New Breakfast Options starting March 30th


Starting on March 30th the new flexible varied breakfast will be offered. These will however no longer be included in the package stays of the Disney Hotels. With this new breakfast Disney wants to offer more choice to their guests in terms of contents and style of breakfasts, but also to solve the problem of the wait times in the hotels during the breakfasts .

Guests who do not have pre-booked breakfast will have the opportunity to book it on-site at each of the Disney Hotels (subject to availability) and at some of the Disney Village and Disneyland Resort dining outlets.

Please note that breakfasts are included in Disney Hotels Suites and Executive Floor Packages (Golden Forest Lounge or Compass Club, for example).


Several options are available to visitors:

For those in a hurry wanting to enjoy the Hours of Magic in More at Disneyland Park, “take-out” options will be offered in several restaurants and in each Disney Hotel. This option usually includes a Viennese pastries (or two small pastries), a hot drink and a fruit juice


DLP-breakfast4Starbucks Corners will also be inaugurated in April at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne and Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe. Options for fast breakfasts will be available at Café Hyperion or Pizzeria Bella Note. Among the products offered, guests will be able to taste an omelet burger at Café Hyperion.

For guests who want to take their time, buffets will be kept at each Disney Hotel (except at the Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch where the breakfast basket system remains the same). In Disneyland Park, the Plaza Gardens Restaurant will offer a unique experience including a buffet and meetings with the Disney Characters.

All pictures courtesy of Disney


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