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Annual Passes Price Boost

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

AP-DLP-ParisIt was rumored, but now became reality, the Annual Passes price boost. Four new tiers are offered with the new passes, each bearing their own new name too.

The highest of the tiers is the Infinity pass. This Annual pass will enable you to go to the park whenever you want. It will grant you entrance to both gates on 365 days a year. This pass is the replacement for the former Dream pass. The Dream pass was available for €223,– but the new pass will set you back almost 80% more at €399,–. The new increase will give you some extra benefits like the PhotoPass, preferred parking and a dedicated entrance, among some other reportedly privileges like reserved viewing spots for parades.

Magic Plus, the second tier, will also benefit from a dedicated entrance. This AP will set you back €249,– or €26,– more then the old Dream park ticket. This ticket will grand you entrance on 350 days a years and might be the best option for those renewing their passes at a similar price as they are used to. A PhotoPass could be added for an extra €49,–. Discounts for the restaurants, shops and hotel rooms are a little lower then with the higher tier pass.

Next will be the Magic Flex. Access for 300 days a year and no access to extra magic hours, no free parking, no discount in the stores and other amenities that will be missing from this “cheaper” option.

The lowest tier is the Discovery pass. With €139,– it is the cheapest option, but it will be a adventure in itself to try to plan a visit around the 150 days the ticket will be valid.

While the price increase makes sense from a business standpoint, as AP’s used to be cheaper then a standard 4 to 5 day pass, it still hurts to see such a big jump in price.

Planning to visit Disneyland in the near future multiple times? Then consider ordering the old AP’s before the new ones are going on sale. Until March 28th you can still get the old Dream Pass for the €223,–. Even if you plan your next visit a little later in the year, this could save you some € in the long run.

The Art of Disney on Demand

Saturday, September 28th, 2013


DisneyArt2Nothing is more fun than to take home that one special Disney item that you can cherish long after you’ve returned from the Magic.

And now Disneyland Paris has added another option to make this happen. As from this day onwards Disney guests and fans can take home a piece of the magic in form of a nice and beautiful print.

DisneyArt3At the Disney Gallery in the Disney Village a new little corner has been created for the Art of Disney on Demand. As the name already says you will be able to pick out a piece of art you like and add it to your collection. To do this you have to go to one of the two computer screens where the fun of picking the piece you like the most begins. There are, at this time, 200 different art pieces to choose from. They are placed in categories to make it easier to brows and pick, but once you see all the beautiful pieces even that might not help to make the final choice easy.

DisneyArt4You can chose from Disney Artist Darren Wilson, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse weeklies, 100 Mickey’s, Story Sketches, Princesses, Short Film posters, Classic Disney Movies, Walt Disney and Disney artist Randy Noble. These are the same categories you can find at the US parks where this system is already being used with success. There is however one more list to pick from. This one is specific for the Paris Park and it is a list that excites many fans. It’s the Disneyland Paris Attraction Posters. One of these posters was hanging on the wall as a canvas print and it looked amazing. It was the Phantom Manor poster.

DisneyArt5The prints you will be able to order can be picked on the computers. You can pick from multiple sizes. Like this more guests can enjoy the artwork, even if you don’t have a big place to hang one of the oversized options. Once you made that choice you can either have it printed on paper, like a poster, or on canvas. Once that is done you can add a frame to it. The frame is optional and really not needed on the canvas option as they look amazing the way they are. Once you made your choices you are ready to check out. Put in your personal information like home address and contact information and you are ready. Pay at the cash register and let the waiting game begin. Prints will take approximately 3 weeks before they will be delivered at your home, ready to hang on your wall.

DisneyArt6With 200 artworks to choose from, it will not be an easy task, but the system has endless options to add even more pieces in the future. We even might get to see some rare pictures or art form that can be printed on demand that would otherwise never see the light of day. The options are endless! The smallest posters start at 29,95 Euro without a frame. The biggest canvas without a frame goes up to 160 Euro a piece. Add a frame nd postage cost and you do need some deeper pockets, but when you see the examples hanging on the wall you will know they are worth it.

Pictures courtesy of FilipVan Tyghem

Disneyland Paris Promoting WDW Event

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013



At the Pueblo Trading Post shop, at the far end of Frontierland, where the pin traders gather, you will find some of Disney’s nicest collectibles in the form of pins and vinylmations. A perfect place to show some other Disney items too. On the wall of the shop cast members have placed a collection of printouts from a special Walt Disney World event. Starting on Friday 13 September 2013 Disney will have a special hard ticket event where collectors will be able to find a bunch of cool Disney stuff related to the number thirteen and the Disney villains.

