Shareholder Meeting live on Twitter and Facebook

logo-ShareholdersThis week, on Wednesday 12th Februari, the general shareholder meeting for EuroDisney S.C.A. will be held at Disneyland Paris. While we will get to see some figures and explanation around it we will also get some information on future plans, titbits or other small news.  While we don’t expect anything mayor it will still be fun to see some information of Ratatouille pass by and other Disney fun. Any surprises  we will get to hear or see during the event? We will tweet live about via our twitter page and will also update our facebook page and keep you up to date. See you at the meet!

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  1. Gill H says:

    If you are attending, please could you ask about the characters being removed from the hotels? This would be disastrous for DLP.

    Check out the reaction from DLP fans on The DIBB here:

    Please don’t let the ‘One Disney’ idea ruin one of the best aspects of DLP!

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