Starbucks Progress Report

June 7th, 2009 by Dirk

Starbucks at the Disney VillageThe facades for the Starbucks moving into the Disney Village is nearly finished. Seen here is the progress from a week ago. In the meantime the scaffolding has come down and has revealed a clear view of “bread basket look” of the corner element as well as the reminder of the facade, that blends rather well into the the flight formed by its two neighbours, The Steakhouse and Billy Bob’s Country & Western Saloon. Next steps should be the installation of the doors / windows (on ground level) of whatever is going to be attached to the steal beams protruding from the facade as well as the installation of the signage. Please note that the upper level seating is not(!) part of Starbucks but of La Grange, the all you can eat buffet in Billy Bob’s. …[more] »

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A Battle of animated stars: Goofy vs. Tarzan

May 23rd, 2009 by Dirk

TarzanOnce the final performance of “Tarzan, the show” in Frontierland’s Chaparral Theater on the final day of the summer season 2008 had closed rumors sprang up that with that performance the show had actually been closed for good. The fact that the extra good-bye performance of the cast was way more elaborate than in the past – including even streamers being shot out – was one of the indicators cited by fans. With the spring season these rumors become more substantial but till today the resort has not officially stated that Tarzan will not return – even so all statements on the various fan boards online – including those by cast members – do indicate that Tarzan closed after 7 years. So the logic question was: …[more] »



Backlot Express cleaning the house

May 22nd, 2009 by Dirk

The Walt Disney Studios park has not only seen the addition of major attractions in it’s first 7 years but also numerous smaller changes to improve the guest experience most of which were implemented without any big announcement. Right now it seems that another of these improvement projects is getting underway at the Backlot Express restaurant located opposite of the Rock’n’Roller Coaster.

The restaurant already offering various warm and cold foods to grab on counters already underwent small changes in its first year of operation, when the originally only covered terrasse was fully enclosed to expand the indoor seating. However, the latest changes are more centrail aiming at the themeing concept itself… …[more] »

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Starbucks Confirmed & Construction Update

May 16th, 2009 by Dirk


090513-starbucks-construction-02The Buffalo Trading Company in the Disney Village was closed earlier this year, all signs were removed and a construction fence in the the 2009 “Magical Party” design featuring the fab five and Mickey-shaped balloons was blocking a closer look at what was happening to the store location. Rumor had it that it would be transformed into the first Starbucks location in any Disney resort worldwide … which Disneyland Paris now confirmed!

Construction for the Starbucks location at Disney Village (2)

The resort is apparently already handing out the new guide maps for the Disney Village which indicate that “Starbucks Coffee” will be “opening soon” in the location of the former Buffalo Trading Company. No official word on the opening date, however. Also so far no word on what the interior (that was themed as a western town with detail-rich facades in the past) or exterior will look like – however, we might know about the exterior soon enough, as visible work is under progress here. Supposed to be still visible parts of the flat building facade at least partially already received a paint-shop in the typical green of Starbucks. Also a structure was added to hold e.g. a sign higher than the building’s original facade in the front corner of the building (facing toward Billy Bob’s and thus toward the direction guests walk through the Village in the evening on the way from the parks to the Disney Hotels). In addition the photos from Wednesday, May 13, show that some wooden segments looking a bit like the braiding of a basket are added to the facade. Also one can spot steel beams extending from the facade which could be used for signage or additional extending facade elements such as a small roof.



Expensive Disneyland Resort Paris Hoax

May 6th, 2009 by Andy

Back in 2006 a small Swiss company, Center-Tainment AG, placed a hoax offer for a hostile Disneyland Resort Paris takeover. Now, about two and a half years later, the responsible director of the Swiss company, Mr U. Werner, has been fined 1 million Euro ($1,33 million) by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). Mr. Werner can still appeal the ruling. (via The Wall Street Journal)

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New Name?

April 22nd, 2009 by Andy

According to some rumors on the web Disneyland Resort Paris is no more!…

Old Euro Disney Logo

Old Euro Disney Logo

The resort could face another name change, this time however, it could be a previous incarnation of an old name for the resort. If rumors are correct Disneyland Resort Paris will go back to Disneyland Paris. Some sources even say it already has gone back to the Disneyland Paris name!

There is no indication when the name would or has been change to Disneyland Paris. That is if the rumor is indeed correct. At this time, and with summer season coming up, all advertisement related to the park is still using the Disneyland Resort Paris logo. Also any new merchandise is still using the same name. One example of this is the new CD, Mickey’s Magical Party Time, that went on sale in the resort. You can see a picture of the CD, with the “old” DLRP logo on it, following the link to one of our previous news entries here on DLP.Info.