WDWevent1The event is the “13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event” and takes place at Epcot. There will be limited villain pins, limited Vinylmations of villains, Statues of some of the most well know villains like Cruella de Ville. Mystery pin boxes, hats, phone covers and a lot more. One very special item will be a framed uncut Disney dollar sheet of the 2013 collection. For those that collect these, remember that the Dalmatians bill was pulled from the Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts because of an error on the bill. Dalmatians was spelled Dalmations. These bills are very rare and are sold on ebay around the $40 mark for just one bill. It is very interesting that Disney is now selling these bills as a sheet, even with the error. Unless this is a new print run. We will have to wait and see.

Even with Disneyland Paris promoting, or informing the fans about it, you can’t order tickets for the event in Paris. This needs to be done via the web. Non of the merchandise offered during this event will make it to Paris. The only thing Paris guests will get are a view of the merchandise on the printouts. A very nice gesture of the Cast members… making us all jealous.

World of Disney & the future of the Disney Village

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

While our photos here still show the World of Disney Store behind construction walls the new anchor store of the Disney Village today opened its doors (the official grand opening will take place on July 12). According to our sources at the same time as its doors officially open other doors will close – to be specific: the doors of the main area of the Disney Store in the Disney Village.

During a two week period the store is supposed to be re-invented as a kids  store. Instead of the general selection of Disney products and resort merchandise the former Disney Store will then limit itself on kids related products. To enhance the experience the store will be divided into several sections / themed areas: Star Wars, Cars, Candy, Bedtime, Duffy, Boys, and finally Girls.

The smaller extension room of the Disney Store next to the currency exchange office already switched over to Christmas merchandise in the past days. It is supposed to remain open during the transformation of the Disney Store into a kids’s store. No word yet whether it will remain a Christmas shop year round or whether it will be altering between the various seasons / seasonal merchandise as it has in the past years.

The transformation of the former Disney Stores would leave only one store in the Disney Village that stuck to its original concept and themeing since opening day in 1992: Hollywood Pictures. However, as our sources inform us, the remaining days of Hollywood Pictures seem limited as well. It’s replacement isn’t ready to be officially revealed – yet, we have been told that currently the resort is in negotiations with LEGO to transform the space into a LEGO Store. Both at Walt Disney World and at Disneyland Anaheim LEGO operates popular stores in the Downtown Disney areas already, adorned with giant Disney characters recreated out of LEGO that are popular photo spots. However, it should be noted that the negotiations seem to be rather difficult and no dates have been set yet for such addition to the Disney Village.

Magic Everywhere – including your CD player

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Last Saturday the resort finally released the theme song of its 20th Anniversary celebration as single CD: “Magic Everywhere”. The song also is the theme song and the sole soundtrack of the new “Disney Magic on Parade” from Disneyland Park. The CD release had been anticipated already in time for the parade’s premiere but was obviously delayed.

The single CD contains two tracks, each runnin 4:04. The first track is the pop song version as heard during the parade, the second track is the instrumental version. In other words: the single release follows the same concept as the single releases of prior parade theme songs. No confirmed word yet, concerning other CD releases for later this year by the resort … but if you hear anything, let us know!

20th Anniversary Merchandise – and lots of it

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

A year long celebration, extensive special decorations throughout the Disneyland Park, further decorations in the Fantasia Gardens, the Walt Disney Studios, the Disney Village and the Disney Hotels, a new parade, a new experience to meet Mickey and a breathtaking nighttime spectacular called “Disney DREAMS!” – the resort is going to length for its 20th anniversary that kicked off on the past Saturday with a large event that saw Imagineer Tony Baxter visit and Steve Davison talk about his birthday present to the resort before returning to the USA.

So what might be missing? Oh, yes – special anniversary merchandise! During the weeks leading up to Saturday’s kick-off event the anniversary merchandise was added one by one to the displays and shelves across the resort, certainly in particular the Emporium on the Main Street, the extension room of The Disney Store in the Disney Village and the Studio Store in the Walt Disney Studios.

There is a wide selection of various items in several styles and on all price levels. These include various t-shirts, sweat shirts, rugby shirt, baseball hats and jackets with traditional some may say “college style”) prints of their very own 20th anniversary logo – as seen above on the left as well as on the t-shirt for girls on the right.

