Deetailor’s Mission 09|05: Dialogue

July 19th, 2009 by Stefan

Deetailor's Mission 09-05 | Dialogue

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Works in Progress at Disneyland Paris

July 18th, 2009 by Dirk

Annual Passport Bureau 0907 02There is always something new at the Disneyland Resort Paris … however, some of the surprises are not really ment to attract guests … one of those is the maybe biggest surprise of this summer season … despite it being July, the DisPlaza Gardens 0907 02neyland Park having extended operating hours and it supposedly being the busiest time of the year there are several highly visible in two cases even the guest flow impeding construction / rehab projects going on in the Disneyland Park. On this scale a true first at the Disneyland Resort Paris, which usually made sure that all major, highly visible cosntruction projects related to renovating or rehabing were done prior to high season.

So which construction projects are currently happening inside the Disneyland Park? …[more] »

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Studios Construction Update

July 17th, 2009 by Dirk

Walt Disney Studios Store Limo 0907Despite the busy summer season in full swing the Walt Disney Studios Park is seing several more or less obvious and more or less construction projects going on … time for a wrap up …

The facade of Studio 1 facing toward the Frontlot and seen already by guests approaching the park is still fully covered by scaffolding and a scrim with a printed on replica of the facade. However, geusts shouldn’t expect this to change since – as already reported – there is no actual work going on there right now, but the scaffolding has been retained to allow for easy installation of an oversized advertising poster should Walt Disney Pictures be willing to pay for such step once again. In the meantime the last work on the Walt Disney Studios Store has been finished and the stretch limousine that is used as backdrop for a Meet’n’Greet with various Disney characters has been moved back from in front of Studio 1 to its original place in front of the Studio Store in the past week. However, thereby access to one of the newly added doors have been partially been obstructed again. The real surprising construction work can be found further inside the park … and photos can be found right after this break …[more] »

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Partial Restaurant Price Cut

July 16th, 2009 by Dirk

Hakuna Matata 0907As widely reported France reduced its value added tax (VAT) as applicable to food and drinks and the related service in restaurants (but NOT for take-way foods and drinks) effective July 1, 2009 from 19.6% to 5.5%. While restaurants are not obligated to hand the reduction down to customers early reports indicated up to 80% planned to do so. So what about the restaurants at the Disneyland Resort Paris? There is a mixed answer here – but guests can save some money. …[more] »



East High School at WDS (updated!)

July 15th, 2009 by Dirk

The world wide smash hit franchise “High School Musical” is already present at the Walt Disney Studios for the past three years with the various shows performed during the summer half-year. However, now a year round option for fans is prepared: as reported earlier the former Backlot Express Restaurant has been emptied of all movie props on display so far and is transferred into a restaurant featuring a “High School Musical” themed area and a “Pirates of the Caribbean” themed area – and the transformation is progressing with large steps. …[more] »



Let’s Go Back…

July 7th, 2009 by Dirk

TimekeeperFor this news we invite you to journey back in time … to Discoveryland pre-2005. Where today Buzz Lightyear is recruiting guests to help im fight against Zurg’s latest attempt in taking control of the toy universe, back then Timekeeper (an incredible robotic animatronic) was presenting guests his latest and greatest invention: a time machine, which allowed him to take guests on a journey to the past and the future to meet dinosaurs, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and many more in places as close as Paris or Vienna but also as far away as space and the depths of the sea in a 360 degree surround cinema projection.

Bruce BroughtonFans of the resort often stated that the instrumental score for the time travel attraction was one of the most stunning score pieces written especially for the Disneyland Paris (where the attraction premiered before also being added to Tokyo Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World). Unfortunately said score by Bruce Broughton was never officially released till today. However, Bruce Broughton now has released one cue from the score titled “Let’s Go Back To The Future” running 2:51 on his website, where it is currently the featured clip. So visit his website, enjoy the excerpt from the score and travel back in time to the Discoveryland pre-2005…




Goofy’s Summer Camp cutting costs? And more about the summer entertainment!

July 6th, 2009 by Dirk

Disney Character ExpressThe first weekend of the summer season has been managed at the Disneyland Resort Paris (or Disneyland Paris as it now states on the updated website) … and there have been at least two surprises already. The first one: “Good Morning Main Street, U.S.A.” – the happening to start the day has been revived and is now scheduled for daily performances at 10.15 am  on Central Plaza!

Minnie's Party TrainThis calvacade was part of the original entertainment in the opening year of 1992 but had been discontinued, even so it saw short lived revivals, such as earlier this year with the Disney Character Express received its make-over to become “Minnie’s Party Train”. In 1992 the calvacade consisted of the Main Street Vehicles, on board of which various Disney character drove along the Main Street, while even more characters and dancers in turn of the century costumes danced down the Main Street. In addition cast members of the shops came out on the side walk waving signs announcing “Good Morning” in various languages. For the 2009 version of “Good Morning Main Street, U.S.A.” the Disneyland Park reuses the original catchy soundtrack, also the Disney characters on the Main Street Vehicles and walking along are still there. However, the dancers in period costumes haven’t made it back and neither have the cast members waving their signs on the side walk. Still guests reacted very positively to the new addition, in particular since the calvacade stops on Central Plaza (where “Dancin’ A Catch Rhythm” is then played) to allow for a meet’n’greet with the characters before returning down Main Street.

The second surprise? …[more] »

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Deetailor’s Mission 09|04: Belle and Belle and…

July 5th, 2009 by Stefan

DeetaDeetailor's Mission 09|04: Belle and Belle and…

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New attractions considered for DLRP?

July 4th, 2009 by Dirk

Philippe Gas 01Sometimes it takes a bit longer till certain information is actually noticed – case in point an interview with Philippe Gas, CEO of Euro Disney S.A.S., that the French station TF1 published on October 21, 2008. While he touts the figures of the first quarter of the fiscal year 2009 (3% increase in expenditure in the resort) he also admits, that the resort already (back in October 2008) felt the negative impact of the economic climate on the Spanish market, where advance bookings were weaker than in the past. While not mentioning the impact of the exchange rate on the UK market, which traditionally was one of the key markets in particular for packages including hotel stays, Philippe Gas mentions that they are targeting now markets, which are less impacted by the crisis such as the middle east (e.g. Dubai) but also emerging markets such as Poland and Russia.

However, where the interview gets really interesting is when Philippe Gas is asked about future expansions and new attractions. …[more] »

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Mickey’s Magical Party decorations

July 3rd, 2009 by Dirk

Mickeys Magical Party Emporium decoration

Guests at the Disneyland Resort Paris this year can not escape the message … there is a party to celebrate … Mickey’s Magical Party. Posters featuring Mickey, Goofy, Donald and Pluto and special decorations are everywhere – on construction fences, special billboards, posters, hangers, in the Disney Hotels, the Disney Village, Fantasia Gardens and certainly in both theme parks. In particular the Main Street in the Disneyland Park has been decked out.

There are special decorations on the entrances to the Emporium, some more sutle some rather intrusive,  and certainly the special poles along the Main Street. As for the …[more] »

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