Disney Village changes continue

April 15th, 2009 by Dirk

Many believed that with the closure of the Buffalo Trading Company to replace it – according to the internet – with a Starbucks later this year the most visible change for 2009 in the Disney Village was “done”. However just early this month another change happened surprisingly: the carousel next to the Raiforest Cafe (opposite of Cafe Mickey) was removed!

The large carousel which required guests to actualy pay for each ride had been widely criticized by fans as looking tacky, not being Disney-themed and also being a rather blunt move to get money from guests since a more intricately themed classic carousel is an attraction inside the Disneyland Park which guests with a theme park passport can use without further costs.

However, that discussion seems to be a thing of the past now, as the carousel was removed without any traces left . Another step in the project of the Disneyland Resort Paris to streamline the look of the Disney Village and make it more inviting for guests to spend some time there (besides rushing throughout it on the way to the hotel, a quick meal and maybe some late hour shopping in the Disney boutiques). As part of the project the atmosphere of the Disney Village was already greatly improved by the removal of the former central stage between the Sports Bar and the Disney Store and later the addition of planters and trees and new outdoor seating (in early 2008) as well as a small stage (in late 2008). One needs to wonder: what is the next thing that has to give and what additions are in store in the near-term?



Disneyland Resort Paris Stickers

April 8th, 2009 by Andy

carrefourdisneyCostumers of the Belgium Carrefour group, this includes the shops GB, GB Express and Carrefour, can collect Disneyland Resort Paris stickers. The stickers are given to clients spending 20 euro or more and after showing their Carrefour bonus card. For every 20 euros spend 1 pack of stickers are given with a limit of 15 packs per visit. The collection comes with an album that can be bought for 1,50 Euro. The stickers are produced by the Panini group, an Italian company well known for their collectable sticker books.

The first 50.000 costumers, to fill their book with all the stickers, can then bring it back to the shop where they can trade it for 1 free entry ticket to both the parks of Disneyland Resort Paris and will also have the option to buy up to 4 extra tickets at a discounted price of 30 Euro per ticket.

You can also win extra stickers by playing online games on the Carrefour website. The 10 highest scores of the week will get up to 15 stickers.

For more information visit the Carrefour website. The action will end on 30 June 2009.

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DLRP attacked over Foie Gras

April 8th, 2009 by Dirk

Animal activists for several years already campaign against “Foie Gras” – a French speciality created out of the goose and duck liver that has been specifically fattened. This fattening is frequently accomplished through force-feeding of the animal – considered cruelty against the animals by animal activists, who therefore campaign against this typical French delicacy.

In the recent days several blogs (including antikewldaily and cartoon brew) posted an animated short created on behalf of Wakker Dier (a Dutch activist group) attacking Disneyland Resort Paris over its offering Foie Gras, which is available in selected restaurants on property, such as The Steakhouse (in the Disney Village) and The California Grill (in the Disneyland Hotel). However, the short was actually already released on December 17, 2007 – so this is not a current or recent activity. Nevertheless, the recent posts on blogs has brought the topic back into at lest parts of the internet discussion.

Whatever one thinks about the campaign against Foie Gras and them singleing out the Disneyland Resort Paris – the animated short is technically well done and impressive. The short showcases the “production” of Fois Gras in cartoon style next to an stylized Sleeping Beauty Castle emplyoing characters clearly resembling famous Disney stars.

You can find the full animated short below the jump…

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Fire on Rock’n’Roller Coaster Roof

April 3rd, 2009 by Andy

rrc001Two days ago, on April 1 around 11:20am, a fire broke out in the Walt Disney Studios attraction Rock’n’Roller Coaster. The fire started on top of the roof of the attraction. About 120 guest where evacuated and it took firefighters over 4 hours to extinguish the fire. Because of the incident the next door stunt show was cancelled too. There is no damage to the ride itself.

Some pictures taken during the incident can be found on following link

(Via Le Parisien)

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Formula 1 NOT coming to DLRP

April 2nd, 2009 by Dirk

Just to wrap it up: the French Grand Prix of the Formula 1 is not going to move to the Disneyland Resort Paris. Since the French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours was taken off the Formula 1 calendar various locations in particular in the vicinity of Paris had put themselves forward as possible locations for a new race cours for the Grand Prix. If one believed earlier reports – which were reported about here on DLP.info as well as on the Mousekingdom Blog – besides the idea of conducting the Grand Prix on the streets in the center of Paris one of the most promising proposals was to construct the new course on the property of the Disneyland Resort Paris … or at least that was what one could understand from the reports coming out of the Formula 1 circuit…

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Cars Returning Home (Update: Happy April’s Fool Day)

April 1st, 2009 by Andy

cars-in-studios1The new parade in the Walt Disney Studios hasn’t started yet when the news comes to us that the Star’n’Cars parade will only last for 1 season. After the 2009 Summer season most of the cars will  return to its original location in Walt Disney World. It looks like the cars will be used over there for a new good morning parade. The parade will be similar to the Disney Stars and Motor Cars that premiered on 1 October 2001 as part of the 100 Years of Magic Celebration, but it will be in a shorter form. It is unclear why this decision has been made, or when it was made, but our very reliable source said that once the summer season is oven Disney will start shipping most of the cars back.