The major amount of merchandise picks up the blue and golden color palate of the official 20th anniversary logo and also features various graphics including in particular Mickey and Minnie in their new magician costumes, but also Goofy, Donald as well as Chip’n’Dale. The products of this range are the most varied and include magnets, photo frames, several snow globes (a smaller simple model and a larger one that plays music and lights up with Mickey leaning on top of it), playing cards, stickers, key rings, a beach towel, fun hats as well as baseball hats, various pens, plastic cups, a shopping bag, place mat, pocket umbrella, backpack, purse, collectible spoon, light-up spinner, the music piece of a music box with a special backdrop, a photo album, electric candle, mugs and much, much more up to a 1,000 piece puzzle.

In addition to the “blue line” there is also a smaller “pink line” for young girls including t-shorts, dresses and plastic wands. Also available are certainly plushs of Mickey and Minnie in their new costume – and for the real fans of Mickey a new big figurine of Mickey! Or what about some Mickey gloves? While Mickey continues to wear his regular white gloves even in his new costume, the gloves on sale are in a blue magician design.

However, there is a third product line as well so far consisting of plates and ceramic mugs. Also called “retro design” these items feature artwork in the style of the early years of the resort. The first item in that line is a set of two coffee mugs with an identical design showing the castle and the Town Square gazebo on one side and the earfel tower with the main gate of the Walt Disney Studios on the other side. Also available are amongst others a ceramic cup, decorative ceramic tiles (one per land of Disneyland with iconic landmarks of the land), as well as a set with paper and pen

Another item of the line is a set of four quadratic plates, that set next to each other are to depict both parks by selecting various especially iconic landmarks. The plate for the lower left corner features the right half of the Main Street as well as Discoveryland (represented by Space Mountain and Orbitron). The plate for the upper right corner features Fantasyland (with the facade of it’s a small world and the giant beanstalk of Sir Mickey’s) as well as the right half of Frontierland (represented by the rocks of Big Thunder Mountain and Phantom Manor). The plate for the top left corner includes Adventureland (represented by Captain Hook’s Galley, the Temple du Peril, the Swiss Family Treehouse and the Adventureland Bazaar). Also included on this plate are the Tower of Terror, the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop and a bit from the Earfell Tower as well as the magic hat of Disney’s Art of Animation from the Walt Disney Studios. The “rest” of the Walt Disney Studios including the lower part of the Earfel Tower, the magic hat structure as well as the entrance gate are represented on the plate for the lower left corner, which also includes the majority of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

The retro line is only available at selected shops – including Harrington’s which also sells an engraved crystal glass.

Two more items have already been announced and should be arriving in stores soon. The first one is glossy multi colored photo book documenting the history of the resort titled “Disneyland Paris: 20 Years of Dreams”. The resort hopes to have it in stock by April 12 for the actual birthday but this is not yet confirmed. The second item is a CD-release of the theme song of the new “Disney Magic on Parade” that also functions as the anniversary’s theme song titled “Magic Everywhere”. Originally the resort had hopped to have the CDs in stock by Saturday but technical difficulties resulted in a delay.

Oh, and there is also the set of four special 20th Anniversary Vinylmation (sold separately) already available in the resort – as reported earlier in a separate news.

Collectible Vinylmations for DLP’s 20th Anniversary

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Vinylmation is the latest trend in Disney collectibles mvoing from the US resorts to Disneyland Paris. And certainly Disneyland Paris had to release a set of Vinylmation collectibles at the occassion of  its 20th Anniversary (more on the other anniversary merchandise in a separate post).

The small series of 20th Anniversary Vinylmations at Disneyland Paris consists of four figurines: Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. Each of the four Vinylmation sports a painted on costume resembling the special dresses of the characters as worn by them in the new “Disney Magic on Parade!” that is part of the new entertainment for the 20th Anniversary. Each of the figurines also features magic hat as worn in the parade as special add on.

The four Vinylmations are available in clear boxes, i.e. guests see in advance which one they buy. They are available in various shops across the resort – including the Pueblo Trading Post in Frontierland where the photos seen in this post were taken. The Pueblo Trading Post has been turned into a specialty shop stocking pins, Vinylmation and related items in the recent years (after being closed for a long time), but usually is only open during weekends with pin trading events as it then turns into the pin trading headquarters of the resort.

