Getting ready for April and beyond!

March 24th, 2009 by Andy

studiosshop1There is a lot of work going on at Disneyland Resort Paris to get the two parks ready for the April holidays and the summer season. The central Plaza stage is ready and so are the Stitch dance platforms, even with the problems mentioned in previous news. But there is enough other things that still needs to get ready. At Start Tours the main entrance is blocked off. Guest need to enter it between the fences and the Constellations shop, making it a narrow place for those trying to enter the attraction, leaving it, or for those shopping.

In Adventureland, just across the Hakuna Matata Restaurant, Café de la Brousse has been scaffolded for a while now. The bland scaffolding around this small takeaway isn’t very nice for the eye, so one hopes this locations restauration will be done soon. In Frontierland the work at the Last Chance Cafe seems to be done. It was surprising to see some …[more] »

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Changes at Shareholders Club

March 23rd, 2009 by Andy

During the Shareholders meeting back in February one guest complained that there wasn’t enough to eat for the members visiting the Shareholders Club. (really!). The main issue to this is that some guest visiting the club do this to fill themselves up with free croissants, cookies and drinks not leaving anything for other visitors. Once a new batch came out some would take 2 or more of the free pastries offered leaving others riddled with their behaviour. The offers for the members have now changed a little. A free “bite” is now being provided at the entrance desk. Croissants and cookies are placed in one single bag and guest can pick one bag before entering the club, leaving enough for other people and giving the Cast Members at the Shareholders club a better view of what is left or who is abusing the free offerings. Also the selection of free drinks have been changed to either water or juice, leaving out the option for fizzy drinks like Coca Cola. The hot drinks are still there.

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Stitch Problems

March 22nd, 2009 by Andy

stitchdanceproblems1The new Stitch experience “Dance Time in Discoveryland”, set to open as from April 4th, is already fighting with some problems. The show will feature Stitch as your “local” DJ and will invite children and those young at hart to join him and dance on his music. Guest will be able to take place on one of the circles you can find around the attraction’s location between Star Tours entrance and the back of Space Mountain: Mission II. The Circles have a four colored pattern so dancing guests can follow the routine shown during the show.

Unfortunately the painted circles are not made to withstand the abuse they are undergoing at the moment. With the location being a passing through area for guest visiting the “Honey I Shrunk the Audience” attraction or going to “Pizza Planet”, the cicles are already suffering sufficient damage. Many of the circles are broken and are getting loose. A problem that will only worsen once the many guest will start using them to dance.

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New Central Plaza Stage is ready!

March 21st, 2009 by Andy

castle-centralplaza-stage1After being hidden for a while behind fences the central plaza stage has been revealed. The new stage has gotten several extending runways all the way up to the gates that close of the entrance of the central plaza stage. While in the past those gates where opened occasionally, they will now stay shut to keep guest away from the new stage. The new stage, including the extensions, will be used for the new Summer time show  “Party Time with Mickey and Friends” that will kick off on April 4th. Guest will have the opportunity to gather around the newly created stage to see Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Baloo, Aladdin, Timon, and other famous Disney characters.

Do you still remember the central plaza without a stage. Have a look at this picture from 2006 to see the castle without the obstructing platform.

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The News is back

March 21st, 2009 by Andy

castleflameAfter being away for far to long, and we apologize to our dedicated DLP.Info visitors, we have now finally returned with a new news section. Just like in the past we will bring you all the news, tidbits and rumors we hear of or witness when visiting the park. We will also share everything we hear from our other Disney sources in and around the parks. So go spread the word that DLP.Info news section is back and that it will bring you and all Disney fans the news and rumors of our most beloved Disney park in Paris.

Seen anything in the parks, heard anything new. Send us a mail and we will write about it too.

Thank you again to all our long lasting visitors and welcome to all our new readers too. Let the magic begin…



EuroDisney S.C.A. General Meeting trip report

February 13th, 2009 by Andy

Finally, after way to long and having to miss out on a New Year’s trip I went to Disneyland Resort Paris. The main reason! EuroDisney S.C.A. annual general shareholders meeting (11 February 2009). Any reason is good enough for me, but going to the shareholders meeting brings me to the park one extra time a year. So after a 4 hour drive and a bad nigh sleep, I got up at 7:15am to get ready for the meeting. A quick drive over to the main parking lot (although it was more a “slide” over with all the ice that had formed that night) and I was ready to enjoy a Disney day.

Mickey and Pluto at BacklotThe day started in the Disney village Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show building. There we had to get our Shareholder ticket, 2 tickets for the day, 2 more tickets valid up to August and a towel. It’s always fun to get presents, but the extra tickets that I can use up to August are always great. Having an annual pass (although mine had expired), those tickets make one of my friends always very happy.

Once I got my Shareholders meeting card and tickets, I made my way towards to Walt Disney Studios. In the past the meeting took place in Either the New York or the New Port Bay Club convention center. This time the shareholders where invited to the studios where the general meeting would take place inside the CineMagique building. The event was going to start at 9:30 and as I was early enough inside the Studios there was some extra time to kill.

First of all I could enjoy some of the park empty. A picture here and there for me to share on the blog and then it was up to the Backlot to enjoy a complimentary breakfast. Mickey and Pluto visited  the breakfast area to welcome all the shareholders (still a small number of them). I didn’t stay to long as I wanted to enjoy the Tower of Terror before the meeting. Yes, how much fun is that!? Some attractions where open early, especially for …[more] »

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