Did you noticed we said “most”. Not all cars will be returned as the Hollywood Studios new morning parade will feature a couple of new cars. The cars left behind in Paris however are not enough for a full daytime parade. Our source could not give any information on what cars would stay in Paris but mentioned that those staying in DLRP will be used inside the Studios park for other purposes. This could be to drive characters around the park, something already done with Mickey Mouse on some occasions. It is unclear if the guest in Disneyland Resort Paris will have to go to the Studios without a new parade in 2010. Once we know more you’ll find it here on the news blog.



Main Street, U.S.A. decorations

March 31st, 2009 by Dirk

Earlier we reported about the new decorations on the Sleeping Beauty Castle. However, another area was under close scrunity by fans for the decorations as well: Main Street, U.S.A. For the 15th Anniversary Celebrations the “light up columns”, placed as so called “chandeliers” originally only for the Christmas seasons, were kept in place year round. Instead of the crowns with little drawings of the Disney Princesses simple golden balls were topping them off. In addition the columns function as holders for posters extending toward the center of the Main Street featuring fyber optical effects with Lumiere and the 15th anniversary logo. As the fyber optical effects started to break down last fall the posters were replaced with simple prints illuminated by lights added to the bottom of each poster for the duration of the christmas season. Word was that the same, less break-down prone  lighting system was to be used for new posters during 2009 – as the columns were to be integrated into the Mickey’s Magical Party concept as well.

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Mickey’s Magical Party ready to start

March 30th, 2009 by Dirk

Friday and Saturday European press and invited guests were treated to a presentation of the various elements of Mickey’s Magical Party (for a first short report from the event hop over to the Mousekingdom Blog). The event being a week prior to the official start of the Party season most of the presentations took place in the after-hours, when regular guests had left the parks already. This also allowed the parks to press on with their preparations throughout the day. In particular various last minute rehabs and paint jobs continued in areas throughout the parks that were not “on camera” for the press and media. Certainly finished in time for the event was the Sleeping Beauty Castle as it functions as the backdrop to Mickey’s Magic Party show on the new stage on Central Plaza.

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Walt Disney World’s very own PanoraMagique

March 26th, 2009 by Andy

panoramagique01The balloon ride, PanoraMagique, in the Disney village opened on 9 April 2005. The ballon can carry around up to 30 passengers 100 meters into the sky for a fantastic view of Disneyland Resort Paris. The ride heavily depends on good weather, once the wind is to strong or rain takes over the sky the balloon is grounded. Even so, when the clouds disappear the attraction becomes a popular ride for those adventurers not to feint at heart. With the success story in France  a new version is opening in Walt Disney World. Its counterpart under the name “Characters in Flight” will open on April 1st in Downtown Disney.

The new version has a new decorative look. This time different Disney characters are added on the balloon while the Paris version only has Tinkerbell on the balloon. In the Walt Disney World version you will find …[more] »

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Hot drink

March 25th, 2009 by Andy

coffee11At Disneyland Resort Paris guest are being offered a free hot drink. Once you buy something at the park in some of the eateries guest will get a second ticket with a special offer to get a free hot drink from one of the participating locations inside the park. Tickets for this offer can be exchanged between 3pm and 7pm at Casy’s Corner, Cable Car Bake Shop, Gibson Girl, Victoria’s, Market House Dell, Ice Cream Company, Coffee Grinder, Cafe Hyperion, Fantasia Galeti, Pizza Planet, Bella Notte, Chalet de la Marionnette, Toad Hall, Hakuna Matata, Cowboy Cookout, Fuente Del Oro, Colonel Hatis, En Coulisse, Backlot Express and Cookie Kitchen. Tickets need to be exchanged on the same day as the first purchase.

There is also another free hot drink offer when buying something in the Disneyland Hotel shop. In this case the ticket could be exchanged for a free drink in the bar, among some other hotel locations.

As there isn’t any official information on this offer it isn’t clear  at what days it is valid and if it will extend into the summer season. If you visit the resort have a look if this offer is still on and let us know if you find any other locations where the drinks coupons are being given to guests on the forums



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