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Feed the Birds

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Do not feed the Birds… sings the old beggars woman on the steps of St. Paul in the Disney classic “Mary Poppins”. The classic song by the Sherman Brothers is often said to have been one of Walt Disney’s personal favorites. The story often told by the two brothers is that Walt used to call them up to his office on many Friday afternoons so that they would play the song for him. However, that is a different story – and a different time.

Nowadays it is prohibited in many places to feed the birds – feeding birds attracts more and more birds to areas where they are regularly fed, introduces the danger of the birds loosing their natural habits and also brings along the risk of new diseases to be transmitted from the birds to humans, not to mention the problems that the feces of the birds pose. In light of this Disneyland Paris is also trying to discourage its guests from feeding birds on property and has lately added new signs asking guests to stop feeding birds – such as the sign seen depicted here which was photographed in Discoveryland.

Pin Trading Day 2009 (updated)

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Pin Trading Day 2009The Pin Trading Day 2009 is at full swing with a big Howdy-Hey around the Pueblo Trading Post. Pin Traders are presenting their collections and are trading on dozens of tables set up in the area offering space to die-hard traders of the first day as well fans who just joined the fun. The exclusive event pins are on sale inside the Pueblo Trading post with a line at constant length from the entrance to the keelboats up to the Pocahontas playground, then turning to the right and into the trading post. (more…)

More time to shop

Friday, August 28th, 2009

More Time to shopSigns at the entrance to the Disneyland Park currently inform guests that for their convenience all shops on the Main Street, U.S.A. as well as the shop Constellations in Discoveryland and the shops of Thunder Mesa in Frontierland remain open an hour longer than hhe official operating hours of the park – till 11:00 pm.

While usually not announced such extended operating hours are normal for the shops on Main Street as guests pass the on their way to the exit. However, the extension for Constellations and the shops of Thunder Mesa comes as a surprise.

Currently these extended hours for the shops are scheduled till Sunday, August 30th, the final day of the summer season. However, the fact that date independent signs have been added to the backside of the signage used to inform guests about filming in the park could be seen as an indicator that the resort is considering to bring these hours back on other dates on which the park closes at 10:00 pm.

Mickey’s Magical Party – CD TWO (updated!)

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Mickey's Magical Party CD2In April the resort released the theme song of this year’s event “Mickey’s Magical Party” on a CD single titled “Mickey’s Magical Party Time” (for more details check out our according news report) … now the resort has added a second release titled “Mickey’s Magical Party” (catalog number EDDA039-2)!

The new release is already differentiated from the original release by the missing “Time” in the title but also by the type of packaging and a new cover. While the prior CD single came in the (usual) strong paper slip-in sleeve, the new release comes in a strong paper case, which can be opened, includes a booklet and holds the CD in a plastic holder (similar to the 15th anniversary CD release) – an alternative to the typical jewel case for CDs. Als the cover motive certainly is new compared to the original release as can be seen on the right. However, the photo does not give a realistic impression of the background, which in fact is not black but actualy silver reflecting background – note the Mickey Mouse shaped decorations on the posts in front of the buildings – these are from early concepts how to redecorate the posts that got replaced (before installation) with the “simple” banners for the event that can be seen on Main Street, U.S.A. now.

Anyway, back to the CD – what can be found on the new CD? Plenty as the CD comes with 14 tracks running approximately 54 minutes, most of which were previously unavailable … (more…)

Another Summer Sale

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Promotion 2009-08

Did you miss the big summer sale all over the resort in July? No need to worry – if you are about to visit the resort no later than August 30 (which would be next Sunday) you are in luck as a second big summer sale is going on (since August 3). The usual red “Promotion” signs can be found on select displays in shops throughout the Disneyland Park (and in smaller numbers also in the remainder of the resort). (more…)

The Final Week of Summer

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Central Plaza InformationWith the first children returnin to school and the days getting considerable shorter the end of summer is looming on the horizon. While Labor Day is still nearly two weeks off, the summer season at Disneyland Paris will come to an end coming Sunday. So this week is the last opportunity to enjoy the special summer entertainment schedule inlcuding the new show “Goofy’s Summer Camp”, the Disney Fantillusion nighttime spectacular and certainly the Enchanted Fireworks – not to mention the numerous street entertainment offerings and the prolonged opening hours.

However, the hours of the Disneyland Park have already been cut slightly back. Instead of closing officially at 11.00 pm (as in the prior weeks of the summer season), the park officially closes at 10.00 pm this week. However, guests are not going to loose out on much time in the parks – not only because many rides closed earlier throughout the summer anyway but because the resort came up with a new twist on operating hours! (more…)

Summer ending – construction work ending?

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Bridge from Skull Rock to PiratesThe summer season is coming to a close – Sunday is the official final day – and it seems with it the last visible construction / refurbishment projects in the Disneyland Park. At the latest counting three sites were still covered behind construction fences: parts of the ground around the Orbitron in Discoveryland, the bridge leading from Pirates of the Caribbean to Skull Rock in Adventureland and the Last Chance Cafe in Adventureland. Well, this past weekend only one of these locations was left under construction … (more…)

Defibrillators in the Disneyland Park

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Adventureland Bazaar Telefon - DefibrillatorFollowing the lead of major airports around the globe the Disneyland Park seems to have started to place defibrillators in locations accessible to guests for emergency use. One such defibrillator was placed next to the public phones in the Adventureland Bazaar at the entrance of Adventureland. However, at this point the official park maps do not yet include any information about the location of the defibrillator. Also there is not signage pointing guests to the defibrillator on-side.

While the addition of the defibrillators certainly is an important step to improve emergency care for the worst case signage and inclusion in the guide maps are an  absolute necessary to allow guests easy and fast access. Guests should be aware, that while these defibrillators (just as the ones found e.g. in airports) are designed to be used by un-trained personnel it is of absolute importance to immediately inform a cast member in the vincinity in case of an emergency who can call in the trained emergency staff of the resort.

High Tech in the Bazaar

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Adventureland Bazaar Toilet - Dryson AirbladeThe restrooms inside the Adventureland Bazaar structure at the entrance of the Adventureland from Central Plaza have been selected by the resort to test a new technical gadget to replace the “old style” paper towels and air dryers. Dyson Airblades have been installed in the restrooms, both for men and women.

According to the official website of the Dyson Airblades (from the inventors of the Dyson vacuum cleaners) are supposed to use up to 80% less energy than the usual “old style” air dryers. Therefore, the new addition should help the resort cut down on costs, assuming that they stand the test of the nearly continuous use in the public restrooms inside the park without too many technical problems and the initial acquisition costs are acceptable. Unfortunately there is also a downside: according to recent reports the Dyson Airblades are much louder than the originally used “old style” air dryers and can even be heared outside the restrooms thus impacting the guest experience not only positively.

New Ferris Wheel added

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Discovery Arcade - Ferris Wheel… not in real size but in one of the display cabinets in the Discovery Arcade. The Discovery Arcade, running parallel to the Main Street behind the shops on the right side (if walking toward the castle) is celebrating the inventions of humankind and with its large posters advertises cities of the future providing a soft change from the victorian Main Street, U.S.A. theme to the future that never was of the original Discoveryland concept. (more…)

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