Limited Anniversary Pin

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Disneyland will be celebration its twentieths birthday on April 12th 2012 and guest will have the chance to celebrate this together with Disney. This can be done with the new “Disney Dreams” nighttime show, while watching the new Parade, meeting the Characters or while riding an attraction. There is always a way to celebrate this great day. But what happens when the celebration is over and you have to make your way home? Well, in that case you can always take some of the magic home. It is especially nice when you can can find some related items to the event or celebration. It will be no surprise that Disney will make sure guest will be able to find just that, a nice collectible to take home.

One of these collectibles will be a new, special and limited Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary pin. The pin will have one of its icons showing, namely the beautiful Disneyland Hotel’s Mickey Mouse clock that can be seen from the Fantasia Gardens in front of the main entrance. The pin will have two dates on it; 1992, the year of opening, and 2012, the year of the celebration. It will also have the official opening day on it; April 12th. This beauty will be available in a limited quantity of only 1000 pieces. It’s therefor advised to get yours as early as possible to avoid missing out on it.

Duffy Arrived!

Friday, November 11th, 2011

He has landed in Paris, Duffy the Bear. Duffy is traveling the world and has made his way into the Disneyland Paris parks shops. Disney is targeting young children, with this new “Disney” bear, making it hard to resist for parents to open their wallets or purses. He is a real sweet and ready to be taken home for cuddles and love. But you can’t just get the bear alone! He will need some things to wear.

The bear has several different outfits he can wear. All these outfits can be bought separately in the shop. There are already a nice assortment of different clothing assemblies to choose from, but guest can expect this range to grow over time. The range of clothing has several Disney related movie theme’s like Buzz and Cars, but also Pirates among others. There are also special sets that can be picket up. For example, during Christmas season the bear can be bought in a Christmas outfit.

The bear is getting a lot of attention in Disneyland Paris. He is represented all over the resort. You can find him in most stores in both parks, the Disney Village and the hotels. There seems to be one shop that has some extra love for the bear and it looks like it that this shop will be the central Duffy place. The small, but wonderful, Storybook Store at Main Street U.S.A is the place to be for new Duffy fans. You’ll see some extra decoration dedicated to the bear. It already starts outside the shop where guest can see a collection of big suitcases with stickers showing of all the places he has visited before he came to Paris.

To make sure visitor will follow the bears footprints, or should we say paw prints, stickers of his paws have been placed on the floor in front of the shop. Once guest have entered the shop they are greeted by an over sized Duffy. He is sitting behind the post office desk inside the shop. This desk used to be Tigger’s place, but it seems that Tigger is now (unfortunately) gone for good to make place for the new bear.

The bear comes with a nice back story to give it a reason of existence in the Disney world. With Mickey Mouse traveling around the world so much (he needs to be at many places to make many children happy), Minnie made him a special bear to take along. Minnie made the bear when Mickey set out sail on a long sea voyage. She made the bear so Mickey would never be lonely. Mickey loved the bear and named it Duffy. Once back home Mickey and Duffy shared their magical memories with Minnie.

If children want to know about these memories they can buy a Duffy book. The book will tell you about Duffy’s adventures. An ideal addition for Duffy fans to read before it’s “night, night” time.

Duffy was originally created and sold at the Once Upon a Toy Story at Walt Disney World but it was in Tokyo where he became popular. The bear started of as “the Disney Bear” but was named Duffy once he reached DisneySea Tokyo where he was promoted to such an extend that everybody had to had one in Tokyo. Duffy was re-introduced at Epcot at Walt Disney World in October 2010. Then he went to Hong Kong Disneyland, Popped up at Disney’s California Adventure and was finally introduced at Disneyland Paris in November 2011.

To make sure guest will get to know the new Disney character he will get greet and meet area’s and might be integrated in parades and special festivities like Christmas.

Giant Mickey

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Are you looking for that very special christmas gift for a true Mickey Mouse fan? Or do you need something to adorne the entrance hall of your villa? No need to think about the price of the item? Than you should drop by the Gallery Mickey shop located on the first floor of the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris!

A huge Mickey Mouse figurine limited to just 250 copies has been put on sale here at the price of EUR 3,500. However, the limited figurine is really a giant one. The photo on the left shows the shop window that reaches from the floor all the way to the top of the doors – just to give you a reference for the figurines height. As the size would make it rather difficult to transport the figurine back home for guests shipping is available depending on the destination at EUR 149.50 in France, EUR 299.00 in Europe respectively starting at EUR 1,200.00 by airfreight to other international destinations.

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