preparations for the opening. This makes visible the walls and roof featuring stars forming constellations in the shape of Disney characters. A decorative feature that similar in style had been used in the original “Constellations” boutique at the entrance of Discoveryland before it was rethemed for the arrival of Buzz Liughtyear Laser Blast (even so the constellations in this original opening day shop were the actual signs just depicted by Disney characters).

Also in the night time shot of the facade above note the Mickey Mouse statue placed on top of the stairs leading up from the resort’s hub to the new store. A fitting Minnie Mouse statue is placed to the right of the entrance (just outside this photo, but visible in the wider shot of the daytime facade to the left. Again long-time fans might remember these – but this time not from Disneyland Paris but from the original World of Disney store on the 5th Avenue at New York City. There these two statues greeted guests till the shop closed on December 31, 2009 to move into a new Times Square location and received a new design in this process.

P.S.: we are looking for Pluto! Any help is welcome!! When still in place above the entrance of the World of Disney store on 5th Avenue a statue of Pluto was placed between Mickey and Minnie on the marquee above the store’s entrance. So far, only Mickey and Minnie have been spotted at the new store location at Disneyland Paris. Any clues??

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