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Name-Change in the Studios

April 21st, 2009 by Dirk

Chef Remy at Restaurant des Stars, WDSThe restaurant “Rendez-Vous des Stars” (on the building: Rendez-Vous des Stars Restaurant) in the Walt Disney Studios has become another opening day element of the theme park that was “adjusted”. While operations of the restaurnt continue in the recent weeks it was renamed to “RESTAURANT des STARS”. Signage on the building has been replaced and a new canopy in a warm color with a newly designed logo for the restaurant was added above the entrance. However, the menu signs are still referring to it as “Rendez-Vous des Stars” – but should be changed soon enough as well.

Chef remy at Restaurant des Stars, WDS - 2Besides the change in the name and according adjustments on the signage it is pretty much operation as usual for the restaurant – but then the restaurant already underwent changes in the past, when it switched from the original “cafeteria” concept to an all you can eat buffet with drinks served at the table. Speaking of “operation as usual”: despite reports from US websites that indicated that the miniature character of Remy (the small chef and star of Ratatouille) might have moved to EPCOT at Walt Disney World, he is still wheeled out into the dining room by a junior chef repeatedly throughout the day to make sure guests enjoy their food and entertain them even with a little dance. The small sized live character (the size of a real rat) had its world premier in the Walt Disney Studios – and it must be his twin who is now helping the chefs at Les Chefs de France in EPCOT. According signs announcing his residency at “Restaurant des Stars” were removed from the roof of the building, but are now adorning the walls in the direct sight lines of guests.

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Mickey’s Magical Party Time – on CD

April 20th, 2009 by Dirk

Disneyland Resort Paris released the theme song for “It’s Party Time … with Mickey and Friends” titled “Mickey’s Magical Party Time” on CD. The single is available already at shops throughout the resort as well as from the resort’s mail order service. The song is not only featured as theme song in the new show on Central Plaza but also functions as the theme for this year’s special celebration fittingly titled Mickey’s Magical Party.

The single is priced at EUR 5.50 and comes – as usual for singles from Disneyland Resort Paris – in a paper sleeve. For a change the front cover no longer uses the standard layout of past single-releases but features the drawing of Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto leaning out of a large “hole” in the blue backdrop all over which floating Mickey-shaped balloons can be found. The drawing of the characters is similar to the design of the new marquee on the castle and is also used as “logo” for the celebration on various print materials. Interestingly the CD cover only includes the English song title but no reference to the show’s title (neither in French nor in English).

…[more] »

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Studio expansion – the next step – under construction NOW

April 19th, 2009 by Dirk

When the construction notice for a re-routing of the Tram Tour route went up outside the Walt Disney Studios park, just off a little side street in the back of the Rock’n’Roller Coaster, close to the police station, rumors picked up again about a new “mini-land” to be added behind the Disney Art of Animation and the Toon Studios. But Disneyland Resort Paris did not confirm anything. However, the rumors pretty soon narrowed it down to the new mini-land featuring a themeing based on the Disney Pixar Toy Story franchise and featuring 3 rides. Could that be correct?

Well, recent reports indicate: yes! Next to the construction notice for the re-routing of the Tram Tour a second construction notice has been put up (as is required by French law) for the “implantation de 3 manèges extérieurs” – or in English: the installation of three outdoor carousels / rides! So the Walt Disney Studios are definitely being expanded with three outdoor rides!

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Attraction Attendance Report

April 17th, 2009 by Andy

castle-01TEA ERA has released their annual  Attraction Attendance Report. The 2008 report shows the growth of Disneyland Resort Paris. In Europe Disneyland Resort Paris did very well. The Disneyland park got the first place with a total attendance of 12,688,000 guests, up 5,7% from the previous year. The Walt Disney Studios ended on the 9th place. It did this with a healthy increase of  4,5% and a total of 2,612,000 guests.

In the global top 25 Disneyland Park in Paris ended on the 4th place, behind the Magic Kingdom (1), Disneyland (Anaheim) (2), and Tokyo Disneyland (3), but in front of DisneySea (5), Epcot (6), Disney’ Hollywood Studios (7), Disney’s Animal Kingdom (8), Disney’s California Adventure (13) and Hong Kong Disneyland (18).

The Walt Disney Studios didn’t make it into the top 25.

For more on the other parks and places visit the Mousekingdom Blog and download the official Attraction Attendance Report (pdf).

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